SWIRLS/SWIRLING are August 27th's feature!
8 votes
One submission per person! Submit a link in the comments.
It can be literature where swirls/swirling is mentioned.
A digital or traditional art with a touch or a lot of swirls/swirling.
A craft that has swirls/swirling somewhere.
Even a photograph with swirls/swirling.
Interpret as you see fit.
If you have questions ask them in the comments.
If you don't have anything feel free to submit work created by another.
Old or new works are welcomed!

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this is a bit old, I hope it's ok with the swirls theme :D lauralaima.deviantart.com/art/…
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I already posted the feature yesterday.  The new theme will be posted on September 3rd.  You can find the info at the top of profile page.
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oh ok! thank you
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You can submit what you'd like posted under the new poll.  On September 3rd I'll post a new journal featuring all the stuff folks submitted for the theme.  If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments of the new poll.  Thank you!
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Not sure if this counts, but...

Remember When by msfowle
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Sounds like it's going to be a fun feature. Can't wait to see the art!
Akatsuki No Yona - Princess of Dawn by euphoriarcane
I don't suppose this would count? :)
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Alright, thanks a bunch! :hug:
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You're welcomed!
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Thanks so much for putting together your themed features. They are so much fun!

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Hello ChaosFay!

Thank you for the wonderful journal theme.

Here is a swirling fine art from my personal favorites collection.


 Reg1280 by crow-god
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I love swirly stuff. Zoomorphic knot by Abigtreehugger makes the choice hard though, there is a lot of swirly stuff in the folder this one is in.
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I hope it's ok if I submit something? One of my recent ones - theartisancrafter.deviantart.c…
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Most definitely!
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mmmh difficult since most of my works are with swirl and spirals ç__ç
i post two :D choose your favorite! :D

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swirls and spirals are basically one of my fave motifs.  so I just picked one of the more recent uploads of mine, hope this is ok.

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