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Creature Within: Chapter 3
 Toshinori put his All Might version alarm on snooze and let his eyes rest. There was a still a nauseated feeling within from last night. He vomited around twice yesterday? Did that the lessen than the previous days? He couldn't really think all that much because of how tired he was that he is just willing to drift off again. With all that has been happening for nearly a month after pushing out a dead fetus, his body just still hasn't been acting the same lately. He's been feeling more tired, very moody about things, even his eating habits has been unnatural. There have even been times he was not in the mood to eat what he has on his fridge and so he would walk off campus to get the food he really wants. 
 But feeling too tired to even worry about it, he nestled his cheekbone deeper onto the pillow and flipped his scrawny body to let his abdomen lay face down on the mattress.
He felt a sudden slight pressured pai
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Creature Within: Chapter 2
All Might,
I just received a message from your doctor. He would like to do the procedure tomorrow if you really have a tumor. Please call Mr. Naomasa to escort you to the hospital early in the morning. He'll be waiting.
He continued to stare at the the the most recent text from Recovery Girl while rubbing his abdomen.
Guess telling young Midoriya about this today will be a best decision after all.
The past week since his ultrasound has been difficult. The pills don't seem to be working at all. In fact, every time he consume them, he would just end up throwing them up. That or have intense pains on his intestines nearly the whole day. Not to mention that when he woke up this morning, he's been quite an uncomfortable feeling below his abdomens. It's really a good thing that it should all be taken care of tomorrow. The real concern however was how his successor reacts to what's been going on with him.
I wonder if Tsukauchi found anything related to the creature tha
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Creature Within: Chapter 1

SUMMARY: After Toshinori Yagi finds out that that the female parasite that attacked him impregnated him, he's willing to do everything he can to birth the half baby/parasite safe and happily. WARNING MALE PREGNANCY FANFIC!

Cold sweats and sick nauseating feelings in his intestines. It was the first thing Toshinori was aware of when he was waking up. Despite how painfully bright the light felt, he urged himself to slightly open his shallow eyes. What was a blurry world at first started to clear up. He took a glance look at the room.
A This is the UA's Nurse Office.
He recognized how decent the bed he was laying on was (not to mention that he barely even fits on it by seeing his bare feet uncovered by the sheets and just laying on the rails), and how there was the same one next to him that had the same features, how the sun was shining from a huge window on his left sid
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My real name is Heather, but most people here call me by chao or flaka and Im ok with it because I think of it as a cute name. My things are all about cute or emotional artworks and funny gags. I am hoping that maybe someday that I will be an animator or anything that has to do with cartoons. Watch me if your interested with my stuff and I would feel very spirited with this.

For now though, Im just here to enjoy myself by submitting artwork that would please the viewers! :iconfluttershyyayplz:


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So I'm finally back in my hometown. Meaning I can continue finishing my video edit. Now I have some unfortunate news. Apparently, I'm only staying there for 10 days. When that's over, I have to move back to college. Now forgetting to bring my drawing tablet is not the main issue. It's the labtop. I tried downloading some programs I need to draw and video edit. However, whenever I do so, it tends to freeze. So that's gonna make thing alot harder to find a good place to do my artworks cause I am not going back to this stone age when I would submit my artworks in paper version. It's just not something I feel comfortable with anymore since I now have better control with doing digital drawings. And I left my animation school, so who knows if there's a chance I'll find a class that contains requirements for me to make my artworks. 

I am for sure going to finish this AMV I've been worknig on for months. But after that, I can't think of any other ideas on what to draw next. I will just continue doing fanfictions when I move back until I figure out a way to draw again. I also need to find my drawing stylus since my parents put it somewhere around the house but if I can't, I'm gonna have to buy one (that sylus has been acting weird for a long time anyways.)

So....that's all I got to say..... -_-
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 Toshinori put his All Might version alarm on snooze and let his eyes rest. There was a still a nauseated feeling within from last night. He vomited around twice yesterday? Did that the lessen than the previous days? He couldn't really think all that much because of how tired he was that he is just willing to drift off again. With all that has been happening for nearly a month after pushing out a dead fetus, his body just still hasn't been acting the same lately. He's been feeling more tired, very moody about things, even his eating habits has been unnatural. There have even been times he was not in the mood to eat what he has on his fridge and so he would walk off campus to get the food he really wants. 

 But feeling too tired to even worry about it, he nestled his cheekbone deeper onto the pillow and flipped his scrawny body to let his abdomen lay face down on the mattress.
He felt a sudden slight pressured pain as soon his belly rested on the bed, leaving him to lay upright and shortly after he sat up. He drowsily rubbed it to relax the pain, with his eyes nearly shut, until they opened a bit to notice something very off about it.


"Alright Alright," He softly muttered while setting off the alarm and rubbing his eyes. Yet as he did so, he paused and felt his abdomen again. Not rock-like hard, it but it was now starting to feel slightly bloated. He pulled up his pajama shirt to look at his exposed belly, but even though his abdomen look to be a little fat, he can't exactly confirm it. So he decided to get out of his bed and head to the bathroom, passing by balloons, flowers, and cards given by his classmates, staffs, and friends off campus to wish for his recovery. Turning on the light to his small bathroom, he faced the sink where there was a mirror above it. He pulled up his pajama shirt again to exam his belly. He faced his reflection in a side view and noticed right away that instead of it looking slightly sunken like it always been for the past five to six years, it is now starting to form a very small lump. It can be barely noticeable unless someone were to examine it up close.

 But even so, to him, this was such a dramatic change in his body. Never since his weight harshly drop from the injury did he ever thought it would be possible to actually gain weight again. He looked away from the mirror to gaze at his newly formed lump. His finger then rested and and stroked around it. He didn't feel scared or even concerned like he should normally react to a sudden change like this. But he was now starting to get really confused about it.


Blood spurt out of his mouth when getting really startled by his phone's ringtone and look out the window.
Geez, what now?
covered his belly again with his shirt and walked to his cellphone next to his bed to pick it up. Seeing Recovery Girl's name on the screen, he answered it and put it close to his ear.
"All Might, we need you to come to my office right away."
"Why," He sat down on his bed, "what's wrong?"
"We were able to analyze the creature's DNA from the fetus and we found her. She has been taken to prison and we were able to get as much information her. What happened in the cave and about all the symptoms you've been having."
All Might's mind became more opened by what she was telling.
"I think we just found what's been going on with you."


He knocked on the door.
"Who's there?" Recovery Girl's voice can be heard.
"It's All Might. You said you wanted to come see me?"
"Yes. Please come in."
Doing so, he turned the doorknob and opened. What he saw in the nurse's office took him back in complete surprise. In front of him around the empty clinic bed, besides Recovery Girl, there were Naomasa Tsukauchi, Principal Nezu, and Doctor Seiichi. They looked at him with somewhat of a worried look. He first turned to the detective.
"Sorry for not telling you that we will all be here like this," his young friend frowned, "Gran Torino was going to be here too, but he got caught up by something. So he should discuss with you in later afternoon to discuss this matter....if it's actually happening."

  He then turned to see that Recovery Girl has already set up the ultrasound. Doctor Seiichi walked over to the bed and pat it.
"Lay down."
There was so many question he wanted ask them. Like why they weren't explaining to him on what his condition could possibly be or why they had such concerned expression. It was actually making him scared. But regardless, taking a deep breath, he walked over and lay on the bed. Doctor Seiichi rolled up his shirt to expose his belly and immediately, he started to notice something off about it. He put both hands and massage around it. 
"It's bloated," he looked at it seriously and then pressing it, it made All Might feel the same soft pressure that he felt when waking up.
"Ah, hey hey easy," he gestured by trying to move his doctor's hand away from the swelling abdomen. And just as he told him, he softened the pressing.
"So it does hurt when I press it. Is that what you're trying to say?"

