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Is this group dead? My submissions expired.
This major group is dead because its founder was definitely banned from DA. This is a special and very worrying case, on which you will have to construct your own judgement. Here is the link about the affair:
  #jesuisgawrila,Eight months ago something happened, as many of you already know got banned from DA (for 18 years), because he made an inappropriate joke, at the wrong time and place ...On a personal level we stayed in contact, just like some other members did too.Last week he contacted me, and others, asking if there was anybody willing to help him in resolving this issue. And I decided to help him reach out to DA, and Wix, so he could explain in person, his side of the story, and hopefully find a solution that would make it possible to lift the banThe reason I decided to help is that I think we all sometimes need a second chance. I know I'm taking a risk with this journal, but without taking risks nothing ever really changes, and because I consider him to be a friend, I decided in favor of this request for helpThe following story is written by him, in his own words ..--Hell-o, this is your friend speaking here through 8 months of my 18 years ban have passed now, and as far as I am aware, nobody has ever told the full story yet… (out of fear they may get banned too if they do so, that is, so congrats dA for having created such a nice and community-like atmosphere!So because this is Halloween time and I always loved that time of the year on dA, I thought to myself, hey ghul! thought I, this might be a ghreat moment to remind them of yourself once again and explain why this was nothing but the very definition of a screwjobI am fully aware that while it is perfectly possible to report anyone just by „describing the situation“, in other words: you are invited to just lie your ass off, while it is explicitly not allowed to post screenshots as proof, so I am just posting the proof material here via linksSo, for everyone who did not know yet: Here you can see once again what exactly I said, that was obviously enough to outweigh 12 years of history, about 3000 artworks, 250 interviews, 5 DDs, 9 groups I was administering which are now more or less dead and uncounted hours of work. Was it a kinda dumb thing to say? Yes. But, was it obviously a joke? Yes. Do I know some actual rape victim, who found it funny? Yes. Did I apologize for it anyway, even in the very chat? Yes. So, this much as summary again. But that is not even why I am linking this once againBecause, in this very screenshot you can also see: that 1) the main person behind the reporting: (a person I have literally never seen without directly insulting people), even had muted me before so she had to ask what I said, and 2) what cannot be described other than a call for mass-flagging. I meant: „describing the situation.“ (Oh, how I would love to know what „situation“ they described there…) So yeah, I am definitely a victim of a random club of witches who don’t know me at all (or otherwise, they would also have known my sense of humour) and actually could not care less because judging from their pages they don’t even use dA except for the chatroom, but somehow still do think they own the placeBut that’s not even enoughBecause as you can see here there has also been almost an entire day between the ban from the chatroom (which i would have been fine with, considering the type of persons around there), and the shutdown of my entire accountI guess this can only mean that not only yes, there definitely was some mass-flagging at work, in this case initiated by chat admin: but also that it was their very aim to shut down my entire account, because that is literally the only thinkable reason why you should ever report someone. (I’m not sure who is, but judging just from the name and the comments on his page, he doesn’t seem to be the nicest person around.Of course, I immediately did an appeal which was rejected by: an admin straight out of wix’s mouth with a vast 2 year experience as obviously buttonpusher, with these words: No explanation, no nothing, just some phrases which could practically mean anythingMakes you feel comfortable, ehBut that is still not enoughBecause I also tried to contact a lot of admins from this list directly. Do you know how many answers I got? 0. I am also trying since March, to contact them via instagram. Do you know how many times they have even read those? 0. (Hell, even wix does at least read their notes!) In addition to that, I didn’t even get the about 60€ back I still had as points in my account. So that’s also stealing. Makes you feel comfortable, eh? Remember these are the same persons that brought you eclipseYknow what I never understood btw? that almost everyone from the community wants me back, for example these her,FEATURES + A GHOOD FRIEND + DEADLINEMarch 21, 2020This is about my longtime friend !GawrilaGhul,,DasGhulMarch 23, 2020i was sad to discover a couple days ago that my,,Our admin DasGhul has been banned from dA!March 29, 2020 Hi everyone, Founder :iconinfernalord: here. I,,Free the ghoulApril 2, 2020With my zero level of participation in any things,,Kaleidoskop 85-2020 April 4, 2020Please, don't ban !GawrilaGhul,,DasGhul banned!April 4, 2020I don't know him well, nor do I have any first,,Raping babiesApril 29, 2020Headline possibly caught your attention . It alsowhile almost everyone who does for whatever reason hate me, is either CV or friend of CV or at least senior member… (A rank that I would rather deserve.) Yknow? The very same persons who always tell you that „they cannot anything about this because it is a matter of the individual deviant and dA staff.“ Hell, I know of friends of mine who got blocked by CVs which did not even have anything to do with this, for the very crime of mentioning me! Makes you wonder what they chat about with each other, doesn’t it? But hey, there’s definitely no „dA deepstate“ around, no no no… FAKE NEWS!So, because this is Halloween and because I am such a friendly ghoul, I would like to offer dAdmins the following: I would be fine with keeping the ban up one year, so until March 2021. That still would be ridiculous, but hey then I got some punishment. After that (and after all the proof I presented you here), I think it would be more than fair to give me back my account. Not a new one, not a fake one. The old one, with everything on it. And if you can’t do that (what can you do then???), maybe you should start considering clearing up the CV ranks from people who obviously do nothing but abuse their power… Just an idea for a better dAIn the meantime, you are free and welcome to follow me everywhere here ..Happy HalloweenPS: I repeat once again: This was not written by SporianBonja, so keep your filthy banhammer fingers off him will you? Thank you sooooooooo much---

I read it. It's a fucking joke. Dude got banned for A JOKE... for 18 years? What the actual fuck.

This major group is dead because its founder was definitely banned from DA. A pity...
How can I get in here and post ? Let me in lol
Thank you so much for accepting me into your group! :):)
Thanks . . . !:) (Smile)