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Hello! Is it okay to submit Chao-related Journals, too? 

Project Chao zineProject Chao is a free digital multimedia zine dedicated to Chao from Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. My personal belief is that Chao are the most precious game creatures to ever exist, and we have to support them with our art and writing if SEGA itself doesn't! So when I learned of the existence of this zine, I had to participate – first as a Contributor, then as an Intern, and now as the Graphics & Layout Mod ✨ I figured I'll promote the zine on DA as well. Let's start with a couple of links!🍊 Carrd 🍊 This is a recurring project with two volumes under its belt and a new one on the way. For now, each volume has been so far focused on a season and a holiday related to it as follows:❄️ Winter | Christmas theme: Volume 1 - Winter Garden 🍂 Autumn | Halloween theme: Volume 2 - Spooky Harvest ☀️ Summer | friendship (Day of Friendship) theme: Volume 3 (in progress)By the way, the links lead to the free download pages. Each volume consists of a PDF (40-50 pages of art, writing, photography and recipes) and a folder with digital and printable merch (stickers, wallpapers, colouring pages, etc.), and music. But what is that about Volume 3 being in progress? Well, it is currently accepting new Contributors! All kinds of digital content creators are welcome: artists, writers, musicians, animators, game developers, chefs, photographers... anything you can do can be featured! We have rolling applications which means that the window for them is 5 months, and you can join at any moment until July 1st. Since the zine is free and is meant to be training grounds for people who have never been in a zine (I call it "baby's first zine" lol), there's no contest and you get access to the server immediately, check-ins and final participation are optional, and you can do whatever within reason and current theme. However, there's also a special role open only until February 29th – it's Cover Artist. So if you want to be one, apply below in the next 4 days until the check box for it is gone. Hope to see you in our server soon! ✨🏖️ Contributor Apps 🏝️,

I had to double check to see if journals had be previously approved, as it’s been so long since any where submitted. I don’t see anything necessarily wrong with it, so long as there’s nothing inappropriate in them. As always, this could be subject to change in the future.

Got it! Submitted 💙💜

With all the programming skill from "Chao World Extended", have you ever considered making a whole fan game of "Chao Adventure"? You know, something with a bit of action and adventure, perhaps even an RPG not unlike a smaller version of Knights of the Old Republic, just starring Chao and with the coolest character creator we can think of.

Just wanted to throw that idea out there before I'm forced back into The Void.
Guys..keep an eye out...theres a hacker going around...they always start with 'mikey' in their user names if you see them,report and block them! 
Sorry I left and rejoin.......I have to check to make sure there's no Co-Founder, moderator or contributer in the join button so I can also make sure this group is safe.
ya know instead of their being a only-choice selection of colors I really do hope to see color palettes where you can simply make you're own color to the chaos and their other body parts.