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Project Thread Title by CHAOKOCartoons

 It's that time once again to reveal a new character and some gameplay features. I will start off with the game play.
The main character will be wielding a spear as their main weapon, each world they visit or unique character they meet will give them an new spear that is unique to said person or world. These spears may be obtained by means of side quests, completing a world, buying it, finding it in a secret location,  puzzles, triggering an event, making a choice, or just by randomly talking to someone.
 A major gameplay feature of the game is the ability to share magic abilities. If a character learns a spell, any character can use that spell because of the party's thread connection. To use thread connection magic the player must go into the party menu and select the "magic" option. They can then choose who's spell will be used and who will use it. However, the player cannot have another character's spell as their equipped spell. An equipped spell can be used at any time without going into the menu.

Now, for the newest character:
 Lucy is from the web comic Bittersweet Candy Bowl. She will be a companion you meet somewhat midway through the game. Her world will be mainly based around side quests and tasks with the other characters in the comic, with a few major story arcs. She will mainly focus on defense, and will have a very small amount of magic. Her main weapon is show to be her pink bow, but will execute melee attacks. The kind of magic she learns will be either in the form of a short song or a physical ability. Like all allies, she will be able to travel with you to other worlds in the case you need to do a specific task that only she could do. Here are some screen shots of the game play with Lucy:
Engine001 2014-02-18 16-32-01-18 by CHAOKOCartoonsEngine001 2014-02-18 16-31-25-19 by CHAOKOCartoons
Engine001 2014-02-18 16-32-26-07 by CHAOKOCartoonsEngine001 2014-02-18 16-38-36-77 by CHAOKOCartoons

If you'd like to make any suggestions as to what I should add to the game, or suggestion as to any web comics I should read, please feel free to say so in the comments section bellow. The next character reveal might take awhile, I'll try to get it up within 2 weeks. Till then, TAKE CARE!
PS: The Hp and Mp meter's are still a work in progress, that is why it looks different

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very nice! Keep up the great work! :D

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Submitted on
February 18, 2014