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May 1, 2009
:dA: by *ChaosEmeraldHunter is a brilliant take on different fave habits within deviantART. The concept has been displayed well and the animation throughout is very smooth. The different expressions used really aid the emoticon, and in all it’s a fun and quirky observation of a how deviants act within the site.
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Suggested by katez-chan
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Okay, open to suggestions for the name. Not happy with :dA:, but I can't think of anything else to name it.

Remember these two deviations/scraps? =D I finished them! a way.

@.@ By the way, I think this is by far the longest emote I've made...It's 146 frames. XD I made it long because ideas kept coming and I didn't know when to stop animating...And believe me, I would make it longer if I wasn't so lazy. Actually, I might do that...

I'm not sure how long this took me. All I know is I've listened to 2 Harry Potter Soundtracks (PoA and GOF), 2 George Carlin routines, and almost a whole Coldplay CD while making this. ._. And my legs are asleep.

AND! My 100th emote! :dance:

EDIT: In case you can't tell what happens in each little 'scene':
Purple - Eh, I think it's easy to tell what's going on here.
Green - Lurker. It :+fav:'s, walks away. Orange tries to thank it, but no reply.
Blue - A +Fav Bomber. :+fav:'s without saying anything, isn't noticed by Orange. Proceeds to Orange's gallery and :+fav:'s the whole damn thing. Orange covers it's head.


@.@ Me go make another coffee...
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I hate fave bombers.... -_-
Lillsworld's avatar
Sadly, most of the time I'm a +Fav Bomber T.T XD
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This is so cutee! :D Awesome job. :3

Congrats on the :icondailydeviation1plz::icondailydeviation2plz:
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how do i use this...?
Captain-Belle's avatar
how do u use it?
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If you don't mind me saying, do you know how rude it is to comment on someone else's deviation with nothing but a link to one of your own deviations? It's not even remotely related to my emote. Even a simple, "lol that's good check this out [link]" would have been more polite because at least you acknowledge that you're adding a comment to someone's work. Please don't do this.
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I'm the purple one. ^^
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so freakin' cute!!!!!
daisygirl123's avatar
Faver dude Faver guy Faver Person
(Three stipid names lol):blahblah:
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my fav color is green. but, i think i'm the blue one here ^^
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