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Been keeping busy with depression, games, and writing. I've also been doing a major clean-out of my dA inbox. Seriously, guys, I'm down to less than seven thousand messages! :D (For reference, I had over ten thousand before I started this.)

Poking around my gallery makes me want to finish reinstalling my 3D stuff and do more work on that. Even if my models are two generations behind the current set.

:thumb341681949: Aveline 01 by fevereon Sailor Moon and Luna 01 by 9ofcups :thumb337774739: I Pusher by Laxia Hatshepsut by shoomlah Stained Glass: Meg by Akili-Amethyst Loki and Sleipnir. by jen-and-kris Cheery Littlebottom by katzille Sailor Cats by Yamino Always There, Watching, Planning, Hunting by demonreapergirl Wind and Fire by hontor Calabash Child by Wolfberry-J Sun and Moon by VegaColors Martha by ursulav Not Romeo, Not Juliet by ChibiBee I'm Draven and I know it. by RubiaStreet tribal 02 by szaranagayama Sci-Fi Centaur girl by zgul-osr1113 Gingerbread Dragon by Si3art Other Side by AniaMohrbacher Seahorse Fanfiction by HinoNeko Secret Six by AJRPG The Outer Limits Of Heaven by Fredy3D Viktor and Jayce by MelSpontaneus NSC11- Fighting Fire With Fire by BlizzardTerrak Let's get back by kouno-B No escape now.. by rage1986 Loki Raptor! by EWilloughby :thumb309329303: Strawberry Cream Cheese Tart by maytel Reflection of the Soul by Tsuchinoko-chan My gift to you. by JetSetJaeToh Secret Garden - Collection by nimuae Slender man and Bella Fox by Hell-Alka Autumn Mantra by Oer-Wout What Snakes Whispers by HechiceraRip :thumb327238228: Spirit of Fire nouveau by eri-phyle Soraka, the Star Child by Sgt-Sahara Disney Elementals Snow White by CeruleanRaven :thumb326524004:

Mature Content

Tryndashe by ultema
Monument by ai-eye :thumb317674747: Waterlily Maiko Kanzashi Set by Kurokami-Kanzashi Zen Sanctuary by BriceChallamel Zuko and Mai by moni158 loki loki by Forkninja Esteemed - Take it Easy by Akimiya Sailor Jupiter as Zeus (Minoan) by anemoneploy Dangerous Desi by Yamino We are just the cog in the system machine by Unita-N Bipolar by ToxicNeonSpaceMonkey batmobile bot commission by markerguru Reflective Dreams by IrondoomDesign Bindi Owl pt. II by folderol Wayfaring Temple by PeteMohrbacher Cheeky Summer Fruit Salad by claremanson Elita 1 and Arcee by Aiuke Whoosa-clever-girl-den by Risachantag Venetian Rabbit Masks by merimask :thumb320869775: OSMADTH - Lost City of Asen by flaviobolla Time traveller's watch by lostknightkg :thumb323947857: :thumb324227941: :thumb324556683: Ending it with a smile.. by Cageyshick05
Other people's art. Not mine.

Loki and Angrboda by mappeli :thumb172811983: Slenderman reflection by Clockwork7 :thumb300081927: :thumb316342305: :thumb311595584: L4D - Frozen tongue by IsisMasshiro ATLA: Forever by InvisibleDeath Ice Cream by Humblebot wear me like a locket around your throat by Sunfreak :thumb311289400: Puggleformers - G1 Autobot Femme Hatchlings by callykarishokka Wolfbats by Emchromatic LoL:  Jericho Swain by ippylovesyou avatar korra by muura more like scumbender by perditionist Tea Party by RainbowSnow in your head in your head they're still fighting by Sunfreak Valoran War Posters: Ionia by a-bad-idea On Stranger Tides by Underbase Oh Singed by Tvonn9 Soraka, the starchild by DarrenGeers :thumb291882576: It s time for another Eeveelution by Tausendberg Equalist Propaganda by Mr-Haitch :thumb302420380: Son of Coul by ninjaink Family hugging by freestarisis Right Hand of the Devil by aureath TF: AS-SS silhouettes by flutterjet mmm by KatherineZe Pleasant interruption by CuriousCucumber :thumb296034528: Snow rodeo by Alassa TFP: Jammin' by BriarX Complicated Entomorph - Dollmaker by WaywardInsecticon Sailor Neptune as Poseidon by anemoneploy 2 MTMTE 29 by Aiuke Egyptian Pantheon Mask Group by merimask Black Moon Clan Cosplay 5 - AnimeNEXT 2012 by KrisRix
Another baker's dozen of arts!

