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Play Music to relax :)

If I was going to translate the game what language would like to see? If your option isn't on the poll please note me and I'll add it to the poll. 

5 deviants said Japanese
4 deviants said Spanish
3 deviants said German
3 deviants said French
2 deviants said Russian
2 deviants said Korean
No deviants said Indonesian

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United Kingdom
Hi there,

I've recently started up my page to keep tabs on the game I plan to finish called End Of Reason it's a typical RPG made in RPG MV, so this page will be used to inform those interested in the progress of the game.
End Of Reason is an RPG game made with RPG Maker MV, the games contain various gts material.

Cleaned Alpha Demo V1.91 Link ----> TBD
Alpha Demo V1.91a Link ----> Down atm I do apologise for this I'm recovering some data that was lost on my end.
I'm also removing some content from this (public) version that will be put back in the non-public variant EORE at a later date.

All rights reserved.

My to-do list

Main Story
- Playtest main game (1%) Going to run through the main game
- I'll include a save that drops the player in chapter 3 later on in a patch for those that want it.
- A missing pic (Yugo check set 0, 3, 5, 8)
- A missing pic in Goblin side quest
- A general rebalance with reduced enemies, weapons and armour
- Update plugins with new versions (85% complete checking compatibility issues that have arisen)
- Test and see if the candle lights can be put back in ruin area
- Finish Lord Silver's Mansion
- Add in a few pets to the capital (1-2 atm)
- Add Rukia to the ruins for extra content to be found (if time permits)

Minigame stuff
- Issues with option locking when switching back and forth between minigame options
- Adjust the cost of pets in the Arena

Failed Experiment
- Playtesting Failed experiments (100%) Done
- Add death + other Scenes
- Improve tilesets to better align objects
- Commission pictures (Death scenes and other scenes) 1% Started
- New players unsure of what needed to be done look into Eve helpful guide and better intro to guide players
- May add extra difficulties but this will be after all over additions if added
- Maybe add something like a panel to hack to mix up the gameplay

Killer Fairies
- Finish Eventing
- Playtesting Killer fairies (0%)
- Commission pictures (Death scenes and other scenes) 1% Started

- Ruins will be translated into Japanese and Spanish I'll try to do more but we'll see how long it takes. (0%)
- Failed Experiments will be translated into Japanese and Spanish (0%)

Currently fixed/improved or changed (below) - to be included in the clean version 1.91! (this will iron out most problems and closer to the time I'll be asking for help finding any last bugs in the system once I've playtested it.

Main game
- Loyalty now updates for the custom characters and for the rest going further into the game this can be checked in the menu during game play
- Fixed unpassable areas new areas in the ruins
- Fixed some map transitions as I have changed the ruins
- Stone grave puzzle now has smoother movements
- Fixed some text not updating based on player
- You can now trade in Trangor honey for uncommon loot in the ruins
- Removed the lv 2 Rebel Tactician on the first floor. The enemy was intended for a higher difficulty that isn't available now
- Extended maps added and shadows to trees to improve the look
- Trangor honey now stacks as intended
- Auto save added to ruins entrance
- Added more draft text to the ruins for the new areas

Mini game stuff

Content that won't make it into Clean Version 1.91

- A new different version of Flura Mini games I want to try (this is taking longer than I thought so I'm going to hold this back as I work on the other minigames and the main game.
- Characters + Location pics a few are missing (Commissions 1/4 needed to finish locations) (Pushed back to try to finish more of other minigames and main game)
- in Minigame the win condition triggers at the start on hardcore and impossible difficulty in Flura Minigame

The release date for Demo of V1.92 Will feature Goblin Village Minigame, More content for The Silver's Mansion and Aki And Friends after V1.91 patch releases TBD (I'll also translate more of the game)

Fav colour: Green:deviantart:

Hi guys, 

Another update to clear my main page the testing of plugins is coming along. I'm beginning translating the beginning of the game when I get to the honey forest I'll look into improving the flow of the gameplay so fewer enemies and I'll try to throw something not battle related like a simple puzzle into the mix. I'm also thinking about letting the player decide on a subclass that'll change their skills to better suit roles like support, tank and dps etc the thinking behind this is you might not have tuff on your team or another tank so you could opt to have Jinzo adopt the tank subclass which would give him less attacking power but better survivability. 

Main game

- The Stone puzzle resets if you leave the area and I have also limited the area that the stones can move to avoid getting them stuck 
- Manual of an adventurer now displays correct player when used
- Finish Switch mechanisms in the ruins 
- Added simple fire puzzle to the 1st floor behind the barrier
- Completed Main Menu translations for the following languages Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Russian and Korean
- Fixed being able to climb the side of the ruins 
- Autosave is now enabled and will activate in places like before boss fights and when you enter a new map 

Mini game stuff

- Fixed warning system now activates when all switches pressed
- On/off now displays above switches 
- Switches now stand out
- Fixed win condition that crashes the game
- Fixed door code for 2200 not working 
- Fixed a pathing issue in a generator room
- The area before vent now stealths player
- Added 2 more power switches
- Repositioned switches around the lab so there together and more exploring is needed
- Added more safe areas
- Enabled menu access for saving and checking health the player may also toggle HP gauge should this be prefered
- Failed experiment improved performance no longer a huge amount of lag
- Added a map for Arena level 2 

  • Playing: End Of Reason ofc


Hi guys,

It has been brought to Ækashic's attention that a user on Fiverr is taking originally FREE Public release Librarium work as part of their own portfolio and possibly selling it to unsuspecting clients. please avoid this seller as her products are available for FREE! Elsewhere such as… and… as well as on

I'll be uploading a few more pics of End Of Reason stuff over this week and next.
Shibayan Records - Musou Materialise (Full album) love this beat just makes me want to work on the game ^^
Hi guys,

Yanfly has come across someone copying his work (plugins for rpgmakermv) and reselling them on their pages/stores. Don't buy plugins from nor from Musubi/Alexxisaaps.

Info from Yanfly's pages please check below for more information on this matter.…
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is out on steam woop woop  Llama Emoji-11 (Come Here) [V1] by Jerikuto Llama Emoji-11 (Come Here) [V1] by Jerikuto Llama Emoji-11 (Come Here) [V1] by Jerikuto


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