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Church of the Broken God Poster by ChaosFarseer Church of the Broken God Poster :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 4 0 Valkyrie Railgun by ChaosFarseer Valkyrie Railgun :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 1 0 AAA Wunder Redesign by ChaosFarseer AAA Wunder Redesign :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 2 0 The Last Supper by ChaosFarseer The Last Supper :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 1 0 Solace by ChaosFarseer Solace :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 0 0 Serpent Guy by ChaosFarseer Serpent Guy :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 0 0 Samyaza Redesign Sketch by ChaosFarseer Samyaza Redesign Sketch :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 1 0 Kokabiel Art Book Sign-In by ChaosFarseer Kokabiel Art Book Sign-In :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 1 0 Irysana by ChaosFarseer Irysana :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 1 0 Alicia Sturgesson by ChaosFarseer Alicia Sturgesson :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 2 0 Epsilon Card Art by ChaosFarseer Epsilon Card Art :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 1 0 Decarabia Sketch by ChaosFarseer Decarabia Sketch :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 0 0 Batariel Valkyrie Cannon by ChaosFarseer Batariel Valkyrie Cannon :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 0 0 Airborne by ChaosFarseer Airborne :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 2 0 IPoseTest10 Hadouken by ChaosFarseer IPoseTest10 Hadouken :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 0 0 IPoseTest09 Longbow by ChaosFarseer IPoseTest09 Longbow :iconchaosfarseer:ChaosFarseer 1 0


Gwent Deidre Ademeyn -The Price of Neutrality by ThomasJakeRoss Gwent Deidre Ademeyn -The Price of Neutrality :iconthomasjakeross:ThomasJakeRoss 1,041 36 Deep Sea Mermaid by dimary Deep Sea Mermaid :icondimary:dimary 919 77 Decay by Unodu Decay :iconunodu:Unodu 1,717 44 Gwent Art Contest - Vivienne's Transformation by Skyrawathi Gwent Art Contest - Vivienne's Transformation :iconskyrawathi:Skyrawathi 987 59 M99A5 Silhouette Danium Accelerator Tank (UPDATED) by Duskie-06 M99A5 Silhouette Danium Accelerator Tank (UPDATED) :iconduskie-06:Duskie-06 1,009 136 Babriel, Angel of Scorpio by PeteMohrbacher Babriel, Angel of Scorpio :iconpetemohrbacher:PeteMohrbacher 2,400 28 Mermaid by sandara Mermaid :iconsandara:sandara 3,603 88 Iris story WITCHER 3 COSPLAY (frame 12) by Lyumos Iris story WITCHER 3 COSPLAY (frame 12) :iconlyumos:Lyumos 372 23 The Delta by GiddyAutomaton The Delta :icongiddyautomaton:GiddyAutomaton 1 0 The Tojinbo Cannons - Neo Japan 2202 by johnsonting The Tojinbo Cannons - Neo Japan 2202 :iconjohnsonting:johnsonting 2,390 127 Interstellar Dog Fight by johnsonting Interstellar Dog Fight :iconjohnsonting:johnsonting 3,592 151 EVA X Patlabor by johnsonting EVA X Patlabor :iconjohnsonting:johnsonting 1,018 28 Cyrene by yangzheyy Cyrene :iconyangzheyy:yangzheyy 917 48 Briar Rose Elven Leather Armor by SavagePunkStudio Briar Rose Elven Leather Armor :iconsavagepunkstudio:SavagePunkStudio 18 1 Bluejay Armor, full set by SavagePunkStudio Bluejay Armor, full set :iconsavagepunkstudio:SavagePunkStudio 188 8 NieR: Automata - 2B and 9S cosplay by Disharmonica NieR: Automata - 2B and 9S cosplay :icondisharmonica:Disharmonica 1,165 33


Church of the Broken God Poster
"With Her, we can create Heaven on Earth."

A poster to commemorate the end of the Church of the Broken God roleplaying campaign, including nearly every gameplay asset created for the campaign. Can you spot all the Angels?
Valkyrie Railgun
"Good. Fire on my command."

Created in 2016 after the Church of the Broken God roleplaying campaign. I needed to design how the magnetic accelerator cannons would look when miniaturized, and took the opportunity to draw the original, oversized cannons the Valkyrie carried.
AAA Wunder Redesign
"Today we unveil Project: Clear Skies, and today mankind will no longer stand in the shadows of Angels."

Created during a snowy 2014 and inspired the entire Church of the Broken God campaign. Redesigning the Wunder involved rethinking its involvement in the story, changing it from an angelic airplane capable in direct combat to a rapid response mobile base built for fire support. The Wunder design has a fantastic silhouette, but it looks chaotic and bulky and doesn't even attempt to look like a functional aircraft. This redesign, eventually renamed the Valkyrie, became physically sound by being built around the impossibly strong skeleton of Lilith, and carried the Evangelions, spare equipment, support aircraft, nuclear missiles and air-to-ground railguns.
The Last Supper
They stayed that way for millions of years.

Created in 2016 for the Church of the Broken God roleplaying campaign. It was given to a player as a memory of what had once been.
Created for the fall 2014 Drawathon, my first one. Somehow completed without using a straightedge.
Yep, that about summarizes it. I spent a while just posing Iri, now that the rig is done. That was silly.

There's a reason poses 6 and 7 aren't up there. They simply aren't very good in comparison to the rest of the nine. I might go fix them.
All of these will be re-uploaded and fully rendered out when I finish the UV map.

Hey! You want to throw in some pose ideas? 'Cause there's no reason why I can't do more.


The One Freeman
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I play Warhammer 40K and D&D. I used to do origami, but I stopped after I lost interest. I am currently teaching myself to draw.
I also design stuff in Solidworks and Maya. But that's productive!

More detail!:
I can not draw. Or at least, I thought I can't draw. I began making drawings for my Adeptus Evangelion campaign in 2011 to help visualize locations. I didn't actually try drawing people until much more recently, when I decided that I want to visualize the D&D world. Now, I have very little drawing experience before this, so what I submit to deviantART will quite literally be my first several tries. Critiques are welcome, but don't expect too much.

Now that I think about it, I never intended to be an author or an artist. But now I write up roleplaying worlds and draw up their inhabitants and locations. I always wanted to design stuff, and this is where it went.


:icongiddyautomaton: :iconlyumos: :iconsavagepunkstudio: :icondisharmonica: :iconangelabermudez: :iconjohnsonting: :iconprincecanary: :iconhannah-alexander: :iconskyserpent: :iconduskie-06: :iconmonorirogue: :iconwalkingmelonsaaa: :iconyuumei: :iconsandara: :iconyamaorce: :icontoesty: :iconrangrok1k:


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GiddyAutomaton Featured By Owner May 25, 2018
Hello hello!
MShadowy Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch. =)
Rangrok1k Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
When did you get on Deviant Art?
ChaosFarseer Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I created an account so I could talk to the artist of the Farseer Cartoon. Then I decided that I want to draw, and I can upload it here.

So yeah. Stuff.

I actually have something to upload, but I need to edit a bit first.