Original: All Seeing Priestess by Risachantag Mucha Thor and Loki by soltian Celtic box trio by mossy-tree Shape of my heart by auroreblackcat Loki in so many words by Egocaina Transformers Breakdown Pillow by FlairtotheSky God's ain't gonna help you by Witcher Vigilante Stories: Batwoman by gattadonna CDragon by Jedni Disney Ballerina: Mulan by middleR3DD :thumb282985527: Vday OP and Elita by Ty-Chou :thumb281685159:
Welcome to 2012, my darlings. Time for more creation, more communication, more awesome, and more love.

Also, features. Hard to go wrong with features. A baker's dozen this time: twelve for the months of the year, plus one for the heckuvit.

Devastator SMASH... by Jackademus my little gargoyle by briannacherrygarcia Avatar - Mai and Zuko by GENZOMAN Boba fett Wallpaper by dmstei00 Stop Stealing My Cave by MK01 These games we play by Atlas-White Andrew Jackson Alien Slayer by SharpWriter

Mature Content

Hieraconism 3 by Gerwell
Color meme part4 by morgenty It's Nuckalavee by ursulav The Knights Way by AlexAlexandrov The Little Merborg by Risachantag
All taken from the first five pages of my Favorites.

1611 by Creature13 Shadows of the Night by JarOfLooseScrews bros by mad--megatron Day Off by Blackm3sh Glee - GLC Mashup Cover by perpetualpanda Thor vs Loki by DanielGovar gods can float you know by plasters-ponies Werewolf Hunter by AveryAnnarose :thumb210538174: Sigyn by Felsus RainbowxPinkie by jesuislesbienne :thumb82416003: :thumb202625401: The Mare on the MOON by 14-bis Black Jackalope by ursulav Deadpool vs. Cap by ChristianNauck :thumb211646191: :thumb154619123: Fire Nation by papier-crane Princess Celestia and Luna by johnjoseco Beautiful Rescue by Nightfable :thumb212231950: Alera Codex : Nasaug by sandara Steve Rogers + Tony Stark by dauntingfire Galvatron VICTORIOUS by wordmongerer Captain America by pungang Vengeance and Night by Quirkilicious Atomic Robo by derrickfish Deadpool by PrototypeArceus Avatar: The Last Moon Senshi by elfgrove Spider-man TRON-ified by diablo2003 Me Grimlock KING BotCon print by wordmongerer Stunticonger Botcon print by dyemooch Nightwing by dcjosh TFA  Seekers Botcon print by MarceloMatere :thumb208971040: I come bearing gifts by Larbesta The God of Mischief by XteveAbanto Red Right Hand by rhodespottery Sailor Senshi Simplify by JocelynAda Guten Abend, everyone by Larbesta Persistent Sigyn by WendyDoodles Oh, brother... by Larbesta Mystery misadventures of Loki by Larbesta Great Plushthanga by ursulav Calvin and Hobbes: Moving On by Zatransis Creepy Stuff by Don-ko Loki : 2011 movie by Mushstone :thumb208819166: Whiplash from Iron Man 2 by redcab Zecora by 14-bis Partners in crime by rotten-vermillion
So I don't really use dA much for anything besides collecting art anymore. I think it has a terrible interface for posting written works, and I've yet to finish reinstalling all my 3D content, three or four years on since I had to ditch the computer it was originally on. Which tells you plenty about my priorities there, yeah?

I guess I'm wondering what I do with this site besides collect a hoard of art. I suppose I don't really need to do anything with dA besides that, but I feel... nngh, I don't really know what I feel at this point. Disconnected, maybe. Not that I was ever good at making connections on dA in the first place. But still.

I do have an awesome hoard of art, though.
How many of my readers are available for commissions and where do you keep your guidelines and rates?

I figure I might put together a bit of a directory, since I know finding people who do commissions that you like is hard and there are a lot of people on this site. A lot. Alot, too, but I don't think alots do commissions.
:iconbluraven401: won a journal feature from me for :iconatla-minorcharacters: contest!

A Fire Nation Christmas by bluraven401 Forsaken by bluraven401 Hijikata Toshizo by bluraven401 Euthanasia by bluraven401 Kaylin: Happy Halloween by bluraven401

Been a while since I did a regular feature, so I am trying to keep this one somewhat reasonable.

