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Imperial Sovereign Protectors

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OOC of the elite Guardsmen who protects Darth Sidious and which Carnor Jax is the most infamous member of Star Wars Legends


Imperial Sovereign Protectors, also known as Royal Guard Champions, were the most elite cadre of guardsmen in Imperial service.

The uniforms of the Sovereign Protectors were similar in appearance to the standard garb of the Emperor's Royal Guard, although with several distinctions. Namely, they possessed a black chest-plate and gauntlets, their helmets' front was colored black while the rest was red, and they wore a black cape. In some cases, they wore ornate armor with hoods and a scythe-like force pike. They were led mostly by a Champion picked by the Emperor, and they directly answered to the Emperor alone.

Only the best of the elite Emperor's Royal Guard were specially chosen to become Sovereign Protectors. They endured years of selection procedures and training aimed at achieving perfection in soldiering. Extreme standards were set for combat fitness, stamina, strength, dexterity, mental acuity, reaction time, loyalty and intelligence. Their combat training included the use of heavy blaster pistols and the deadly double vibroblade. They also had access to Emperor's Royal Guard TIE/IN starfighters, and were often sent on extremely vital missions.

Finally, each Sovereign Protector would receive rudimentary training from Senior Dark Side Adepts to wield the dark side of the Force—although not enough to provide independence or stoke ambition. The most exceptional Sovereign Protectors were eventually eligible for training as Dark Jedi.

Arden Lyn, the immortal Dark Side Master Martial Artist, is solely responsible for training the Imperial Sovereign Protectors extensively in martial arts and this is also applied to the elite Praetorian Guardsmen who would protect Supreme Leader Snoke.

Some of these armored and robed soldiers were charged with the personal protection of Emperor Palpatine, while others were deployed to guard Palpatine's interests throughout the galaxy, including the Imperial Citadel on the Deep Core planet of Byss, as well as other palaces and monasteries. A number of Sovereign Protectors were stationed aboard the dreadnought Eclipse. They were typically organized into regiments of four hundred individuals.

The best known of the Sovereign Protectors was the treacherous Royal Guardsman Carnor Jax, who was promoted to the rank at the instigation of Imperial Ruling Council member Sarcev Quest. Though Palpatine remained unaware, Jax and Quest were in fact leading a conspiracy to overthrow him—Jax, indeed, was an aspirant Sith Lord, who trained as the apprentice of Lumiya.

After using the combination of a Sith ritual and an Infinity Gem to bring himself back from the dead, Palpatine orders his Imperial Sovereign Protectors to join him at Exegol while abandoning the Deep Core world of Byss due to learning of the fate of his Mirai timeline counterpart.

By the time Darth Sidious made his survival known, the Imeprial Sovereign Protectors sports new crimson-colored armor, melee weapons and firearms provided to them by Mister Griffon years earlier.

They protected Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious but were destroyed by the Jedi Ben Solo and Rey as well as Anakin Solo, Jain Solo, Tenel Ka, Tahiri Veila and a handful of others who infiltrated Exegol.
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All Imperial Sovereign Protectors wore the same attire as Jax..Yet thanks to him, he has disgraced the group.
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He's certainly worthy of being a Sith Lord.
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Too Bad Kir Kanos made short work of his hopes of becoming a new Dark Lord of the Sith.
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Art of these guys is just so rare, incredible.

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Gotta love the Guard. 

Kir Kanos was, is and always will be my favorite. 
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It's a great shame Kanos never wore the armor of the Sovereign Protectors...

But then, he had avenged the honor and lives of his fellow Guardsmen by slaying the betrayer Carnor Jax.
Son-of-Dromund-Kaas's avatar
Indeed. The stain from on the guard's reputation was cleansed the day Kanos killed that traitor. 

He's a pretty overlooked character if you ask me. The guy is a likable, loyal imperial that goes on a one-man crusade killing anything that betrayed his Emperor. That's a hell of a story.  

All the same, great work mate. The Emperor's Royal Guard could always use more love. 
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