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The Sith Fleet (The Final Order)

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OOC of the powerful naval forces of the reborn Darth Sidious


The Sith fleet was a massive fleet that was active during the war between the Final Order and the Resistance. It was made up of thousands of Xyston-class Star Destroyers.

During the period following his first death and resurrection, Darth Sidious commanded his Sith loyalists and loyal Imperial forces to gather to him in the farthest edges of the Unknown Regions.

This also included the powerful Byss Defense Fleet in the Deep Core and realizing that the Deep Core is now rendered useless, loyal Imperial forces journeys to the ancient Sith world of Exegol.

The Sith Fleet numbers in the tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of warships - including Allegiance-class and many other Deep Core-affiliated forces - yet the bulk of the armada are the Xyston-Star Destroyers. Equipped with a Planet-Destroyer Particle Cannon, the Sith Fleet awaits for the signal when they can finally be unleashed on the Alpharus galaxy as part of the Final Order & Eternal Sith's master plan of established a new Galactic Empire (or a Dark Galactic Empire as Carnor Jax dubs it beneath his helmet).

In LY 3312 - or Earth Year 2047, Darth Sidious transmits a broadcast which he not only declares that final victory is at hand but threatens a far terrible revenge not seen in Galactic History since the time of the immortal Sith Emperor Vitiate.

This is soon followed by the First Order not only swearing absolute allegiance to their true Sith Master but were absorbed into the Final Order's growing war machine before Sidious soon prepares to fulfill his revenge.

However, he was soon confronted by the Free Worlds Fleet from across the Alpharus galaxy as well as the massive forces of the Universal Alliance and the Netherworld Empire as well as the Crimson Phoenix.

The Battle of Exegol not only witness the final death of Darth Sidious but the destruction of the Sith Fleet and the collapse of the First Order, the Final Order and the Sith Eternal organizations.
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From the Comic, it was "The Lost Fleet".

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The best part is that Sidious handwaved his resurrection by referencing a quote of his that became a meme:

"The Dark Side of the Force is a path to abilities many consider to be...unnatural"

Makes sense to me

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Final order of the Sith Eternal rises.
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Long have I waited... and now... your coming together... is your undoing.
Let the final battle... begin.
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As you command, Lord Sidious..Evil Bakura smirk 
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I'm pretty sure that none of the First Order's star destroyers to be among them.
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There must be a hundred of them!
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According to a friend of mine, there is even a Super-Star Destroyer among them.

But it's not just any Super-Star Destroyer: the vessel is Darth Sidious's personal vessel - Eclipse.
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