  "Yes sir."
He paused.
"Mam, hand me the wand," he let his hand out and the elder nurse went over to grab it and place it on his palm.
"Wait," Toshinori slightly sat up, "can you first tell me what's going on?" 
But he ignored him. He let his other hand grab the bottled gel and spread it around his stomach. He then placed the bottle away and use the wand to rub it around the lump.
"Close the curtains," he commanded again.
"I'll do that," Nezu said and walk over to closed the curtain to the huge window, darkening the room. The only light was the screen from the ultrasound machine. Static noises was starting to be heard every time the wand was moved around. And on the screen looked to be his intestines, which he suddenly felt nauseated by. He swears if he throws up again...
"Where did she say it was?"
"In between the small and large intestines," Tsukauchi told him, "underneath his midsection."

  Hearing this, the wand went underneath his bellybutton and he noticed something familiar on the screen.
"The 'tumor'?" All Might murmured in huge confusion, "It's alot bigger than before. But wait....wasn't that tumor the dead host I pushed out?"
He then noticed something else on the center of the tumor that seem to have a small size than it, and seemed slightly shaky.
"And what's that darker grey dot there?" Pointed at it.
"Let me just..."
He zoomed into it. And just as he zoomed into the dark grey dark, the static noise changed and started making a very faint, but fast paced whupping sound. The dark grey dot was starting to have a more detailed form and was squirming fiercely for a moment until it exhausted itself and rested. The room was in complete silence. Recovery Girl made a stressed sighed. She covered her forehead and turned away to walk few steps further away from the ultrasound.
"Aw geez," she muttered, "I was hoping this wasn't the case."

  "Recovery Girl," he told her, "I know this is quite a bumpy situation. But the only one who decides this fate is him."
The scrawny teacher turned back to him even more confused and worried.
"Sorry Mr. Yagi," he looked back to him as well, "we didn't mean to keep this from your for a short while. But now that it's confirmed, I will explain the diagnosis."
His body slightly quivered for a moment before taking a deep breath again to wash away the anxiety on what it was going to be.
"Ok. Go ahead."
The doctor dipped his head and pointed to the screen.
"That lump, the one we thought of it as a tumor or a host, it neither of them. It's an artificial womb."
His head was now starting to feel like it was starting to get bloated by this sudden news, but remained silent. Seiichi pointed at the complexed forming dark spot.
"And that dark spot that you're seeing....its a fetus. Or a host. Actually, it could be both."

   He only told him two things that they have now identified them as and already, the information was too much for him to take in. 
"All Might," Tsukauchi sat close to him and looked at him still frowning, "I'm going to tell you the whole thing about this. It's very complicated, so I need you to stick with me for as much as you can. Can you do that?" 
He was silent for few seconds, but was able to whisper out,
"Good," he said, "I'll explain to you everything before you can make a decision.

"The creature who attacked in the cave nearly two months ago, she calls herself Trichuris. She was born with half the DNA of an insect and a human. And her quirk is called Parasite. She has the ability to impregnate a person, whether its a female or a male, by 'kissing' them, and she ejects the tiny eggs from her mouth to her victim. If she were for example to impregnate a female, the hosts would develop within her womb, exactly how how we see human gestation. However, if she decides to impregnate a male, the eggs can identify the man's testosterone and make another plan. Instead of heading directly the womb, it instead continues down through the stomach all the way to the lower part of the intestine. The egg then has an acid to open up a small hole of the intestine and would use a strange liquid on it's outer layer to fill out the hole that becomes a sack, which acts as a womb.

"Finally, the egg goes inside and implant itself within and the host develops from there. In other words, you have an artificial womb that is completely connected to your small instestines and the hormones of the egg manipulates the part of the brain into thinking that the womb is part of your body, and the intestines works as a 'birth canal'. that is why you were experiencing labor-like pains in your abdomens."
Toshinori let his head pondered on this whole thing.
"Then," he tried to atleast make a teased smile, "are you saying that I'm pregnant or something like that?"
Tsukauchi and the doctor glanced at each other.
"I suppose so Mr. Yagi," Seiichi admitted.
His smile disappeared, realizing how serious they were acting.

  "Are...are you sure?"
"The host is growing rapidly, sir. You'll be birthing her within few months or less."
He blinked in confusion,
"All hosts that the victims give birth to are always girls. Trichuris said it herself."
Wow. First I'm trying to believe whether or not I actually got impregnated by a female hybrid parasite. Now I soon after find out already I'm having a girl? How did I even get into this kind of situation so suddenly? How do I even cope with all of this?
It wasn't really that he wasn't happy about having a child so unexpectedly, but it was more about if he should fully believe it. It didn't make sense. Didn't he push out a dead fetus? If so, how is it even possible that he's still....."expecting"?
"But," he frowned, "the fetus died. If that's true, then how am I...? It's just not possible that there's still?"

  Recovery Girl sighed,
"You were expecting twins."
He nearly choked on his own blood,
"It's ok, you don't need to worry about that," the doctor quickly answered, "one of them didn't make it. However, the other one did." worry about? Are they making the existence of the fetuses sound like a bad thing?
For some odd reason, he felt hot sensation of anger growing on his chest, yet he decided to remain calm. They must have just misunderstood but...
"I don't think I should consider it as a good thing."
"Why? That means you are n-"
"Excuse me sir," Nezu interrupted, "but do you think we should start discussing All Might about the side effects?"

  "Oh yes," the doctor realized, "right. We should talk about this right away."
Nezu then glance at Toshinori and gave him a reassuring smile as a gesture that he understood how that part of the topic was starting to make him uncomfortable.
Heh.....this principal has a way at fixing every issues. 
"Just so you know," Seeichi continued, "this gestation does indeed have an issue. The first concern, with the condition your body is, there's no telling if your body will be able to cope with these sudden changes. Especially with labor. If you were to do a natural birth, you will be killed by the severe body strains. The only safest way to give birth is through C-section, but there's a 50 through 60 percent chance that the procedure will be a success.

  "As for the second issue, the baby can grow to become very dangerous. The way how it works is that the baby is developed and born with two split personality due to her hybrid DNA. One that is a behavior of a human and the other one is an aggressive insect parasite. As she gets older, she has the choice, or depending on her upbringing, to choose only one. If she gets too into the trait of a aggressive parasite, it will be fully permanent and she will only cause harm to others that get near her. She will then have to live the rest of her life being imprisoned and isolated from everybody."
His heart sank when he heard this and he was starting feel the mixture of fear and worry. Fear that there's a possibility that he can give birth to a child who will end up hurting innocent citizens and his loved ones, especially his students. And worry that the child will live the rest of her life isolated from everyone else and the feeling of love being completely forgotten.

His throat tightened.
"Hm, yes?"
"I know this may sound crazy but..." he fully looked at him, "Is there a way I can save her?"
Everybody turned in complete surprise, almost as if he was suddenly starting to act crazy. He looked at all of their faces.
"What's wrong?"
"Oh were sorry," Tsukauchi was the first to answer, "we didn't mean to react this. It's just....we didn't expect you to show empathy towards the child this fast."
"I mean....should I take cautions about her?"
"All Might," Principal Nezu spoke again, "in my opinion, I don't mind if you decide to remove the fetus. But if I have to give my honest thought, I believe she should be considered a chance to live.

