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John groans, when he was at his own apartment this never happened.  Just so happens that visiting his parents during spring break brings back one of his most annoying memories, having to share the only bathroom in the house with his sister.  Ever sense entering college, she had started focusing more on her appearance.  He had to admit it was working, all his friend kept asking him for her number constantly.  Having a hot sister certainly has its upsides, but having to wait forever to use the bathroom because of it certainly isn’t one of them.  
“LAUREN!” John bangs on the bathroom door multiple times.  “This is ridiculous, how long does it honestly take for you to get ready in the morning!  You are 22 years old, you should know how to dress yourself by now!”
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It was Spring Break and Mat was stuck at home.  His parents managed to afford a trip for themselves and his brothers, but Mat got the short end of the deal.  His parents couldn't afford to bring him, so they left him home alone for an entire week.  They figure he was old enough to be by himself for the week and they didn't really want to throw away all their planning for the trip.
Mat is 17 years old, has brown hair, and stood at a regular height for a guy of his age.  He sat in his bed and played around with his Nintendo DS.  The game he was playing was Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.
He was slowly playing through the game, on the third case to be exact.  "Let's see," he mumbled, "I don't know what to do next… probably should ask Maya if she has an idea what to do next."
He went to Phoenix's office in the game, since that was the only area to ask Maya anything head on.  When she popped on screen, he clicked the t
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The Date
Tate was getting ready for his date with Katie, who is from his high school. He had just finished taking a shower and was drying off in the bathroom.  He had picked out a couple of things to wear ahead of time and laid them out on the floor away from the shower.
His mind wandered a bit as he dried off and he started to think of Katie.  She wasn’t actually the most popular, most beautiful, or most sexy girl in the school, but that’s what he liked about her.  She was just normal and that’s all he wanted from her.
He looked at the clock in the bathroom to check the time.  He had to get going soon to pick her up, so that they don’t miss the movie they were going to see.  He didn’t want to be late on his first date with her after all.
He quickly rummaged through the drawers in the bathroom, looking for some deodorant to put on.  He didn’t have any luck finding his deodorant, but he saw his brother
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The Brother
                                                    The Brother
“I’m going to take a shower before I go out on my date mom!” Caitlyn shouted down the steps.  Caitlyn was one of the most beautiful girls in her school.  She had long smooth brown hair, a decent figure that wasn’t too big in certain areas, she dressed as well as she looked, and she also had a sweet and caring personality.
Caitlyn then glanced at her 12 brother who was walking by.  “Sid,” she said to him, “I want you to stay out of my room.  There is nothing in there that you would want.”
“I will sis,” he said to her.  She gave him a look and walked into the bathroom, cl
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Professor chaos
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Favourite genre of music: I like jack FM
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Hi, everyone. I know it's been a long time sins I made one of these. as a matter of fact, I can't remember the last journal I made.
You might be wondering about the title. so I will just explain.
as many of you may or may not know I went back to one of my old retail jobs. It was tolerable at first but due to the desition of upper management. { the district manager.}  and some other lackluster fellow employees.  The job became more stress filled and more and more of draining on my mental wellbeing and my fiscal health.  I ended up getting stomick and digestive problems as a result. Because I was a dependable and reliable employee I more work was asked of me and I would have to pick up the slack of some of the lazy employees.  {  I will not go into details but my manager agreed,  they were lazy and bad. }
the only reason I stuck with that job was to pay for my art clas's I was taking. I didn't want to have student loans hanging over my head. Even if I was to get some grants that would still not cover my classes. so I was paying out of my own pocket. Three months of work would pay for one art class.  just a couple of months into 2017 they decided to transfer my manager out to another store. To anyone reading this you would think this was a good thing but the truth was I liked my manager. Yes, she would piss me off sometimes but I respected her and was grateful she had hired me back.  I will also say she was tuff but fair. Well after she left things took a now's dive at that place and I know what was coming on the horizon. Mainly a remodel of the hole store and store inventory. Also, I hird a lot of other employees planned to quit. which meant more work to be put on me.
Back in May, I made up my mind that I was going to quit. Yet luck would have it,  one of my teachers was able to get me an art job making 3D assets for an apps company.  Everything ended up going so fast. { they wanted me the day after my interview so I was not able to give my two weeks to for my old place. Its something I felt bad about after getting upset at everyone else that would just leave at my old job} I could not believe I was no doing this. I was also working with guys that got my jokes and like the same shows as I did.  { We would Qouts Rick and Morty all the time. :) }
rather than come right on here and start posting art again I wanted to take the time to get to some of the things that have been on my to-do list for the last three or so years.
 like fully organize my computer. you might not think that is so bad but I had over 5 TB of picks, vids, and link on my computer to sort. :P
not only that but I wanted to work on somethings around the house and at my grandmother's.  It felt good to finally take these things and have the money to get supplies.
now sadly some good things must come to an end.  In this industry, you work from contract to contract and project to project and around November the project wrapped up.  I'm still contracted with the company for the next two month but if there is no project then there is nothing for me to work on. So in a sense, I'm out of work for now.  All is not lost there is some hope. they are trying to bid on some more projects so me and my buddies can have something to work on.  I'm hoping they will get it before the end of this month or by the start of next month.  Till then I'm trying to make the most of my time and motivate my self to work on stuff. Brushing up my portfolio again and getting to that too do list.  witch one of the things on there is to start posting my art again {  i never stopped drawing. I just never had the energy to post it.} I just want to get somethings squared away first, so I don't have to deal with them again. if you know what I mean.
wow, this ended up being longer then I wanted it to but I just wanted to fill all of you in. let you know I'm not dead and I'm wanting to get back to this place.

Here is hoping things pick up work-wise and I'm able to get back on track on with stuff.

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