RED is this week's feature!
8 votes
I will feature it on Thursday August 13th
You have one week to submit a link to whatever piece of work you want featured that contains the color RED
Only one per person
Any medium (tradition, digital, literature, craft, etc)
It can be old or new
Any shade any hue any amount
The quality doesn't matter because no one is judging
Submit a link
If you don't have anything containing red feel free to submit someone else's work to be featured
You can't submit something that has already been featured by me.

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Maybe I'm too late and maybe there isn't enough red but here's a try^^

Sanguine Garnet, Silver, and Pearl Earrings by QuintessentialArts
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Another red piece Hmmm, I am sorry but these ladies belong together.

Mature Content

Bad Girl? by Abigtreehugger

Mature Content

Good Girl? by Abigtreehugger
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I like this work that used my stock: badminton by simox96
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Actually had an art show called Seeing Red...
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Applaud fella (Reactions) 

Thank you Renee for writing this journal. We admire and appreciate your selfless volunteering and sharing your Light within the DA community.


Dancin CAT 

Dragon Attack on the Road by coastbeachartist
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Could you feature this please?
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Not a lot of red in this piece, but it's there!

Deco Pagoda Top by CalaelAzasar
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Heres a nice one from my RED favorites folder
Carnivore by GinAngieLa
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