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  • July 7, 1991
  • United States
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Hello there! I'm Chaosfissure, though you can call me Sam if you want. Currently I'm employed as a software developer, and digital artwork is a hobby of mine. I use fractals as a way to paint scenes, rather than focus on the math or on making patterns -- I enjoy trying to find beauty in the chaos of fractals!

If you have any questions about fractals or just want to chat, don't hesitate to reach out! If you want constructive criticism on artwork, please note me!

If you want to see more experimental stuff, like work-in-progress artwork, please make sure to checkout the "Scraps" section of my gallery [[here]]!

I don't mind taking on occasional commissions or licensing some of my artwork, however I do not hand out my artwork freely. I invest a lot of time and effort into creating my artwork, and do not find "credit" or "linking to my page" appropriate compensation. Requests asking for such will almost certainly be denied on sight. If you want a commission, or want me to license some of my artwork, I will expect adequate compensation for the time, experience, and soul I craft into my creations. I am unlikely to consider doing a commission for commercial use for under $500, or for strictly personal use for under $300.

Favourite Movies
Spaceballs, Secondhand Lions
Favourite TV Shows
Sci-Fi's Eureka, Oldschool Mythbusters, Drew Carey Whose Line
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Video Game Music.
Favourite Games
Metroid Prime, Zelda, Xenoblade, Chrono Trigger, Hollow Knight, etc...
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC / Nintendo
Tools of the Trade
Apophysis, Chaotica, Ultra Fractal, Blender, Python, C++
Other Interests
Coding, Music, Video Games

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I like your stuff, I was weary that it was AI work, but now that i found its not i'm genuinely impressed. incredible work!

One of the things I enjoy most about artwork is the process of creation. There are thousands of ways I can explore texture, structure, and contrast, and watch it evolve in a piece I'm working on - that's what I enjoy most about artwork, not sharing the rectangle with the finished and framed piece. To me, creating something and watch it come to life is far more interesting than sitting on the finished product without the story behind its creation. So yeah - my artwork isn't AI stuff (nor will it ever be).

Chaos Fissure I knew you were special. You are a better genius than Einstein, he would tell you himself if he could. I can't thank you enough for helping with rendering the big big picture in .tif, so that in the end .nft will become a superstition like a permanent record and also a Google pin on a map and for that GOD bless you.

I'm not here to spam, I'm here to support my favorite artist, especially you. With Ai art rising on this website, please don't let your works be fed on any Ai programs, just like the case of Kim Jung Gi and Greg Rutkowski. Don't even buy more subscriptions, there's no more protection from this site because of these Ai programs.

Holy moly, I was never even watching you, after all these years! :D

there is an illustration/artwork being posted at Facebook that lools a lot like something you may have created. But everyone says "artist unknown" Is this a piece of yours?

 Surreal Art1

I'll agree that there are similar qualities to artwork I've created - but I do not believe that it's something of mine. Thanks for asking though, I appreciate you reaching out to check!