 "But he has to understand about his health too," the doctor argued at Nezu and then at his patient.
"Mr. Yagi, I understand you have a good heart when it comes to saving lives. But the host is barely even human. If it turns out that she develop into a creature that just attacks and possibly kill innocent people, if they find out her origin, then they will turn the blame on you from bringing them into the world."
"My fans would never turn their backs on me," Toshinori was growing an angry tone.
"Alright now," Nezu halted, "we don't need to start a fight."
He gazed back at the doctor.
"I apologize Doctor Seiichi," Nezu gave a calm tone, "I understand you're stress about him making this sort of decision. But understand that this is the decision that's difficult to decide. He just found out he's pregnant. It's something that can be extremely unexpected and seem impossible. Let him take a moment to let this news slide into his thought. Then at the end of the day, we will hear his decision."

Doctor Seiichi paused. He glanced at All Might and let out a stressed sigh,
"Alright, I'll let him think. But I will extend the deadline to tomorrow morning. Where should we meet again at?"
"At the staff meeting room," Nezu told him, "I'll give you the letter on it's location."
"Very well then," he said as he put the wand away, "then I shall take my leave."
"Wait," Toshinori stopped, "can I see the fetus again? I need to see her again so I know my final decsion."
"Don't worry. Recovery Girl will let you see it again for as much as you like. Is that okay with you nurse?"
"Ofcourse," she dipped her head, "I may not like this one bit but...I guess I can't stop him."
"Good," He carried his suitcase, "I'll see you all tomorrow morning."

"Thank you doctor," Toshinori said as he watched him leave the office. Just as he left, he felt a hand be placed on his shoulder, nearly startling him, until he turned to see best friend gazing at him with a comforting look.
"Everything's going to be ok," He made a soft smile, "no matter what you choose, were all here to support you."
"He's right," Nezu admitted, "if the child is meaning so much to you, then she'll mean so much to us too. It's going to be a very difficult task for the baby to be born in such conditions while be the daughter of the Symbol of Peace, but if you really decide on keeping her, I have already been figuring out a way to help both of you."
He let his eyes rest on both of them touched by their support. 
"Tsukauchi, Principal Nezu...thank you."
Nezu also smiled,
"I'll see you at the meeting tomorrow. Take care of yourself.

"Hm," Tsukauchi teased a bit, "I was going to say the same thing. Good luck, All Might."
the detective and school principal also left the room, leaving him and Recovery Girl alone. The nurse stood there staring at the closed the door for a while.
"You still want to see the fetus again. Do you?"
All Might frowned when he heard the slight saddened and worry tone in her voice, being aware of how much she is against the thought of him wanting to keep the baby. But he needed to make sure that this decision is really what he wants. That even only several minutes of knowing the child's existence that he's not taking this huge decision too fast.
The elder woman glance down at the ground.
"Very well."

She turned back to the ultrasound machine to take the wand and rub it against his stomach. It didn't take long to find the fetus, who was starting to get tired out from wiggling so much, and watch her fall asleep. When she did so, he can see a large bulge pumping throughout nearly her entire tiny front side of her body. His blue glowing iris soften by the sight of it, the fast pacing whupping sound was only being clear when the room is entire silent.
"That pumping bulge is her heart. Is that right?"
Recovery Girl nodded.
"And that sound. That is the sound of her heartbeat."

 She stared at his expression as he was staring at the screen, already showing the face of growing empathy. She frowned even more.
"I can already see what decision you're going to make."
He looked at her again, concerned on what she was going to say about this.
"Toshinori," he blinked in surprise when she said his real name, "I don't hate the baby. Not a single bit. In fact, I want this child to live, but..."
She frowned,
"So many things can go wrong as the result. It makes me wonder if attempting on saving both of you would only end up becoming a huge cost. Midoriya needs you. But the baby also needs you too if she is actually gonna have a future. If this is the decision you really want, the only favor I ask of you is to avoid getting yourself killed from giving birth. And you must love and nurture the baby however you can so she won't get drawn away her parasitic behavior. Me and Doctor Seeichi, we only worry about you. Were trying to help you and make sure that you don't get hurt in the end."

He paused, his eyes darting at his swelling belly. He glanced back at the nurse with the eyes of certainty.
"I won't."


"So you very certain about this."
"Yes, sir."
He was sitting on the couch in the teacher's lounge, talking to Gran Torino on the phone. He heard the old man sigh.
"Well, it's your decision. Even I can't tell if this is right and wrong. But since you're gonna have this child, you must still remember your main task."
"I know that," he agreed, "I will never take my eyes off of Young Midoriya's progress. It's just gonna be busier once the baby arrives."
"Yes, that I understand. Though you should maybe have someone to be a babysitter while you're out and about teaching."
"I have already been thinking of maybe asking some of the staffs at the school. Aizawa might be good, but since he works as a homeroom teacher, I'm not certain if he's always gonna be around to look after her. Thirteen could be a good candidate. Maybe Present Mic? Oh, I don't think that would be a good idea."

 "I wasn't asking you to decide right now," Torino's voice was heard again, "though it's good to hear you already starting to be responsible for the little twerp."
"Heh, thanks sir."
"And are you sure you really want to tell Midoriya about this news right away?"
"He's my successor. I have already held a secret from him few times. I don't want him to get upset again. Besides, as my successor, I feel he should start knowing important things about me. Even if it may not do anything with One For All, I need to keep him to keep his trust on me just as I keep my trust in him."
"Hm, very reasonable, Toshinori. By the way, when is the squirt going to be here-?"
Knocks were heard on the door.

"Hey All Might, it's me. Am I allowed to come in?"
"Figures," he muttered when heard the obvious sounds in the background.
"Listen," Toshinori told him, "I'll call you back later."
"Alrighty then. Tell him I say hi when he comes in."
"Will do," he made his last response to him and hang up on him.
"Come in, my boy."

 The door opened, with the curious freckled face boy peeking in.
"Who were you talking to?"
"It was just Gran Torino," he said to him as the kid closed the door behind and walked over to a chair, "he wanted to say hi to you."
"Oh ok," Midoriya sat down on the chair.
"So what did you wanted to tell me about?"
"Before I tell you, would you believe in anything I say? Even if it sounds insane?"
"I mean, of course," Izuku made it sound as if it was obvious, "you're my teacher. I'll always believe in every word you say. Why is it you're asking me this?"

  He sank his spiny back unto the couch, already feeling his heart race. Without noticing, he let his clasped hands rest onto the abdomen where the small fetus is resting within. 
How I do even tell him this?
"Uh...crap, um," he twiddled his fingers a bit, "what if I were to tell you that there's a quirk that...can make a male pregnant?"
The child's face changed dramatically by giving off a huge confused look.
"a quirk that a male....?"
Then it hit him. The memory replayed from his mind from the last time he had a meeting with All Might. What he told him the reason why he was having intense pains in his intestines. It almost immediately sank unto his head that he was certain that his hair was bristling in shock.
"A baby..."
He sat up,

 He was taken back in surprise him shouting it out so suddenly. And yet, he's not exactly too surprise.
A smart quick minded kid. Exactly how Izuku Midoriya is. But besides that...
"Yes yes," he whispered, "I'll explain everything. Just please keep your voice down."
"It's from the attack in the cave was it?!" He exclaimed quiter this time.
"Yes," he answered again, "the whole detail on how the villain impregnated me is very long. But to make it short, she injected eggs inside me when, uh....." He scratched his head slightly blushing in embarassment, "she was....'kissing' me."
Midoriya's breath stiffened a bit and whispered,
"No way..."

 the older man then went silent, not even certain what else to say. This sudden unexpected information must be really hard for him to process right now. He won't be surprised if he found this whole situation too insane and strange to handle. And at the same time, he was atleast glad to finally tell him.
"But....I don't get it. Didn't the baby die?"
"It was a twin that died. But I am now carrying one child that's still alive and growing as we speak."
Midoriya took another pause.
"And your health. Do you your body gonna be ok? Are you gonna be fine?"
"The doctors are concerned about it. They say it's going to be risky, but....I think I can handle it. If this body can survive All For One's attacks, then I'm certain I can handle this gestation. I just need to be extra careful until she's born."
"And it's a girl," Midoriya murmured when he mentioned the word "she".

