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AtLA: Heart Break
Title: Heart Break Characters: Ozai/Ursa, Iroh Rating: PG Word Count: 400+ Summary: But love is a voice on the wind/and the wages of sin/and a tanglewood tree. -- "Tanglewood Tree" Heart Break *** "I do not want to see you again." Of every blow Ursa had given him in this fight, that was the one that struck home. The one that cut the legs from under him and sent Ozai sinking to the ground. Blood dripped from his knuckles, from his cheek. His burned shoulders ached. He knew he didn't look much better than Ursa did - one eye swelling shut, and she kept spitting blood. She'd be black and blue in the morning. But she was still standing, a
Sokka-Fans Contest Entry
Sokka-Fans Contest Entry
AtLA: Rebellion
Title: Rebellion Characters: Ozai, Kajizu (OC) Word Count: 1200+ Rating: G Summary: It is the Firelord's duty to deal with rebellion. The Seneschal reminds Ozai he doesn't have to do it personally. "Guoyin rebels," Ozai mused. The city had only been conquered a handful of years before, and it had never settled easily under Fire Nation rule. No Earth Kingdom city did, no matter the propaganda. With the death of Azulon and the ascension of a new Firelord, rebellion had ignited in all of the newly-conquered provinces. His military forces stamped them out, but every new week seemed to bring another flurry of reports of spreading rebellion.
AtLA: Goldeneye
Title: Goldeneye Characters: Liu/Ichiro, Yui, Kouji (OCs) Rating: PG Word Count: 2600+ Summary: Ichiro's boyfriend isn't who he implies he is. That's all right, Ichiro isn't either. Author's Notes: Ichiro, Kouji, and Yui belong to dark_puck and are used with her permission and encouragement. "Interesting eyes you've got," the noodle-seller drawled. There was something in the set of the man's shoulders that told Ichiro the man had seen firebenders too close. This was the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se. Most people here had seen firebenders too close, even if too close was a week's march away. Refugees came to the Impenetrable City, and Ba Sin
AtLA: Siren Song
Title: Siren Song Characters: Jee, Nima (OC), Captain Sadao (OC), Zhia (OC), assorted nameless Fire Nation extras Word Count: 3600+ words Rating: PG-13 Summary: Some fifteen years before the series, Nima follows Jee to sea on a voyage and finds she is the only one not enthralled by the singing coming from the sea. Four years ago, Jee heard a woman singing in the middle of the wild woods. A sea chantey, of all the strange things. His partner had figured it for a spirit, and Jee still wasn't entirely convinced the man had been wrong. That was back when he'd been Army; right before he'd stopped being Army, in fact. He and his partner curve
AtLA: A Little Help From My...
Title: A Little Help From My Friends Characters: Mai, Naruzi (the warden of Boiling Rock), Zuko, Azula, Captain Mizao (OC) Rating: PG Word Count: 900+ words Summary: After the Comet passes, Mai returns to the Capital and Zuko. But he's not the only loose end she needs to tie up. Three days after the Comet departed, Uncle Naruzi gave Mai the key to the guest bedroom. She did not say a word to him, and he did not apologize to her. He had been following orders, after all, even if Azula had likely not intended such a comfortable house-arrest for her "traitorous" friend. But Uncle Naruzi wouldn't leave his favorite (and only) niece in the Bo
AtLA: Assimilation
Title: Assimilation Characters: Mai, Sokka, Mai's parents, Uncle Naruzi, Azula, Ty Lee, Master Piandao, Fat, Zuko, Katara Rating: PG-13 Warning: Dark themes in regards to cultural erasure. Word Count: 2700+ Summary: Mai's father argues to the Firelord that the Water Tribesmen can be educated and made into proper sorts of people. So Azulon sees he gets a boy to prove this on. When Mai was five, a new brother came to the house. He was dark-skinned like someone from the eastern islands. He had blue eyes, too, when all the rest of her family had pale gold eyes. Strangest of all, he was older than her. She didn't think having a baby worked
AtLA: Strategy
Title: Strategy Characters: Iroh, Ozai, Li, Lo Word Count: 500+ Rating: G Summary: Iroh plays pai sho with his little brother to teach him patience and strategy. Author's Notes: Ozai is about sixteen-seventeen here. Iroh is about thirty-seven. Steam curls from the tea cup, and Iroh lifts it to his mouth to inhale the scent. Jasmine tea, brewed just how he likes it. There is not even the faintest trace of smoke and ashes in its smell, not even a drop of blood. It's good to be back in civilized lands where the war does not intrude. A pai sho board sits between him and his little brother. They are halfway through the game, and Iroh knows
