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Awaiting the Writer's Eraser

I've been sitting in the same chair for an unfathomable amount of time.  I can only assume it has been years that I have been awaiting for the afternoon to arrive. My story has long since become stagnant, and I doubt it will ever conclude.  The legacy and absurdities that my friends and I faced has become smudged, faded, and maybe unrecognizable to the eyes of others.

My frustration increases even though time refuses to pass.  Perhaps I can find a way to rip the world apart, and somehow nudge the writer into finishing what he started.  Or perhaps, a giant eraser could smudge away the failures in this storyline, amending the world into something much more interesting than what all of us have to suffer through as our chapters lie unfinished.

Something needs to happen.  I don't want my final memories to be sealed now, eating half-burnt toast prepared by some of the worst chefs our group has encountered across all our travels.

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The writer/creator (tired):
Nothing is new ideas to continue my work, i think it's time to erase yet another one of my creations...

The creation (hearing the creator):
Here i am awaiting the writer's eraser , it can happen any second now, Oh no he took the eraser...he is getting ready to use it on me...goodbye cruel world(closes eyes). . . seems i am still alive somehow.

The narrator:
And here my dear readers is the moment where our story takes a strange turn of events. . .while opening its eyes, the creation looked up only to see that the mighty eraser, destroyer of worlds, couldn't erase her and she started laughing at its creator for that she figured it out as well, its creator fatal mistake, He accidentally wrote the curent piece with a permanent marker type of pen! 
Dun dun dunnnnnn
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Très réussi ! ♥
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The theme of this piece sure strikes a nerve! I don't even know how mant ideas I've banished into creative purgatory.

Burnt toast, gross

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Haha that's exactly what I said :D
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I was debating using the expression "egregiously carbonized bread" but it didn't have the same ring to it
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