 "Yes," he said in this time a softer tone, "it's a girl."
There were finally no more question. He stared down at the ground. Then slowly sank back to his seat.
"Young Midoriya," he sighed, "I have decided to keep the baby. The doctors say she may grow up to be dangerous since she will have have the behavior of an agressive insect. But she is also human because she shares my DNA. And just like human babies, we never know if they will turn out to be good or evil. But I will do everything in my power to not let her live a life as a villain. Even if it may turn out hopeless, I still want to keep helping her the best way I can."
He bit his lips and gazed down at the floor as well when he noticed the student still not responding.

  "This is gonna sound insane and I could be feeling it too early. But....I've already grown to care about the baby. And I don't mind if you find this pregnancy too confusing and strange to handle. Or if you think loving something that I have only known today is off. I won't stop focusing on you, that I promise you on. It's gonna be harder, but I'll put all my effort into helping both of you succeed."
Finally, Midoriya reacted by his hand clenching on his pants, shaking.
"All Might," his words were shaking, "I can't help on saying this. But...."
Toshinori has already braced himself on the outburst of anger and confusion he was going to make, deciding to look away from the reaction he was going to see from him. If only there was a way to not even hear it.

His eyes widened completely, and quickly turned to see the fanboy's face completely lighting up in complete happiness.
"CONGRATULATIONS! Tell me, what's her name? When will she be born? Have you planned on a nursery for her? Are you going to tell the others this?!"
"Woah, w-wait. You already fine with this? You're not even weird out or scared about all this?"
"Well ofcourse I am," he admitted "I have never thought it was ever possible for a male to get pregnant. And I am for sure worried about the side effects. But if you say it's going to be alright, then I'll believe you. And I don't think it really that much matters if a man is having a baby. There's gonna be a little All Might coming! Oh I can already imagine she'll have the same hair brand as you!"
He was still shocked by his unexpected reaction. Yet his heart was starting to feel warm by his support.
"Huh, you're the first to completely react positively to this."

  "Really?" Midoriya eyebrow raised in slight confusion for a moment, "Well I guess it makes sense. I can't imagine what the others must be thinking about it. Who knows it though?"
"Gran Torino, Princpal Nezu, Tsukauchi, Recovery Girl, and my doctor. Some of them acted decent and the others were ok with it, but are willing to support me through. I never actually planned on having a child since it was impossible to have a lover back in my young days. But I don't know. At the same time, I seem interested in seeing how it goes. Creating a new's quite an important task."
Midoriya made a soft laugh,
"It's okay, All Might. I guess it's normal to have some doubts about this news. You don't need to be excited about as I am. But I'm happy you have the heart on keeping the baby."

   "Ofcourse. Even if I decided, I wouldn't have the guts to remove the child. It feels too wrong."
"Are you gonna tell the public about this?"
"I don't think it's a good idea. The League of Villains are still going after me. If they find out I'm having a child, I'm certain they will go after her too. I'm not gonna risk it. And I have decided I will not let her live in a foster home either. Someone I know did it. It didn't end well."
"I see...." Midoriya frown.
"As for how I'm gonna deliver her, were not entirely sure yet. But it's likely gonna be C-section. Though it depends really if my body can handle it."

The kid gaze at him for a while.
"All Might, I know this isn't necessary since I'm still young. But...I wanna help you through this. However I can. It doesn't matter if it may be a few times. If you ever need me, if you ever want me to be besides you during the delivery, I'm willing to do it."
"Hm, taking it further with the delivery part. I'm gonna have to ask Recovery Girl about this."
"But not only that," he continued, "I...want to help her grow too. Maybe whenever you have no one to take care of her, you can always ask me, ok?"
Toshinori blinked heartwarmingly,
"Thank you, Young Midoriya. You don't need to worry too much on that responsibility yet. But I really appreciate your selflessness."

The student emotionally smiled and nodded. The room then suddenly went awkwardly silent. He noticed how soon after he nodded, the successor shyly lost sight of his teacher by glancing away and massaging his legs a bit. But with Toshinori always being beside the kid for almost two years, he already guessed the body language.
"Let me guess," he teasingly smirked, "you want a hug."
His shy expression slightly turn back him and gently nodded.
"Alright alright," he sighed and opened his arms a bit, "come here."
Almost immediately, the kid stood up to walk over, sit next to him,and let his body be trapped by his teacher's wrapped arms. He let himself absorb the warmth and familiar scent of his father-figure, making him nestle against his beating chest and almost falling into a sleep-like state. He should still feel embarrass about being such a hugger around his mentor, but the comfort of his embrace seemed to have reduce that feeling.

 "I wonder if I should still call you a selfless kid," Toshinori joked.
The green hair boy made a hidden chuckle and gripped onto his shirt to strengthen his cling, like he mostly does with All Might, and the adult responded to this by slightly rocking his body back and forth, almost like cradling a baby for a moment. When he stopped few seconds after this, he can feel Izuku's grip start to slightly loosen. He was wondering if he finished his embrace until he heard him say,
"Hey, All Might?"
"Yes, my boy?"
"This is going to be a really stupid. Im just curious. Has the baby started moving?"
He was a bit surprised when he suddenly asked him that. It actually never crossed his mind on when this sort of thing will happen. And even though his first reaction should be how awkward that question was, it now made him wonder when exactly he will start feeling movements. 
"No, not yet. Why do you ask?"

"I-I don't know, I got really curious"
"You wanted to feel her?"
"Well yes and....oh crap."
His hand gripped unto his shirt again and he can somewhat see his cheeks blush red before hiding his face by burying it unto his predecessor's chest.
"S-sorry. That was a really stupid answer! I'm sorry for making you uncomfortable! I must have made things so awkward, I'm sorry!"
"Hey hey," All Might managed to release his hug from him and him face his, "what are you talking about? I don't find it awkward. I mean..."
His eyes glanced away slightly blushing,
"It's true, maybe this may be kind of a new sudden thing that I'll start to experience during this gestation. But I should say that I don't really find it all that bad. It's atleast something that I'm only going to experience once in my lifetime."
He then looked back at him with a soft smile,
"So don't worry, Young Midoriya. You're welcome to feel the baby whenever you like."

"O-oh," He was still blushing despite feeling pretty relieved, "then I guess...if the baby ever starts move, or atleast....if she's moving while were together, will you let me know?"
Toshinori let out a soft laugh and scruffed his head,
"Ofcourse, my boy."
Midoriya smiled by his response. He then let himself rest against his chest again with his predecessor easily accepting this while stroking head.
"I'm sure your going to be a great dad, All Might. I just know for sure you are."
"Heh, you never lie. So I can believe you on that."
Midoriya smiled more without even gazing at him. But a second after, his happy expression suddenly turned into something else. Is he bothered? Sad? The face he was making caught the tall man's attention.