:thumb162687194: :thumb196882406: Serenity's Tuxedo Style Dress by Yamigirl21 TF: Female Megatron Alt. G1 by tsaisin Climbing the Dragon Gate by puimun :thumb195860345: We Are Dogs of War by sylvacoer :thumb188144151: Avatar: Family Tradition by Mattierial Slipstream x Arcee by Atlas-White dark moon family by SoLoretta LIGHTS by kyan-dog Hyuuga Battle -colored- by PhoenixBird16 Waffles by FriendlyBlueberries commission - Ozai and Hakoda by onnirica One Night in the Temple by Azulera Love Trick by SchifferCake Tokka Pic'n'Fic by daughterofthestars Peacock 2 by placebomeup Kittens by LordRimoah

And now I am going to go plant tomatoes. :D
:iconbluraven401: won a journal feature from me for :iconatla-minorcharacters: contest!

A Fire Nation Christmas by bluraven401 Forsaken by bluraven401 Hijikata Toshizo by bluraven401 Euthanasia by bluraven401 Kaylin: Happy Halloween by bluraven401

I like to support artists. I like to commission them, I like to feature their work, I like to spread the word about them. But let's talk about commissions for a little bit.

Most of the artists I have commissioned, and all of the ones I have recently commissioned, have been lovely. They've communicated with me, and they've created art I like with a few changes I've requested. For the most part, they have done this with a decent turn-around time.

Being able to sit down and create the art you are paid to create? An incredibly useful skill. Cultivate it.

Mini-feature of art I've commissioned:

Commish for Chaos2112 by Isaia commission - Ozai and Hakoda by onnirica The Moonslayer by ekormekolindo Sketch Commission: Dorje by Flaming-Scorpion Valentines'- Mai + Katara by weirdlet don't you have a desk by Sunfreak The Jade-Eyed Emperor by CBSorgeArtworks Stunticons coming at YOU by WaywardInsecticon Pee Dee Mugshot by KrisSmithDW Jetstorm Colors: Transformers by Heatherbeast :thumb91829108:
Water-Tribes-Unite does not accept slash or femslash in their group gallery. However, this is not stated anywhere in their information as of the time of posting in this journal. When I submitted two slash picture to their gallery, I was told the art was inappropriate. When I questioned what was inappropriate about it, I received this answer: the material it presents is rather unnecessary. In addition, because it isn't a member's artwork, I don't feel the need for it to be in our gallery.

If a group does not want to include slash or femslash, that is their prerogative. However, I feel it is misleading to not post such publicly when you have a Couples category in your group. Additionally, I feel the mod's answer to why this material was unacceptable was rude and dismissive.

I note I would not have had a problem with this group if it had been stated upfront that they did not welcome slash or femslash.

For reference, the two pieces I submitted that were declined:

:thumb86234400: Comrades in Arms by foxysquid
:iconbluraven401: won a journal feature from me for :iconatla-minorcharacters: contest!

A Fire Nation Christmas by bluraven401 Forsaken by bluraven401 Hijikata Toshizo by bluraven401 Euthanasia by bluraven401 Kaylin: Happy Halloween by bluraven401

I'll probably be featuring her through the end of February. (Perhaps by that time I'll have started making art again! We'll see.)

White Cat II by ursulav Greek'verse - First kiss by murr-miay WaterTribe at Night by Kenu Lich pharaoh by DarkGeometryArt In and Out of so Much Trouble by hanan109 Giraffe by BreakthroughDesigns Tortallan by Maseiya Avatar Zodiac - Scorpio by Lady-Pirate Avatar Zodiac - Libra by Lady-Pirate Avatar Zodiac - Cancer by Lady-Pirate Momoko by Kurokami-Kanzashi :thumb193526234: Whirlpool Bracelet by caerul Zuko: Fire by foxysquid The Bounty Hunter Could Dance by TheInamorato Drider Marionette in Garden 02 by bvanhorn Winter Fashion by JoniGodoy Aura could not be Pinker by ekormekolindo :thumb173966529: Commission for LateNightLady by WendyDoodles Villain Attire by LaLuneNoire :thumb193503200: Moon Princess by silver-eyes-blue :thumb193248354: I'm a Medibot+I play one on TV by Fishbug :thumb157185857: Bowshock Mugshot by KrisSmithDW Chulyin Mugshot by KrisSmithDW Daimyo Akio Mugshot by KrisSmithDW Pee Dee Mugshot by KrisSmithDW Do you love the real me? by SociallyArtward Shiroiume by Kurokami-Kanzashi Kika I by Kurokami-Kanzashi Tiger Swallowtail by Kurokami-Kanzashi Zutataang? by SimplyKaren :thumb194020281: Autumn Beauty by Kurokami-Kanzashi Owl locket by BeautySpotCrafts
  • Reading: "The Demon King", Cinda Williams Chima
:iconbluraven401: won a journal feature from me for :iconatla-minorcharacters: contest!

