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A Ransom Note

All right...I have no clue where to submit this. I'm HOPING this is the right place, as it IS a mixed media thing.

This is for a Typography class project.

We had to create a "traditional" ransom note. By traditional, I mean cutting and pasting different letters to form the words. And, in the words of the teacher, "Any drunk son of a bitch can make a ransom note, but at least try to makes yours look like a graphic designer made it."

Then we had to scan the note and do whatever we want with it. One guy is even making it look like an actual kidnapping...He's staging one with a friend and everything.

I, on the other hand, am making a CD cover. And not JUST the front cover. I'm making the CD design, track list, everything. :) This is the front cover. The track listing isn't interesting enough to submit.

Hoping I get an A on this one.

The background and heart are from, by the way.
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