"My boy, what's wrong?"
"Huh?" the expression immediately vanished and Midoriya looked at him with slight confusion, "what do you mean by that?"
"You just looked upset about something."
"Oh, no I'm fine!"
Toshinori frowned,
"Do you still worry about the news?"
"No! Really All Might, I don't. I really am happy for you."

  But even if he told him, he still gave a uncertain expression. He wouldn't lie to him. Would he?
he then blinked in slight surprise when he saw the boy tense up about something.
"Uh, that's right. I forgot that I need to work on a project with Ochako!"
He quickly got up,
"I-I gonna have to get going before she gets angry."
"Um," he saw him walk almost hurriedly to the door, "sure...take care, kid."
"sure," he quickly glanced at him smiling, "you too!"
And with that, he left the room closing the door shut.

 He sat there with the teacher's lounge now eerily shut. He's somewhat concerned by Midoriya's behavior. Out of all the time he's known the boy, never has he tried hiding something from him. Moment of pause, he glance down at his shirt and let his hand sink into it until he can feel the tiny bump that has started to form in his abdomen. Now being aware of what the cause of the tiny bump was, it felt like he was feeling some form of life within him. The feeling that any moment, he could start feeling something within there. He's seemingly happy and excited about the arrival. But he frowned.
But I really do wonder if Young Midoriya actually meant it. If he's actually excited about this sudden news.

All Might,

I just received a message from your doctor. He would like to do the procedure tomorrow if you really have a tumor. Please call Mr. Naomasa to escort you to the hospital early in the morning. He'll be waiting.

He continued to stare at the the the most recent text from Recovery Girl while rubbing his abdomen.
Guess telling young Midoriya about this today will be a best decision after all.
The past week since his ultrasound has been difficult. The pills don't seem to be working at all. In fact, every time he consume them, he would just end up throwing them up. That or have intense pains on his intestines nearly the whole day. Not to mention that when he woke up this morning, he's been quite an uncomfortable feeling below his abdomens. It's really a good thing that it should all be taken care of tomorrow. The real concern however was how his successor reacts to what's been going on with him.
I wonder if Tsukauchi found anything related to the creature that attacked me.

The sound startled him enough to immediately look up. Almost immediately, a creaking sound was heard and he saw one of the trees falling until it disappeared with a huge thud.
"Aw," The green head boy in front of him was standing there holding his flicked finger and turned to his teacher guiltily, "is that considered vandalism? I-I'm sorry."
Toshinori walked up next to Midoriya, puttting his phone away, while staring at where the tree use to be standing.
"I shouldn't really be too concerned. But I will talk to the Principal just in case. If he is at all bothered by this, I will take the blame."
"What? No!" He exclaimed when he heard the last sentence, "You weren't the one who knocked it down! My finger clumsily slipped. If anything, I should take the blame.

 "You are training," Toshi pointed this out, "you are not expected to do all your moves perfectly. That is why I am training you. How I mentor you is all of my responsibility."
"Well," the boy frown and glanced down, "I guess you're right."
The scrawny man continued staring at his uncertain look and couldn't help but atleast make a slight smile,
"Hey," Midoriya was slightly surprised when he felt a familiar hand scruff his hair and looked back up at him, "don't get too worked up about it. You're making great process. But for a power like this, it can take a long time to master, but I know you'll get a hand of it. Speaking of hand, is you're finger alright?"

Knowing with how Midoriya always tries to hide the pain, one of his fingers was sticking out and slightly shivering. His finger didn't have a purplish tone, so that means he didn't break it again, which is why Toshinori was barely concerned about it. But he couldn't help but ask due to the way he was holding unto it.
"Oh!" he replied and glanced at it, "I actually almost forgotten that it was hurting. It doesn't really feel bad. Maybe I just slightly sprained or numbed it?"
The predecessor paused with a "hmm" sound.
"Maybe use this again just in case," he brought out a small ice pack and gave it to him, "it's always good to make sure it doesn't get worse."
"Alright," he pressed it unto his finger, "thanks All Might."

All Might dipped his head as a response and did said,
"Why don't we call it a break for now? We can sit beneath the tree for the time being."
"Okay," Midoriya went over to the tree without questioning anything.
As the retired hero turned and was about to follow, another pain, this time sharper, hit his lower abdomen. It caused him his body to slightly bend and clutch it with a hiss. Breathing out, he looked down at it and tried to soothe it again.
What the hell was...?
"All Might," he looked up to see the boy sitting down already and looking at him in worry, "are you ok?"
 His heart race at the look on his face, feeling his blood rise up from his esophagus for a moment.
"Yeah yeah I'm fine," he immediately answered and giving his belly some last few rubs while trying to smile, "just had a sudden stomach cramp was all!

"But didn't you say-?"
"Yes yes I know. But you understand that being an old man that's lived without a stomach for six years, it's very hard not to mention that word."
"'re not really that old All Might," Midoriya beat a sweat.
All Might gave a flattered chuckle,
"You just never say a single negative word about me, don't you?"
"Why would I?"
The older one realized that he have just made a conversation that is becoming awkward at every moment and made a short sigh, but continued giving a shy smile.

"Let's....just continue our focus on relaxing after a good training."
Dammit, what kind of sentence was that?! and what kind of conversation did I just have with him? I could have just not say anything until I sat next to him and tell him the truth. It just would pain him seeing him....wait what am I thinking? Don't do the same mistake you did last time at the teacher's lounge. Just tell him. He should understand.
He waited until the teacher walked towards him and sat down on the tree next to Midoriya, another slight wave of pain passing though him in the process  until he can finally get comfortable. The younger one stared at him to make sure he was all good and then turned his face away from him.
The former hero noticed that he was starting to make him uncomfortable as frowned and glanced away as well. got this.

He took a breath to say his first sentence.
"All Might," Midoriya spoke first before he could, which made him turn his face back at him, "I....I'm sorry if I'm pressuring you. I usually don't ask this, but I feel it's necessary because of how things have been going since the cave incident."
The student looked back at him in a huge frown.
"Are you hiding something from me again?"
His heart completely sunk down to the pit of his belly, guilt washing over him like a tsunami.
So he has been aware that something was going on this whole time....
"I mean...just a week ago, you texted me that you couldn't go to forest training because you were sick. I was thinking that once your week break was over, you would finally be good as new. But you barely have. You have started to act very off and you still look as though you're in pain. 

"I hate being forceful, but as you're successor, I need to know. What's happening to you? If there really is something going on, I wanna help you. I want to struggle this with you and I don't mind it whatsoever."
He sat there frozen for a long time, now even more anxious on telling him. And yet, so touched by the young one's support.
Young Midoriya...
But just before he would answer to Midoriya, Pain striked back, causing him to clutch his lower abdomen again. It was starting to feel like he needed to use the restroom, but something didn't feel normal about it. It really hurt.
"All Might?" Midoriya eyes widened a bit and quickly scooted close to him with his hand on his trembling knee.
Crap, this is the wrong time for this to happen...!

"It's ok....It's ok," he made slow pantings, "I guess I might need to rush to the restroom."
"All Might," the kid's concern turned fear, "I don't think this is a normal one. You have to go to Recovery Girl."
All Might paused and grunted from another small wave of pain.
I don't have a choice no matter how much I try to hide it, do I.
"Alright," he gave up and turned back to Izuku, "don't worry."
He then scruffed the boy's green hair,
"I'll take a trip to Recovery Girl right away. Let's call our training a day. You go get ready for class and I'll walk over-"
"No," his hands then grabbed unto one of his mentor's hand, "I won't let you go over there alone.

