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AT-M6 Gorilla Walker

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OOC of the First Order's Gorilla Walkers


The All Terrain MegaCaliber Six (AT-M6), also known as the Gorilla Walker or First Order Heavy Assault Walker, was a mobile heavy artillery walker used by the First Order during their war with the Resistance. Much larger than the All Terrain Armored Transport used by the Galactic Empire, it was the biggest walker in the First Order's arsenal and featured a MegaCaliber Six turbolaser cannon mounted to its back, for which it was named.

In the years following the collapse of the Galactic Empire and the capture or destruction of most of its industrial capabilities by the New Republic, the First Order sought a successor to the original Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport. This eventually led to the development of the AT-M6.

One of the AT-M6's most notable deployments was during the Battle of Crait, shortly after the death of Supreme Leader Snoke and the ascension of Kylo Ren as leader of the First Order. A number of these walkers led the charge against the Resistance base on the planet Crait, along with a pair of First Order All Terrain Armored Transports and Ren's Upsilon-class command shuttle and numerous TIE/fo space superiority fighters and TIE/sf space superiority fighters providing air support.

After the majority of Resistance speeders and ground troops were destroyed and the remainder forced to withdraw to the heavily-armored confines of the base proper, the AT-M6s participated in the bombardment of the Force projection of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, who had come to confront Ren, his fallen apprentice. However, the laser cannons of the walkers had no effect on the illusion.

However, the Gorilla Walkers would soon be overshadowed by more powerful Walkers secretly developed by the Netherworld Empire..And these Walkers are True Engines of War.
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