A Fire Nation Christmas by bluraven401 Forsaken by bluraven401 Hijikata Toshizo by bluraven401 Euthanasia by bluraven401 Kaylin: Happy Halloween by bluraven401

Feature time!

19th Century Batgirl by msciuto Azula vs Suki by suzannedcapleton I can trust you by Metallikato shittenou- magic by SoLoretta Kitten n Ty Lee by spyridona funny, that usually works by makani Dogs of War by sylvacoer Locke Lamora by Sir-Heartsalot Beast Wars Rodimus - Phoenix by Heatherbeast BISHOUJO SENSHI by Marowe :thumb191570064: Honey Ammo Another Photo by KubusRubus Wily Old Buzzard by Heatherbeast Gateway To Paradise by Fredy3D Cutting Gale: Araquez Game Art by Risachantag BW - Human_Maximals by DarkMirime how bout a little knife, elf by makani John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes by spacecoyote

Mature Content

Slash: Somewhere Between by TresMaxwell
Tomoe Gozen by lady-voldything Izanagi and Izanami by lady-voldything Avatar Zodiac - Aries by Lady-Pirate Avatar Zodiac - Taurus by Lady-Pirate Kataang - Cozy by crusanite Cold Hearts by jjuuhhaa Slipstream by gruffin Archangel Helmet by Azmal TFA-Sensual Stride by KawaiiSonicChao Bubbles.... by EskimoScrybe Claws in the Night by puimun Decorative Peacock by Bonniemarie 63. Do Not Disturb. by iennisita Three Graces by nickyflamingo :thumb192284635: TFA Matriarchy SlipStream by MamonnA TFA Matriarchy RC by MamonnA Greedy Mountain..... by EskimoScrybe Frosted Avu.... by EskimoScrybe Obsidian Touch.... by EskimoScrybe North Star.... by EskimoScrybe The TING TINGz by kyan-dog acree vs black arachnia by markerguru
  • Reading: "The Mummy, or Ramses the Damned", Anne
:iconbluraven401: won a journal feature from me for :iconatla-minorcharacters: contest!

A Fire Nation Christmas by bluraven401 Forsaken by bluraven401 Hijikata Toshizo by bluraven401 Euthanasia by bluraven401 Kaylin: Happy Halloween by bluraven401

Feature time!

Black Lady-- gift image by shimoyo SERENITY I by GaleriaAURUS Magic Lessons by ozzopad Sailor Vidi Redux by TwinEnigma Happy Wedding...not by processormalfunction The Powers of Winter by Relotixke andromeda's revenge by makani :thumb169092057: Commission - Ichiro by onnirica :thumb190535575: even more jack n sally by briannacherrygarcia water and earth and fire by Sunfreak Quick Woodtexture Walkthrough by nathie :thumb191008095: sunborn by AniaMohrbacher Avatar - Bumi vs Toph by wynahiros Watercolor sketch: Elita-1 by lucycat410 Iron Khan by puimun Homecoming by weirdlet
  • Reading: Yuletide, bb
:iconbluraven401: won a journal feature from me for :iconatla-minorcharacters: contest!

A Fire Nation Christmas by bluraven401 Forsaken by bluraven401 Hijikata Toshizo by bluraven401 Euthanasia by bluraven401 Kaylin: Happy Halloween by bluraven401

Feature time!