"I'll be fine," the teacher told him, "It should only take me several minutes to get there."
Midoriya stared at him with a disagreeable look and stood up.
"Can you stand?"
"I believe so."
"Alright," He continued holding onto his hand, "let me just help you get on your feet and you can take the rest from here."
"Thanks, my boy."
Midoriya was pulling him upwards as he was starting to get up when the sharp pain came back, cause him to immediately stop and let out a grunt.
"Agh! shit shit shit!" he whispered a mutter.

Midoriya sighed,
"That's what I thought."
He helped settle him back down, letting his mentor try to recover from the pain. Midoriya then knelt down to massage his back, watching him keep cursing with a mixed tone of embarrassment and frustration.
"Alright," Midoriya glance down for a moment his iris starting to lit up, "guess I'm gonna have to take you there myself."
Pink veins spread across his body, which then fully activated his One For All just a second later. With small green sparks racing across his body, Toshinori's muttering was interrupted by arms wrapping underneath his body and was then lifted.

  Because he carried his childhood hero multiple times as a quirkless boy during his hero training, mostly in his muscle form, carrying him in his true form while he has a quirk wasn't hard to deal with. Due to his tall length, he decided to carry the upper part of his body, leaving his legs dangling. All Might try to process exactly what was happening, making hi, almost forget the pain.
I'm being carried by my student. No....
His eyes widened and blushed.
I'm being carried around by one of my biggest fans. I'm being treated as if I'm a rescued citizen!
To think that just a year and a half ago, he was just doing his usual hero duties by rescuing the useless quirkless fanboy who ended up bumping into a villain he was chasing.

  Never did it crossed his mind that he would always walk beside him, to have him receive his power, to witness him save his life, and to grow to love and care for the child. There was a feeling of awkwardness at the reminder that he is no looked upon as the number one hero, that he can no longer protect himself or others when danger approaches. And yet, as he glanced at him and remembering how far he has vome, knowing he will someday take his place, he actually feels more pride than embarrassment.
"Now," Midoriya glanced around with a determined look on his face, "what's the nearest route to her office?"
The mentor snapped out of his thought and glanced around before he memorized his usual route to the office and pointed.

  "I believe there an opening at the side of the building. You can....take the stairs and you turn right. We should see her office door there."
Without responding he immediately made sure he was holding him correctly and dashed off to his destination.


"Darling....darling no. You have to wait until your leg is fully healed," Recovery Girl talked to one of the healing students on the phone, "Once Tuesday arrives and I remove it, then you can join training classes again."
The nurse then quickly glanced when she heard a quick knock on the door and she then stood up from her chair to open it while still holding the phone.
"I know this must be very hard for you, but if you want to become a hero, it'll be alot harder doing so in just one leg."
She opened the door and it took her a moment to process at what she was actually seeing. At the door, Midoriya, with his quirk activated, was carrying All Might in a cradled position. She can obviously tell that he was in pain by just the look of complete discomfort and the boy had the look of fear in his eyes.
"Recovery Girl please help," he spoke out quickly, "there's something wrong with All Might."

Trying to ignore the pain, he made an uneasy and slightly exhausted smile before lifting one of his hands. 
"Hey nurse...sorry for the sudden occasion."
The nurse stared frozen until she heard sounds of complaints on the phone again.
"I'll call you back,"
she said this and quickly hung up despite hearing complaints, this time louder, again.
"Place him on the bed."

 Doing just as he was told, he walked fast paced to the nearest bed and settled him down, with the elderly woman following over to them. Letting One For All wear off on him, he helped the scrawny tall man shift to the most comfortable postion and once he signaled him that the position was fine, he let his eyes close shut and took deep relaxed breath to finally relax the pain for a moment. Midoriya couldn't help but stroke his predecessors forehead in hope that it will comfort him (despite how it awkward it may look) and Recovery kept on darting her eyes on both of them and decided to ask the question them,
"What happened?"
"All Might started growing pains somewhere in his abdomens," the student looked at her while still comforting him, "He seemed off about something even when I met him at the woods. He got worse I'm not sure how bad it really is.

  "I'll admit it," he soften his slow pantings and opened his eyes to look at her, "I should be at fault for not coming to you first. I woke up with an uncomfortable feeling here."
He gestured at his lower abdomen, which cause her to untuck and uncover his shirt. She massaged it, trying to see what was causing the pain.
"Does it hurt when I press it?"
"I'm...not sure."
But he grunted from another pain before he can explain it any further.
"Did I hurt you?"
"No," he groans, "it always comes about like this."

 The patient then looked at Midoriya, realizing that he was still standing close and comforting him. His eyes looked as if it could well up in tears at any moments.
"Young Midoriya," his voice made a soft croak, "can you walk out of the room for now? I need Recovery Girl to concentrate on my diagnose and treatment."
"No," the successor narrowed, "I won't let you go through this alone. Let me just give Mr. Aizawa a permisson slip on why I won't be attending class today and I can stay beside you until you feel better!"
The retired hero paused and then looked away with a short chuckle.
"Still acting very selfless, huh. You really need to keep working on that."
"I know," he looked down for a moment and then return his gaze, "but I can't just go with my daily routine when I am aware you're like this!

   "Now now young man," Recovery Girl came up to him, "Mr. All Might is right about this. You'll never graduate school with your classmates if you keep missing classes. Remember what I told you last time you begged to stay here."
"I understand mam. It's just.....I don't know if it would be the right thing to leave my mentor like this."
"Young man," the older man's tone was gentler, "can you look at me for just a moment?"
The kid did so. And as soon as he did, Toshinori calmly place his hand on his shoulder.
"You don't always need to look after me. My real concern is you and your success."
The boy frown more for a while and his eyes widened a bit when his teacher suddenly let out a painful grunt and clutched unto his abdomen. Trying to fight back the pain and panting, He forcefully faced him again and smiled.

  "I'll call you when she's done..." he rubbed the kids shoulder with his voice sounding slightly shaky, "Ok?"
Midoriya choked up. As much as he hates having to leave him like this, those kind and nurturing gaze he was giving him seemed to have slightly calmed him, which surprisingly works. He can read the scrawny man's face, begging him to trust him. That he would be alright. With a gaze like that, it would be rude having to act as if he doesn't trust the hero he has looked up to for his entire life. He would never forgive himself for that. 
"....yes, sir."
He pat his shoulder,
"Good boy."

  "Alright now you heard him," Recovery Girl had to halt her duty in order to escort the kid out, "you go ahead and get yourself ready for school. Come on."
She kept on reassuring him until he walked out of the room. He abruptly stop right when he did so and took one last look at his mentor. He remained lying there giving off a small tired smile towards him, never turning his eyes away from him. The stare was then interrupted by the nurse gently shoving him just slightly away as a distraction and then patted on his waist.
"It's alright, I'll take good care of him. I'll let you know when I'm done with him."
He bit his lip in uncertainty, but continued to hold the promise he made to his teacher and started to slowly walk away.
"Take good care now."

  She closed the door, leaving Midoriya alone in hall making another quick glance and moments after walk off staring at the ground.

