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Crossing the Dragon's Head

It was unsurprisingly dark for this leg of the journey.  The area we were traveling through was considered a dead and lifeless region of space, a remnant of warring gods of millennia past. The crew settled in to rest for the night, and the ship was eerily silent except for the pacing of a passenger above me.  I offered the man a cup of warm cider, which he accepted graciously.  He spoke after a minute..

"Even though this place seems dead, there is more energy here than anywhere I have been to before."

"What kind of energy?" I asked.

The man pointed out the window.  At first, there was nothing, but a small speck of light lazily floated from the depths of space, hovering in front of the ship.

"What is that?" I mused as the light shot back into the depths.

"Something incredible..." the man breathed. 

Although space shouldn't rumble, two strong gravitational waves shook the ship as the darkness of the universe was replaced by a storm of enormous magnitude. I shouted, sounding the ship alarm.  As they converged on the deck, something shot out of the storms -- or more precisely, a rift in space of impossible magnitude.  My mind slowly pieced together the orb, the storm, and creature in front of me, sending chills down my spine.

"Captain, what is that?" one of my crew asked nervously.

I replied slowly. "Something only spoken of legends."

I was trying to make a dragon, but ended up making a nebula. While that's nothing I should complain about (given how this turned out), I still want to make something focused on that dragon shape XD

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Kinda looks like a space mermaid
MrPhysisThePen's avatar
............This is more epic than this:grind: 
edsfox's avatar
This is awesome!
CrookedBunny's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful. Fun and useless fact: when you zoom in and out, the stars look like they're flickering. Keep sharing this amazing talent
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you :)  I enjoy sharing the madness I create!

Random technical ponderings, it's interesting that the stars would flicker :o That implies the browser is doing nearest neighbor scaling of images or something that chops off information when stuff is scaled down.
CrookedBunny's avatar
XD yeah it's cool. I shall keep enjoying your work! Have a wonderful day
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This is one of my favorites of your creations. The light figure really does transitions well into the dark abyss of space. You ought to keep it up, mate! Thumbs up okay  
ChaosFissure's avatar
Considering I was working with that dragon shape and the nebula and clouds just happened around it, I certainly admit I wasn't expecting something like this going into the process.  

I'm still trying to work the dragon shape into something more dragon-ish!  I'm like 95% there - the coloring is being super fickle, and those I've passed previews to like versions that I find less dynamic or scenic. :shrug:
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Art is not what one sees, it is what others see. 

This quote kind of explains the unexpected outcome of my vision. ^^'
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Wow this is some really impressive space piece from you. I'd dare to say one of the best!
ChaosFissure's avatar
While I think it's a cool piece of space art, I wouldn't rank it as my own favorite (which would either be Runaway Desert or Phoenix Nebula).  It's a happy accident I was not expecting, nor wanted initially when I saw it, until I realized what it was :o
Permission to use it for a Wattpad Book Cover? I promise to not use it for promotion or anything, it's just for the Wattpad Cover. Also I love all that gorgeous blue!
ChaosFissure's avatar
I'm sorry, but I don't allow people to freely use my artwork due to the time and energy I invest in creating it.
That's fine, I felt it couldn't hurt to ask. ;) Thanks for letting me know, and I really do love it, that blue is beautiful! =)
justanemptyperson's avatar
This is so beautiful, congrats!
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Whoa!  That's epic.
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It does look like something out of legends :heart: 
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