SHARP EDGES is September 12th's feature!
7 votes
Any and all mediums accepted including literature
Submit ONE thumb per deviant
Old and new deviantions welcomed
If you don't have anything submit a thumb of some else's work
If you have any questions as them in the comments

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aevrynn's avatar pfffff shiny hair???????
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The feature was posted September 12th.  I have a new one set up on my page you can submit to.
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Some sharp edges for upcoming Halloween, fangs and thorns :)
  Vampire Fangs and Thorns by SpiralArtisan
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Balder by Abigtreehugger My complaint about my scanner is you don't get a nice clean edge on the ink lines.
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Something a little different; I hope it's still ok.…
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does this fit? Falling Angel by unikatdesign  
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What do you think of a psychological interpretation of a sharp edge: near madness full-time connected:

    Psycho-social dependant? Me? Noooooo by Y-Phil

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Interpretation of a theme is always welcomed!
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Hope it this is nice :)
Dark Matter Exia 8 by Arkiyos
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*hopes thumb works* Cut And Dried= by FlyingGinger

Awesome idea~
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I hope this is suitable:
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Wait, is this open to anyone? :-?
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Awesome! :iconfluttergaspplz:
Hope you like:
Light Bulb Collection, Update 3 by adamlhumphreys  ^^
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Literature? Really? I thought this group didn't accept lit!

Tower by copper9lives  
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Group?  This feature will be posted on my profile page, not on a group's.
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