 Back at the office, as soon as she shut the door, Toshinori was finally able to stop smiling, letting out a sigh of relief. Recovery Girl looked back at him.
"You got me scared for moment," she quickly turned her body away from the door, "I thought you were going to let him stay here."
All Might opened his eyes staring at the ceiling, 
"It's true that I could get carried away with spoiling him. But it's not only because I need to start disciplining him."
She frowned and dipped her head, seeing him in an uncomfortable state,
"That's a good reason too."

 All Might nodded too, knowing that Recovery Girl understood what he meant like this.
I'm sorry you saw me like this, Young Midoriya. Please don't let this image distract you from your progress.
He heard footsteps and turned to see the small elderly woman come towards him. 
"Before we get started, maybe a change of clothes will make you more comfortable.


Midoriya was walking through the halls of the student's dorm, his eyes still stuck on the ground. It's still a little too early for class to start, so he has enough time to go to his room and get changed into his uniform. The hallway was pretty empty, so either his classmates were asleep or were already somewhere around the campus. But he didn't really think too much on what his friends were doing. The thoughts about All Might's painful condition still raced around his mind
I wonder if I made the right decision on leaving him there. It's true that I can't always focus on him. I need to focus on my friends and my progress.
You don't always need to look after me. My real concern is you and your success.
He approached his door to his room as All Might's words repeated from his head
I'll call you when she's done...Ok?
It's what they always say, right? That younger people are looked after first? I guess I could have saw it the same way if I was walking in his shoes. Maybe I might take that role someday. Whatever it might be.

He finally rose back his face, trying to act positive and slightly determined.
I hope you call me, All Might.
He reached his hand to the door knob but abruptly stopped. He noticed something on his hand that seemed strange. He moved his hand away from the knob and instead moved it closer to his face. Letting his palm face him, he noticed that it was red stains
Blood? But....
He took a quick look at his knuckle that didn't have any and went back to looking at his bloodied palm.
This wasn't where I hurt my finger. It's dry.....but still fresh, almost like it wasn't that long ago. Maybe just several minutes. I can't think on what happened after I hurt my finger except-
His thought immediately stopped, remembering how one of his hands was holding between All Might's leg while he was carrying him to the nurse's office.

His heart felt as if it fell silent and he turned back to where he came from with his face pale.
All Might....!


  Recovery Girl didn't realize how bad the condition really was when she was investigating the pants All Might took off.
"Your pants is drenched in blood."
"Gah, dammit!"
She turned to see the teacher clenching his abdomen and gritting his teeth after the pain interrupted him from finishing getting dressed into his hospital gown.
The pain seems to be worsening...
"Let me help you."
he groaned as he allowed her to tie up his gown. 
"Here, it's better you lie down for now."
She helped adjust his position and help lay him back down on the bed when they heard another knock on the door. She didn't need to ask who it was, knowing everybody in the campus were busy.
"Please come in."

The door opened and a doctor along with some paramedics came in.
"Toshinori Yagi?" The doctor said and the patient looked, despite being in pain, to give a soft polite expression.
"Hello, Doctor Seiichi."
The middle aged grayish hair doctor with glasses gave a warm smile to lighten the mood, even if he showed a bit of concern the moment he noticed bloodied stains on the bed.
"I didn't think I would see you a day earlier. Recovery Girl phoned me that you started experiencing abominable pains?"
"Ugh...yeah. I think there's something more to the story. It feels like something's coming out of me."
He turned back to the stains and then his legs, seeing his trembling knees being tucked.  
"May I take a look?"

He dipped his head and the doctor lifted his gown to investigate in between his legs.
"Your anal appears to be bleeding....but I don't think there's anyway to stop it." 
He turned to one of the paramedics,
"Go back to the truck and see if you can find a bag of Blood type O?"
"Yes sir," 
the paramedic dipped his head and fast paced out of the room. The doctor then turn his attention back to his patient and place his hand on his abdomen. He paused when almost immediately, he heard Toshinori let out grunt as he suddenly felt a small spasm on his belly.
"This is very unusual.....I have never seen anything like this. But if you're saying something's coming out, then you're body seems to be telling you that something needs to come out."

  "Excuse me Doctor Seiichi," Recovery Girl chimed in, "but shouldn't we try doing an ultrasound to see what it is? If he tries to push it out, would it only critically damage his health? What if he fatally bleeds out because of it?"
"That is why I told one of the paramedics to get Blood type O. Judging by the how intense the muscle spasms are, it should come out in about few minutes or less. There is no time to do an ultrasound. And it's far too late to do an emergency surgery. If he holds it in longer, it's likely his body can get damaged from the strains. I really don't think we have a choice."

He turned to look at Mr. Yagi. The blonde guy gulped down, letting his breathing ease and squinted his eyes open to meet his.
"Whatever works best, I'll take it."
The doctor nodded.
"Roll over," he aided him, "make sure your knees are tucked onto your abdomen."
As the professional help the scrawny man shift into the right position, his forehead now burying into the pillow, he let out short harsh groan that made him lift his lower body slightly upward.
"You good?" He rubbed his back, feeling his entire spine as he was doing so.
"the pain is just feels stronger," he groaned again, continuing to tremble and produce more sweats.
"Then that means this is a great position. You," He pointed to one paramedic that's still present, "grab both side of his waist in case his body starts to collapse in exhaustion. It can cause quite a harm on his body by whatever is inside if it does.

"Yes doc," the paramedic said and went to sit on the edge of the bed and press his hands against the former hero's waist.
"I'll do the best I can to comfort and reassure him," Recovery Girl frowned, "it's the best I can do for him right now."
"That's fine," Seiichi said, "you can also help by making sure his pulse and consciousness are stabled."
All Might's eyes opened up more by these words and quickly shift his head to the nurse.
"Hey hey, it isn't necessary to comfort me, nurse. My body has handled worse things, so it should be able to-"
But there he saw it. He wasn't sure what made him detect it, even if he can't see her eyes. But he can sense even without seeing it that there was a dark atmosphere around that old lady.

 The cold look of complete disagreement and unnoticeable cool eyes glaring down at him. The sight of her like this made him have a scary familiar feeling he always see from another elder person. Someone who would only give him those glare of dissatisfaction whenever he does something that upsets him. His face slightly flushed, feeling the chills run down his spine.
"....uh...maybe it's necessary just in case. I-it has been three months since I retired so....yeah."
He buried his face back on the pillow with the mixture of fear that the nurse would still lecture or punch him and the embarrassment of not being able to comprehend his sentence.

Almost immediately, the elderly lady returned back to her nurturing attitude, with the hint of pride, and walked over to his side. The doctor glanced for a moment on her massaging Toshinori's forehead, then back at the patient.
"Start trying to push when I tell you."
Despite starting the feel exhausted from the previous pains, he slightly raised his head from the pillar, slight determination was being shown from his dimly glowing iris. 


"Hey, are you ok?"
Midoriya snapped out of his dazed thoughts when he felt someone tapping him from behind. Turning to who tapped him, Mineta, who was sitting behind him, was leaned out of his chair in order to lean closer to the freckled face kid. The short student had the face of slight concerns.
"I saw you getting easily knocked out by Ectoplasm during training. You didn't seem to be focused as usual. You sure nothing's bothering you?"
"Well now that I think about it," Sero, who was next to Midoriya pondered a bit, "you have been pretty off the whole day."
The whole class, who are just taking their seats, turn to look at the conversation. Bakugou also turned his head towards his rival with his usual grumpy expression, yet did not seem irritated by the green hair's unnatural behavior like he normally did back at middle school. Midoriya blinked few times and looked down uncomfortably.
", dont worry. Im fine."
"You don't seem to be alright."
"Yeah, its as if you got run over a truck spooked by a ghost-gah!"
Mineta's ear was being pulled by someone sitting behind him, revealing to be Momo giving a haunting smirk.
"Try not to cross the line, Mineta. Remember that spouting out silly things doesn't always mean it'll make someone feel better. So if you take it too far, you might want to talk to my friend here."