Watercolor sketch: Elita-1 by lucycat410 :thumb75761629: I am a good person by PaMikoo Tropical Fairy by CBSorgeArtworks Male BELLOSSOM by BlackSkull666 :thumb189105486: Yue and Yangchen by ming85 :thumb76634563: Aang ready for the wedding by Hanibi TEO process by silviabrujas HARU process by silviabrujas Leaf-Mirror, Open by caerul :thumb185838493: :thumb188367779: Demon by jeddibub Winter by jisuk Motherly love by WeirdBugLady :thumb173701028: :thumb84923062: Resistance is Futile... by unconventionalsenshi kh: Xaldin - Whirlwind Lancer by MathiaArkoniel SG Rodimus and SG Elita-One by zibanitu6969 Koh in Wonderland Finnished by Damunch FengHuang by WSmieszek kh: Xigbar and Xaldin by MathiaArkoniel Fallow John by prettymonsters Circuit Board Cufflinks2 by harlewood Among the Boughs - necklace by TheFarGrove :thumb183714003: Pai Sho Table: Earth by queenmari Mab of Dreams by puimun The Crystal Ladder by TheFarGrove
  • Reading: "The Night Land", William Hope Hodgson
Slowly reinstalling my art things on this computer. Very slowly. (My job has had me working six days a week for the past couple of months. Much too exhausted for writing, much less art when I get home.)

:iconbluraven401: won a journal feature from me for :iconatla-minorcharacters: contest!

A Fire Nation Christmas by bluraven401 Forsaken by bluraven401 Hijikata Toshizo by bluraven401 Euthanasia by bluraven401 Kaylin: Happy Halloween by bluraven401

Additionally, you guys get a Pokemon feature, because I am on a Pokemon kick right now.

023 Ekans and 024 Arbok by RtRadke Vulpix by Nadou Ninetales and Vulpix by Shivita :thumb84131365: :thumb108101577: Growlithe18 by Tacimur .Arcanine. by etuix Alakazam by ZEEYANG Machamp by ZEEYANG Doduo and Dodrio by RtRadke Cubone by Kemonomimi Cubone and Marowak by RtRadke dinnertime by xSheepi Marowak by ZEEYANG Mach Punch by the-speed-demon Eevee by RacieB Danger Zone by xSheepi Pokemon: 152-154 by foxysquid 'Karp Hunting by RebeccaFrank Furret by twapa Furret by WhiteDevil-Kaiit Flaaffy by hokagehelen Mama Bellossom with Oddies by BleachedKitten PokeFable: Murkrow and Sneasel by lemurkat Heracross by ZEEYANG Houndoom by ZEEYANG Tyranitar by Ruth-Tay Three's a Crowd by volatileT1MES Shedinja by AnnaJ IIIIT'S CACTURNE by PanzerBanana Midnight Marauders by xSheepi Tropiawesome by Kezrek :thumb184982193: Beedrill and Vespiquen: Babies by WeisseEdelweiss Morgana and Floatzel by tarkheki Marigold and Garchomp by Leashe IPL Battle Royal by Leashe

I want a furret.
  • Reading: "Banker to the Poor" by Muhammad Yunus
Moving the vacation notice off the front page.

SO! What books are y'all reading these days?

Alternatively, since I have no idea who half you people are, what leads you to watch this account?

(Someday, I will do art again. Really.)
Going on vacation. Anyone who needs to contact me by dA note from now until Thursday, I will not be replying. Sorry about that.
Someday I will probably post art again. Like, real 'made by me' art. But you're more likely to see pieces of fanfiction I want to add to various dA groups over the next few months.

Also, my real life kind of sucks right now. I need hugs.
Yeah, this was supposed to go up yesterday, but I was tired after work and just decided to chill.

The usual rules apply: all artwork featured here has less than one hundred Favorites. Except for the three pieces in the I Love It category, which is my own personal slot to show off art that otherwise breaks the rules. Anything else is featured at my discretion.

Incidentally, it's National Poetry Month. Anyone who follows me on Livejournal is likely to get Kipling on Saturdays.

Artisan Crafts

Lemonade love by Itti Conspicuous - Back by monsterkookies Conspicuous - Front by monsterkookies Steampunk Winston Churchill by Jin-Saotome American Foxhound Leather Mask by merimask :thumb144215052: Warm wishes.... by EskimoScrybe Splinter.... by EskimoScrybe You just got swindled by Jin-Saotome

Digital Art

Frosted lotus by typotter

Mature Content

Duality by Fredy3D

Traditional Art

Shebahonaning by Qiu-Ling


The Lockhorns by Heatherbeast Master Pakku - Hates You All by spyridona DrowAU Fire Nation Family B+W by weirdlet Atomic Love by Wrecker-lady Wash 'n' Wax by Ramrider Awkward Landing by DrGaster


Ranakpur Jain temple panorama by khurafati purane panne by khurafati

I Love This

How It's Done by ShimmerStar
  • Reading: "Alcestis" by Katharine Beutner