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Play Music to relax :)

Which of the Joan'na Pet design do you like the most? (Find them in my Ideas folder when I upload them) Artwork by FuzzBee 

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Happy Valentine :3
Wed Feb 14, 2018, 12:38 PM
HAPPY NEW YEAR! :party: :ahoy:
Sun Dec 31, 2017, 5:51 PM
Sat Dec 23, 2017, 3:01 PM
Merry Christmas!
Sat Dec 23, 2017, 2:50 PM
Looking for an artist with experience in using dragon bones software for commissions note me if interested
Sun Oct 29, 2017, 4:25 PM


United Kingdom
Hi there,

I've recently started up my page to keep tabs on the game I plan to finish called "End Of Reason" it's a typical RPG made in RPG MV, so this page will be used to inform those interested in the progress of the game.

End Of Reason, an RPG game made with RPG Maker MV, the game itself will contain various gts material.

Current game version v1.91


Chapter 1
New Intro (Done!!)

Chapter 2
Objectives (Planning)
Text (Planning)

Chapter 3
Pets (Starter Planned to get the ball rolling)
Minigame Goblin guardian added for V1.91 release with a small amount of content hope to expand depending on time.
(Planning Place Holders).
Objectives (Planning)
Annabel's Room Locations (Pushed back to V1.92 Commission won't be ready in time preparing Placeholders)
Placeholder (24/33)

Annabel + Locations (Pushed back to V1.92 Commission won't be ready in time preparing Placeholders)
Annabel Attack Patterns (Com 15 1,2 planned the rest of content will probably have to be pushed back to
the V1.92 release TDB)
Annabel scenes (Pushed back to V1.92 Commission won't be ready in time)
Old Ruins (Mapped awaiting eventing)
Steam (Mapped awaiting eventing)
Tageth (Planning)
Capital (Mapped awaiting eventing)
Sheyo's Hidden Lab (Mapped awaiting eventing)
Yuu's temple (Mapped awaiting eventing)

Play Testing
The release date for Demo of V1.91 (Late August/ Early September)
The release date for Demo of V1.92 TBD

Fav colour: Green:deviantart:

Hi guys,

This the sixth update in the V1.91 series which will focus on chapter 2 and 3, unfortunately, I don't have great news today.

The Schedule has taken a massive hit due to my health, and work having their busiest months which has stopped me, working on the game taking this into account, I have updated my planned dates below I know its far from the June release, it was supposed to be but with it being held back means at least more content than would otherwise be in the old June release and gives all artists more time to complete commissions.  

Chapter 2 stuff
. A few changes to the text
. Weapons and armour now have their types clearly stated beside their names.
. Updated Tageth Village map
. Added a few missing actor pics
. Updated Store with new weapons and armour
. I have added a store to the goblin village
. Added a few rooms houses to the Goblin Village
. Fixed pathing in Tageth
. Changes to difficulty. made some more changes as what I did didn't scale well late game so have reverted back to normal difficulty, for now, this only effects main story not mini games
. All items that give x amount of gold can be consumed in one go to save time

Chapter 3 stuff
Annabels Event is almost completely mapped I have decided to move the content NSFW pool.
Bed and bathroom to V1.92 as don't have time to add them into V1.91
Remapping Captial as it had too many narrow paths which NPC could potentially block.

My to-do list 

Chapter 1 Stuff
Add new intro isn't a priority atm

Chapter 2 Stuff
Finish updating text (still in progress)
Add New enemy to the placeholders 
Finish adding objectives
Finish updating maps

Chapter 3 Stuff
Finish eventing of chapter 3 with priority given to Annabel's room
Add old ruins
Add Steam
Add Tageth
Add Temple Access
Add Goblin Village
Remapping Captial 

Planned commission

Annabel's room locations I think about 2 commissions left listed below

bathroom Area (Not pool or NSFW area) Started
Extra for Bedroom Doing Ref Pics

Annabel's death/GTS scenes planned 5+ (3 atm Done for all 6 characters)

Tuff's battler  Done
Main Menu  Done

Annabel GTS Stuff
Generic crushes (Bare Foot/Sock/Bare hand/ Glove) (Priority)
NSFW GTS Bodying exploring this will focus on (feet, chest and face)  (Won't be in V1.91 so it will be in V1.92 Sorry won't have the time to put it in)
NSFW Bath & (bathroom) (Won't be in V1.91 so it will be in V1.92 Sorry won't have the time to put it in)
Vore  (Won't be in V1.91 so it will be in V1.92 Sorry won't have the time to put it in)

Known bugs for v1.91
When Annabel defeats the player the script for some reason hangs for 2/3 second when showing the custom game over scenes


Chapter 2 Checks May/ June
Chapter 3 Checks July/August
Commissions cut off August
Demo V1.91 release August / September

I have booked off holiday at the end of August as a contingency plan to rush the final bits and bobs that needs doing

At the very latest the demo will be released September I won't push it back further even if I don't get it all done before then.
This will be the last update note until I release the demo I'll just be updating my main profile ID page with a checklist that will be marked up as I complete the tasks.
After the release of the Demo V1.91 I'll be doing a poll for translating the game should there be enough interest. 
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  • Drinking: Coffee


My next update will be on 6th May. 
I'll be posting my latest update notes tomorrow at some point during the day. 
Happy Valentine day! :3  
ハッピーバレンタインデー! :3
My next update notes will be up on Sunday 11/2/2018 at some point during the day. 
Caught the bug at work so I'm gonna take it easy till it has gone please give me a day or two to get back to you if you message me.  :sick::blownose::sneeze: :sleep:


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