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The encounter

Hello everyone, here a new piece for my dear friend Jasmine, Vrakk & Sésha, here some words about the story of them:

‘The war between the Mékra and the Valré is finished, but now they are living completely separate. Will a new, young Valré, born in a night of hope, love and lust, be able to bring an end to the inevitable extinction of the dragons? Or will the opposing forces be too powerful for Sésha and her friends?’"

you can find the complete story en this link:

Well, I hope you like it!    :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:

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someone is claiming your art as theirs:

Eternal souls
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Someone on Instagram is posting you're work without crediting you

They are 23xxhttydxx

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I personally love these kinds of pieces that feature duality and harmonious clashing. I really like how the fire and water dragons are trying to reach out to each other. The level of detailwork is absolutely astonishing in this piece right down the scales and even the little bubbles underwater, that's a nice touch. Amazing job on this piece.^^
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Great stuff! Glayshea and the War Lord Reptilicon lores by joebotzer   Gold Dragon by joebotzer   The Golden City by joebotzer  
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So amazingly beautiful! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
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This looks extremely good!
Came across this through twitter and really caught my eye to make me actually stop and look at it. The water dragon really had my attention, you see so many dragons the fly but not as many that swim. Very nicely done and great attention to detail. The god rays in the water is a very nice touch to bring the focus down on both heads. I was reading about scales on lizards just the other day on how the size should be depending on their location on the body and I like how you implemented the scales on these two.
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Impresionante trabajo, felicidades. Clap 
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beautiful image. I think I'll have to read this story.
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yeah, please try it, thanks for the coment!
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Oh my god...I am impressed! Vary Impressed!

Excellent Work!
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Thats fweakin awesome.
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Aw, that's cute! Awesome job as always!
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Absolutely beautiful work :)
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