AtLA: Party Guests
Title: Party Guests Characters: Mai, Ty Lee, Li (OC), Zhukazu (OC), Azula Rating: PG-13 Word Count: 2900+ words Summary: The young man who attaches himself to Ty Lee at Azula's thirteenth birthday party is wrong, and Mai means to protect her friend from him. "Mai!" Mai raised her eyes from idle contemplation of the carpet to see Ty Lee waving her over. Her friend stood with a handsome young man, and they were both smiling at her. She frowned. There was a hunger in the young man's smile she didn't like. It wasn't quite the sort of a man who didn't realize she and Ty Lee did not come as a pair. Unsettling. She slipped through the crowd
AtlA: Flint
Title: Flint Characters: Jet, Lu Ten, Ozai, Zuko, Ursa, Azula, assorted unnamed Firefolk extras Rating: G Word Count: 2200+ words Summary: Captain Mongke of the Rough Rhinos brings Prince Lu Ten an Earth boy. Lu Ten decides to keep him. Hail, Crown Prince Iroh, Dragon of the West, Scourge of the Earth Kingdom, Conqueror of Guoyin, Dragon-Slayer, Son of Fire and Flame, Tell me when you get to be Firelord I can just call you Firelord in these letters, Dad. I know you'll be lying, but tell it to me anyway. Also, tell me I can't strangle my Chief of Staff for insisting I maintain all formality. The fact that there are very good reasons to
AtLA: Devotion
Title: Devotion Characters: Ozai/Ursa Rating: PG Word Count: 400+ words Summary: Firelord Azulon is dead. Ozai and Ursa make plans for the future. Ursa slid open the door to the chambers she shared with Ozai. The fire in the fireplace jumped at her presence, and Ozai whirled to face her. "It's done?" he asked. There was something terrible and bright in his eyes, and for the first time in their marriage, she was afraid of her husband. "It's done," she assured him, sliding the door shut behind her. Her hands trembled still, from fear and exhilaration. Her children were safe. Her husband was safe. She had murdered the Firelord, and they
AtLA: Firefight
Title: Firefight Characters: Ozai/Ursa, assorted unnamed Fire Nation pirates Rating: PG-13 Word Count: 700+ Summary: Ozai and Ursa slaughter a pirate camp. "You should wear armor," Ursa said in a low voice. She loosened the ties of the scabbard across her back, preparing to draw her dao swords and let the leather sheath drop rather than impede her movements. Ozai's gaze flicked to her briefly then back down to the pirate camp they were observing. He wore simple cotton clothes in imperial red and gold, a long-sleeved tunic over trousers. It looked comfortable and easy to move in, she would give him that, but it wouldn't protect him from
AtLA: Phoenix in Ashes
Title: Phoenix in Ashes Characters: Ozai/Ursa Rating: PG Word Count: 200+ Spoilers: For the end of the series Summary: Ursa cannot go to visit her husband in his cell. Her husband is broken. Her magnificent, foolish husband is broken. Ursa stands outside the door of his cell, hardly daring to breathe. If he hears her, if he calls out to her- She would go to him in an instant. Even after all of everything he has done. She would curse him as she wrapped her arms around him, and burn him as she kissed him, but she would still hold him and kiss him. She cannot go to him. After he scarred her son, she could not go to him. Not without the
AtLA: Spark
Title: Spark Characters: Ozai/Ursa Rating: PG Word Count: 800+ Summary: A rainy morning on Ember Island during Ursa's pregnancy. Ozai woke to find his bed empty, and the bedroom dark as night. He blinked owlishly then padded over to a window to brush aside the gauzy thin curtains. It was dark outside, the heavy grey of a gathering storm. The garden sparkled with wetness, and there were puddles all around. It had rained once already today. With the clouds, he couldn't make out the position of the sun, but this had to be later than he'd slept in months. Sunrise usually woke him. He let the curtain drop and went to find some clothes. As h
AtLA: Steam
Title: Steam Word Count: 1482 Rating: PG-13 Summary: Ozai has a hot bath, and Hakoda doesn't. Hakoda had been cleaned and scrubbed to within an inch of his life, and only through the worst sort of underhanded fighting had he kept the Fire Nation servants from taking the decorations out of his hair. Then he'd all but been bounded and gagged while they wrestled him into silver-lined red linen clothes. Whoever had made them had clearly patterned them after his normal gear, then altered the designs to fall in more closely with Fire Nation fashions. The head of household servants studied him, then raised his eyes briefly towards the ceiling.
