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Erika Radarov - Aikido Master

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Erika Radarov is an experienced martial artist and Aikido Master who participates in the Valkyrie Densetsu tournament series during the Age of the Eternal War.

A native of the Eastern European nation of Latvia, she migrated to Poland where her family became major owners of manufacturing company which develops high-tech computer security systems.

Radarov became fascinated with the martial arts and soon takes up Aikido as a main style while combining it with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The combination of two styles makes her an upredictable fighter since she would not only use the movements of Aikido with the strength and mastery of joint locks of BJJ.

She eventually becomes an enforcer of the Vermillion Zaibatsu's CEO at the time, Anthony Vermillion and while many have their reasons to be his enforcers, hers is mainly due to wanting to meet stronger fighters.

The 2006 Valkyrie Densetsu tournament enables her to participate and is the only member of the Howling Wolf's Enforcers to remain in the event while many others had been eliminated as a result.

Although she manages to get to the Valkyrie Elite status, Erika is among those who fought in the finals's Battle Royal Phase. As one of those who fought for the position of Valkyrie Prince, Erika is able to survive the finals before becoming one of the last fighters remaining.

As a result, she is able to eliminate Yamcha from the finals but her luck soon ran out when encountering Hiroki Minami. The two martial artists, who had a misunderstanding due to him not understanding her Polish language, got on her bad side and the two decides to let their fists do the talking instead.

Despite managing to put him through several joint locks, Erika was defeated by Hiroki and shoves out of the ring.

After 2006, Erika leaves the Vermillion Zaibatsu and ends up becoming a student of Atsuma Ikari's Dojo and rose to being her son Takeru's sparring partner.

She continues to participate in tournaments while facing Hiroki Minami in private duels they would have.
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