VISUAL LITATURE is September 3rd's feature!
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Submit thumbnails here ONE PER PERSON
It can be an old or new piece.
If you don't have anything feel free to submit work by another here.
It must be literature made in a visual form.
This also means ANY MEDIUM, including mixed!
For litature it can be calligraphy, handwritten, describing something with writing on it in story, etc
For traditional or digital words must be in the piece and NOT JUST YOUR SIGNATURE
For craft words have to be present in some fashion
For photography it CANNOT be your watermark or signature

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Ooh, I love visual literature. :la: Here's mine: Kisetsu (Seasons)

And because you don't have any submissions so far, I went through my favourites to find pieces from other deviants. Hope it's okay if I post a bunch (one per deviant)

Sand in White Water (us three)
Angry Rorschach
Sticks and stones, pt. 6.
I am Student
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So, I can write something about how pretty the Inquisitor thinks Josie's handwriting is?
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And describe the writing. ;-)
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Ooooh this one will be so cool! It gave me an idea to create something too :)
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