Tortall: The Parrot
Title: The Parrot Characters: Tristan Staghorn, Emperor Ozorne, the grey parrot Rating: G Word Count: 900+ Summary: Prior to leaving for Fief Dunlath, Tristan goes to find his glorious emperor in the aviary. "Seems a bit drab for your birds." Tristan Staghorn leaned in the doorway of Ozorne's aviary. Birds flitted about freely in the elegant marble room, roosting in great potted plants and perching on the edges of ornately carved drinking fountains. It had suited the previous emperor's needs, Tristan knew, but a new aviary was almost complete. It would be complete within a few months, or Ozorne would nail people's hides to walls. Perhap
Tortall: Cut
Title: Cut Characters: Daine/Rikash, Numair Rating: PG Word Count: 1200+ Summary: Stormwings are infuriating, Daine is exhausted, and holding back takes too much effort. "You still haven't claimed him?" "Claimed who?" Daine asked, hands settling on her hips. She was knee-deep in a slow-moving river right now, using the cold water to push her magic. She felt about ready to sleep for a week if she got half a chance, but until she healed the People hurt by those damnfool miners poisoning the water- "I don't have time for this, Rikash." Steel feathers rasped and clicked, and the Stormwing chuckled. "I can tell." Rikash perched in the bran
AtLA: Stick in the Mud
Title: Stick in the Mud Rating: G Words: 200+ Characters: Bumi, Pakku Summary: Bumi makes a new friend. The Water Tribesman stands ankle-deep in the river, eyes cold. He's half Bumi's age, barely out of his teens if the earthbender is any judge. A slight tremble runs through his frame, but Bumi doesn't mistake it for fear. Not from this scowling brave with the armband of a master on his left arm. Bumi grins. He hasn't a fun fight, not since Aang vanished and Kuzon withdrew. His grin makes the Water Tribesman scowl all the more. "What's your name?" Bumi calls, bare feet sliding on the white, white sand of the riverbank. "Got to know a
AtLA: Touch
Title: Touch Characters: Piandao/Jeong Jeong Rating: PG Word Count: 400+ Summary: Piandao explores the scars on Jeong Jeong's body with the usual results. Dark fingers traced down the scars on his face. "Punishment or a double-bladed sword," Piandao said quietly. Jeong Jeong closed his eyes, fighting back the fires that threatened to ignite under that simple, gentle touch. "One or the other." Piandao undid the latches of his hauberk and stripped it from Jeong Jeong, then helped him out of his padded tunic. He paused, hands resting at his friend's belt, then the firebender felt his mouth against a knotted, dull red scar on his shoulder.
AtLA: Broken Promises
Title: Broken Promises Characters: Jeong Jeong, Zhao, Torao (OC), Osamu (OC), Piandao, Iroh Rating: PG-13 Word Count: 4900+ Summary: Jeong Jeong does not enjoy teaching, but he does what he can to make it worthwhile for both his students and himself. Unfortunately, his failures are more spectacular than his successes. Author's Notes: This begins twenty-three years pre-canon. Jeong Jeong is on the long slide towards his lowest points and ultimately his desertion. Broken Promises *** They sent him two students, both boys barely nineteen-years-old, both only a year out of training. Surely, Commodore Jeong Jeong thought, there were other
AtLA: Bread and Butter
Title: Bread and Butter Characters: Piandao, Jeong Jeong, assorted unnamed Earthfolk Rating: G Word Count: 1200+ Summary: In the immediate aftermath of the Comet's passing, Piandao helps Jeong Jeong get some food into him. Bread and Butter *** "You're down to cinders," Piandao said as he wrapped an arm around Jeong Jeong's shoulders and urged his friend to lean against him. Jeong Jeong looked haggard, his eyes dull and sunken. He all but sagged against Piandao and didn't murmur a word of complaint at being so supported. That's when Piandao began to worry. His fingers dug into the indigo sleeve covering his friend's arm. "Jeong Jeong."
Volcano Spirit
KataangW:Cold Feet, Warm Heart
Title: Cold Feet, Warm Heart Characters: Katara/Aang Rating: PG Word Count: 400+ Summary: Waterbenders run colder than human-normal. Nice in the summer, not so nice in the winter. --- "Your feet are freezing!" Aang yelped and wriggled away from Katara. She was icy! They were up a mountain under a pile of blankets, and touching her was like leaning against a glacier! Katara glared at him, then yanked the blankets tighter around her shoulders. "I told you I was a waterbender when you met me. We stay cold, Aang." "You weren't this cold last winter!" Aang tugged at the blankets to get some for himself, wondering if he could ask the Mechan
Crash and Burn
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