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Hetalia british racist comment

I ASK READERS TO CLICK ON MY ID IMAGE TOO, you don´t have to see it, just clicking it would be enough and it would be nice :)

I was going to post another Hetalia strip called "weapon of choice" but since the issue about this happened I found myself in need of doing some sort of response.

All the mexican inventions are completely true, research if you want because I don´t have enough space to explain all of them.

And Im also not the only one that defended México with humor, Dross, a guy from Venezuela that lives in Argentina also made this [link] however his response contains hard language, so be advised.

By the way, all those INVENTIONS ARE REAL.


Hi there, you probably saw in the news that a BBC program called top gear made some racist comments (claiming them to be humour) about mexicans while presenting the mastretta mxt, a mexican sports car [link] .

This is my response in counter humor,the thing that bothered me was the things they said about mexican food, I wouldn´t have mind if it were any other country, but UK critizisism food! ( again this is not personal, none of my comics are, in fact I know people from England and we get along quite well, not to mention how well we mexicans get along with Irish and scotts).

OH, And all those inventions are true (direcxtly or co-directly) those we´re all made by mexicans, however some weren´t patented inside México. Mexico exports brains and intelligense, theres a statistic that says that everyday 4 mexicans with doctorate level leave the country everyday, so if you though about mexicans as illiterates then think again.



Any questions about México feel free to ask and please comment. As always leave your suggestions, comments and opinions about everything and anything, special international perceptions and affairs between your countries and México, if you would also add your stereotype of your own country (and of Mexico and mexicans).

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The '$' thing is false though.
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Oh the irony. If only Mexico knew what type of series he's in. :iconawesomefaceplz:
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Oh for Christ's sake, the presenters of that show are comedians and not to mention your telenovelas are only good for  putting me to sleep. And no I'm guatemalan.
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Jajaja es divertido porque los mexicanos somos bien busca pleitos e "indignados", pero nosotros también nos burlamos de todos y también nos burlamos de nosotros y de nuestros estereotipos, así que si eres mexicano y tienes buen sentido del humor no te ofendes facilmente, nomás digo... 


Hahahaha, this is funny because we mexicans are troublemakers, but we also make fun of everything and everyone, we often mock ourselves and our own stereotypes, so if you're a mexican and have a good humor sense then you just don't get offended so easily, just saying...

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Its a pity that people don't seem to understand that British humour is about making fun of everyone and everything, especially ourselves. Anyone who watches Top Gear should know that by now. They've mocked the English, the Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Americans, French (A lot), Germans, Italians, Indians, Mexicans, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegians and Swiss, and those are only the ones I remember. They even mock themselves and each other.

We make fun of our own food, our own dress, our class system, political system, our culture, mannerisms, and even our own Royal Family. Do you not think you're overreacting when the show which is well known the world over to adopt the idea of 'nothing is sacred'.

Certainly the French, Germans and Americans and received MUCH more mockery than the Mexicans ever did in Top Gear and they love the show. None of it is meant to be taken seriously, and most audiences realise that.

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the thing is mexicans have their "proud". By that i mean when someone insults us, we respond falling in the same mistake (wich is insulting them). i think it's well represented in this comic  ^-^
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I should also note that in reality, Mexican food is enjoying a fast-growing popularity in the UK. It's only considered obscure over here because there are so many other popular ethnic cuisines, such as Chinese and Indian that have been in Britain for hundreds of years (due to cultural imports from the old British Empire.)
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The thing about USA and UK mexicans food(I dont know how UK's tacos version is so im sorry if its wrong) is just a hard tortilla made i dont what XDD
Hey, sure Top Gear made a lot of Mexico slurs in India but you can't blame Britian or BBC
BBC only put them on air because retards with drivers licenses is funny.
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The thing with latinamerica is that stuff is always taken on natinal levels and always accounting history.
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I saw some of the comments, it's a bit unfair that ALL of the British get the blame for what Top Gear did, they always get into trouble, mostly for insulting the BBC,the country itself or the parliament.
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Amm.. the corn is not mexican, i mean it is in mexico, but it is an american (continent, not USA) product in general :/
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olvido que eres mexicana jajajaja bueno, solo decia que el maíz fue encontrado pro primera vez en estados unidos cuando los britanicos llegaron a colonizar esas tierras, los nativos o indios americanos como los llamaron, plantaban maíz, y así en la mayor parte de america... por todo lo demás, este comic tiene toda la razón :D
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Tampoco el tomate o es originario de México, sino de Sudamérica, aunque fue el imperio Azteca en México el que lo domesticó y comenzó a darle diversos usos.
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you know what, I usually dont mind people being racist against us.
pretty much all of them havent even BEEN to mexico befor and so thingk that all the stereotypes in tv and movies are what we really are, and obviously that's not the case.
fijate, yo tengo un amigo estadounidense, se llama José (bueno joseph, pero es lo mismo) y un dia le pregunte quien habi inventado lo de la tele a color. El penso que habia algun europeo, o asiatico. Cuando le dije que fue un mexicano, penso que are broma asi lo mande a wikipedia, y BOOM. quedo boquiabierto el babas
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Y seguro que si le dices del jetpack o del combustible para cohetes se queda igual.

En realidad los mexicaos somos muy ingeniosos, yo diría que incluso por selección natural y si tuviera que describirnos con pocas palabras diría "ingeniosos, adaptables y resistentes".
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si pues, ya vez la conquista, les habran ganado los españoles, pero incluso con armaduras y rifles y la chingada, quedaron casi completamente diezmados en varias ocasiones
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How awsome, i love Iggy, but it is good that someone says something about him, he is kind of overated
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And another thing regarding the British thing. Don't forget they insult Americans too! Always calling us "yanks" and "idiot Americans". America and Mexico? We have a new common enemy
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It could be except that México probably dislikes USA more XD
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Yeah. NOW who's the racist part of the globe? North America or Europe?
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In north America only USA is, as for Europe.... well...
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