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Project Thread Title by CHAOKOCartoons
 As most of you have probably already guessed, the main plot of Project "Thread" is a bunch of web comics all being connected into one universe. This is why I was so worried about copyright even though this game will be free to download and all artist will be credited and all that good stuff. The game will be alot like kingdom hearts in the sense that the main character can travel between the worlds and go through the story or story arcs of a comic and interact with the characters. So while I am developing it, I will be releasing information on who will be allies/playable characters and what worlds you will probably go to. Now if I don't end up putting in specific characters or worlds in that you had hoped to be in the game, please don't be upset, I am only one person with the knowledge of so many comics. Plus, I will probably only be able to so many worlds before I flood myself with coding and such. I will probably only put in 6-8 comic worlds with cameos from other comic characters.
ANYWAY, for the first character announcement (who didn't see this coming I mean really...) : 
Cheetah Kid
Though you may think that I will focus on his world alot and have him be a main companion, but I actually haven't worked on him at all. Nor do I have the intention to make his world of high importance, he might actually end up being one of the last few worlds you visit or just as a tournament world (that will make sense later). I will explain his character more later on...
And for the second character that I will be revealing today:
Peanut Butter Sandwich
Peanut is from the web comic Housepets! He will be one of the first few companions you meet, you will also be going through Babylon Gardens fighting enemies and doing side quests for the other characters in the comic. You will also end up going there more than once for the main story, each time taking place in a different story arc. Peanut's main weapon will be his signature red ball, and will specialize in learning offensive magic. Like all allies, he will be able to travel with you to other worlds in the case you need to do a specific task that only he could do. Here are some screen shots of the gameplay with Peanut:
Engine001 2014-01-23 22-01-55-89 by CHAOKOCartoons
Engine001 2014-01-23 22-02-12-81 by CHAOKOCartoons

Engine001 2014-01-23 22-02-29-87 by CHAOKOCartoons

Engine001 2014-01-23 22-03-07-74 by CHAOKOCartoons

To wrap this up, if you'd like to make any suggestions as to what I should add to the game, or suggestion as to any web comics I should read, please feel free to say so in the comments section bellow. I will release information on another character/world in a week or so, since they have already been programmed into the game. Take care!

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I think Savestate, but not much you could do with it at the point it is at.
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This has been recommended to me more than once recently, and it did catch my attention on TWC. I may look into it if I have time, thank you for your input!:D (Big Grin) 
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Precocious or El Goonish Shive
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