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The Historic District of Aldwynne, Whi'an
Bloom Festival
21:45, the 10th of May

The streets of Aldwynne were decorated in a beautiful rainbow of vibrant colors, mirroring the joy the natives felt this wondrous night. Anyone not native simply enjoyed the festivities.

A band of natives danced down the street as the forerunners of the oncoming parade, adorned in their ancestors' refined lavish clothing, leaping about the three lane blacktop road whilst twirling the items they had personally chosen-from spellbooks to enchanted tools to ceremonial weapons.


The thumping of thunderous cheers and music drowned out the sound of ricocheting bullets by an empty cathedral adorned with ornate columns. Three natives, a pair of barely adults and a man past his thirties, were pressed against on side of the columns, pinned down by another group of people who both outmanned and outgunned them.

"You said Driver was en route!" The young man shouted, yanking back behind his narrow stony cover to evade the spray of bullets nicking and chipping away at the side of the poor pillar.

"Yeah-Boss said they were two minutes away... One minute and forty seconds ago!" His partner, a blonde girl standing hiding two pillars away shouted back, having checked her watch mid sentence. She had anxiously set a timer the second her boss had hung up his phone.

"They'll be here, guys." The redheaded leader called out in attempts to reassure them. He was far from nervous, Driver was the most reliable escape route he'd ever encountered, even better than his own men were(which was saying quite a bit). But the twins didn't know that.

As if on some strange, coincidental que, a chrome green sports car drifted around the corner and revved its engine to get everyone's attention. It tore forward and the right back seat door was thrown open.

"Go! Go go! " The eldest called out, blasting fire from his palms against the cool stone, an explosive wave of heated steam creating a temporarily effective wall to protect them from sight. The two younger, a boy and a girl, ran to the back seat and dove in with reckless abandon, the boy pushing his female counterpart chivalrously/aggressively in first and jumping in himself, yanking the door shut.

Their boss was not far behind, the passenger side door having been flung open. The redheaded leader slid in, simultaneously buckling his seatbelt and shutting the door.

"Buckle, now!" He ordered. The two young adults exchanged incredulous glances.

"You're kidding." The boy scoffed. His statement was answered by Driver shifting the stick into reverse and ripping into backwards motion. He was yanked forwards and smashed his nose on the headrest of the passenger side, blood almost instantly dribbling out.

His sister had, unlike he, buckled in a manner of adrenaline fueled panic the millisecond she saw the Driver move the stick.

"Ouch." The young man mumbled, pinching his nose shut and fumbling to buckle his own seat belt somewhat blindly. The blonde girl materialized some napkins from her satchel and shoved them in his avaliable hand.

"Shoulda listened, stupid." His ginger boss rebuked half-heartedly, turning around to face the brunette with a crooked, somewhat mocking smirk as the car whipped right around a corner and swerved into the right lane flawlessly. As luck would have it,

"I didn't have time to react." He huffed out, hissing at the pain his nose was giving him from being smashed against the seat.

Everyone's attention was forced to the enemy group, who had jumped on multiple motorcycles and had begun to aggressively open fire on the green car, having nearly wrecked into several parked vehicles and the only other one in motion.

The topic of the young man's mistake was dropped the instant the first bullet ricocheted off the rear bumper of the car. "How much ammo you guys got left?" The redhead questioned.

"Uh-two clips." The girl said, unease suddenly crawling up her throat after counting the very limited number of ammunition she possessed.

"Two out, half of one in."  The boy, just as nervous as her if not worse, managed to stay calm and intertwined his hand with his sister’s hand.“ Ya’tanna aku mowrie.” He offered her. Neither of them had-nor their boss, who had a knack for detecting traps-had thought or prepared to be overwhelmed by an entire squad of non-natives.

The scruffy ginger looked over to the sunglasses-wearing Driver, whose eyes were trained on the road but was well aware his gaze was on them.

“You gonna lose ‘em on the back roads?“ All he received was a quick nod of their head in response. The main street of the historical district was blocked off, and everyone here for the festival parents everywhere else around the primary street. Both of them knew the lay of the land-or rather the road- and he could think of multiple routes to take.

But he would leave the navigation and driving to the person behind the wheel.

“Magic it is, then. “ He mentally decided. The car took a sharp left at a speed rivaling lightning, the back end drifting smoothly through until Driver straightened the wheel and the car drove into the right most lane cleanly.

All three passengers loosened their seat belts and simultaneously rolled their windows down to turn and peer behind them. The gunfire had mostly ceased, due to the vehicle having gained so much distance through mere skill at the driver's hands and Driver's knowledge of the roads. These men were out of their element.

The leader’s cool gray-blue eyes glowed until it reached a vibrant cobalt, along with the tattoo-like markings adorning his hands and the visible portion of his collarbones. A decent amount shone through the sleeves of his coral button up shirt as he leant his torso out the window, his flamey reddish orangish hair blasting back out of his face.
He raised his right hand, using the left to prop his body out the window, and pressed his two fingers to where his heart/van(1) lie. A cobalt blue energy attached itself to his fingertips, and he slowly drew his hand away from his chest. The energy sharpened and narrowed, morphing into thin pinpricks of electric magic.

With his right eye closed, he gingerly aimed his hand towards the largest vehicle behind them. As soon as his elbow straightened completely, a single, violent bolt of near white glowing lightning burst from his fingertips, temporarily engulfing the side of the car in blue light.

The shot hit its target precisely, the energy smashing into the muzzle of the car. The vehicle sparked for a millisecond before suddenly breaking down, the engine beginning to smoke aggressively.

A "It's gonna blow!" was shouted, barely audible before the people in the car threw their doors open and leapt out to run as fast as they could away from the explosion.

Everyone pulled back into the green car for a moment, as the earth rattled with the sheer force of the engine exploding so erratically.

"That's one." He huffed. "Two to go"
AoN-Vines on the Stone: Codename:Driver Pt. 1
(1)Van-noun [v-awe-n], the third chamber of the heart that turns raw energy into magic. If you want to know more, I guess you can ask(?) 

<apologies for not posting this sooner, but we just got back from a twelve hour drive and I didn't have service for most of that time.
And this is gonna be like five parts max. Just wanted to write this to help set up AoN a lil bit.>
Tell me what you think! I'd love to hear how I could improve in my writing.

Jesus loves you, I love you, 1000 blessings and my prayers upon you and everything you love.


also WHAT CATEGORY DO YOU PUT THIS IN??  why isn;t there an original works thing or something?? ehhhhhhh
DA Birthday 2018
Happy Birthday DeviantArt! You're legal to vote now!

lol what

LINK FOR THE tranSparent .PNG
Vines on the Stone-Codename: Driver Pt. 1
<Excerpt from an upcoming piece I’m working on. Been kinda vacant so why not post some, anyways this is cut part one of a side story miniseries sorta things to use as break or whatever the primary aon series.>

(date taken:6/8/2018)

Also, HOPING to get a drawing out soon, be it cell shaded or flats. Maybe another sketch or two in the following days
need more art friends anyone up for it? salts 

or maybe any tips to offer for lil miss antisocial here?


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