  She held up her fist, causing the grape fruit kid his eyes shot wide open.
"T-that's wasn't what I was planning to do! I would never want to hurt anyone's feelings, so please spare me! I can even show you what my room looks like if you spare me!"
Momo blushed harshly in a embarrassment and fire burnt up in her eyes,
"No no it's ok," Mineta and Momo both stopped their chaos and both looked at Midoriya in surprise.
"It's fine Mineta," he gave a warm smile, "I know you were just trying to cheer me up. So I'm really thankful for that."

 Tears started bawling out of Mineta's eyes as he smiled and gazed dearly at him.
"Th-thank you, Midoriya...."
Momo scoffed and Mineta's emotional moment was interrupted when he felt her hand suddenly release his eyes. He lost balance fell head first on the ground with a huge.
"Fine," she said, "but try not being too nice to this kid. You know how he can be."
Midoriya didn't really say anything about that. He understood why most girls in the class don't like him and even though he shows a sense of empathy for him, he decided to keep it to himself.
"I don't want to say this," Ochako then spoke up from the other side of the classroom, "but Mineta is right. You seem to be really bothered about something. It seems that it may have happened last night or this morning because when we were going to bed, you were looking just fine."

Midoriya's smile disappeared.
"Midoriya," He then turned to seeing Todoroki talk to him next with a calm expression, "we are your friends. No matter what your situation is, you always have us to back you up."
Midoriya was feeling completely unsettled on whether or not he should tell. He then recalls back to when he was begging All Might to tell him about his new recent condition and how he promised him he would support him.
So this what he usually feels whenever he's in a situation like this, He gulped down by the thought.
Everyone was staring at him, waiting for the answer. It would be wrong to not trust his friends after how much they've done for him. But what would All Might say if he finds out he told them about what he's currently going through?

"Sorry," Aizawa voice was heard soon after the door open and he walked into the classroom looking at his phone before stuffing it into his pocket, "I was interrupted by a recent call."
They watched him take a seat, somehow not saying anything else. When he did sit down, he just remained silent. He grew frustrated and quickly face palmed.
 "Dammit, why do these things happen?" he muttered.
The classroom were frozen in their position awkwardly and glance at one another.
"Um, Mr. Aizawa," Kirishima spoke up, "aren't you going to lecture us today?"
Aizawa sighed, but after a moment of pause, he stood back up from his seat and finally looked at his students.

 "Forgive me class," he spoke, "but this lecture might have to wait a bit. There's an announcement I need to give out. All Might was sent back to the clinic. He was reported with bad abominable pains and bleedings."
The teenagers' eyes widened in shock. Even Bakugou's eyebrows raised, now sticking his eyes to his homeroom teacher. The only one who didn't look shock was Midoriya, who had his face nearly hidden and fearing for the update.
"Oh no!" Ochako covered her mouth for moment, "Is he going to be okay?!"
"All Might symptoms were pretty serious. But after the doctor managed to remove something that was causing it, they quickly gone away. He's currently recovering and should be back up on his feet in about few days.

  "However, that doesn't mean that he is completely out of the woods. This is why I wanted to tell all of you this. For now, until we know for certain that it's cleared out, I want you all to keep an eye on All Might when you see him. He's going to probably get mad at us for this, but we get mad at him when he reports his symptoms at the last minute. If you notice something unusual about him, please contact Recovery Girl whenever you get the chance."
"I'm still not convinced if it's right to spy on him like that," Tsuyu frowned.
"You don't need to stare at him the whole time he's present,"  Aizawa replied, "I just need you to glance at him for a little while until you know for certain that he's good. If he makes any unusual sounds, then you need to see what's wrong with him. I know this is very unnecessary to ask you on checking after our school staff. But we will not let him just ignore his early symptoms like this. And because of that, he put his life into danger today.

  "Everybody understand?"
"Yes sir," everybody said with still the tones of uncertainty, but didn't want to question him in fear that it would upset him.
He turned to see the freckled face kid, who was paying attention to him since he said the final result of his childhood hero's condition.
He blinked in surprise.
"Stick with me after class. I need to take you somewhere."
"Oh, yes sir."
Bakugou took a glance at his childhood friend when he heard this, but then turned away in the process.
"Then let's continue our last lesson of the day. If you can open your 'Become a Hero for Newbies' on page 94...."


"So where are you taking me to," the fanboy asked as him and his homeroom teacher were walking past the hallway.
"I'm taking you to All Might."
"Really?! I can see him?!"
"He kept on asking Recovery Girl and his doctor that he wanted you to visit. He was saying something about how he didn't want to break his promise on you."
He must be talking about All Might promisng me that he will let me visit him when his treatment is done.
"But," Aizawa pointed out, "I don't want you to go freaking out when you see him. He's still exhausted from the pain, and he can get slight headaches whenever he hears something loud. So take it easy."
"Don't worry sir," the kid dipped his head, "I will."

 "Good quick response," Aizawa praised without even looking at him or change his expression, "your sometimes good about it."
"Oh," he seemed somewhat flattered by his response, "thank you."
"Right, just don't expect that this mean I'm going to go easier on you."
Well it was obvious enough for him to say that, but that doesn't mean that because of his strictness, it doesn't mean that I do not feel respect towards him. I wonder if he's aware that we all feel this way towards him.
But after pondering for few minutes, he noticed how awkwardly silent it became between the two of them. It doesn't look like they're even close to the nurse's office. So the only thing the student could do was start up a conversation with him. And already thought of one topic that stuck with him.

"Hey Mr. Aizawa," he started, "is it really true that All Might is going to be alright?"
"Well you can't expect me to be a god," Aizawa answered, "but he should be alright."
He turned to look at him,
"Why would I lie to you?"
"Well I guess you're.....wait. I do remember you lied to us once during our first training class. That time when you said one of us will get expelled but you were instead actually-"
Izuku's eyes shot wide open, and turn to see Aizawa still staring at him.
"I-I'm...t-that doesn't mean that we don't trust you, we actually do! It was only just that one day and not that it was rude-w-what I'm trying to say is you have a different way at teaching students and very impressed and thankful and...and...."

   He gulped in fear and immediately stopped with Aizawa noticing this and stopping as well, but still gave the same expression. Midoriya braced himself to snap at him at any moment. Aizawa stood there for a short while. Then he made a soft smirk.
"You know," he looked out with a sense of pride, "that trick was great while it lasted. I won't get tired of having to repeat that every year. But I understand. You and the students may seem unsettled with my presence. But it's good that you were honest to tell me."
"But that's not exactly true," the boy said, "you are also as good as a teacher as All Might! You both may be different, but no matter how you teach us, we know that you have your own viewpoint on helping us succeed. That is what also makes us appreciate you!"

   Aizawa froze. He turned to Izuku still showing a soft smirk.
"And that's why you and your classmates are completely different from my previous ones."
The sentence hit him directly to his chest. So much so that he quivered and welled up into emotional tears.
"And stop crying," Aizawa went back to his neutral expression.
"Oh," Midoriya realized this and quickly wiped away his tears, "sorry, sir!"
"Come on," the black hair guy said, "we can't keep stopping every few minutes."

   And so, they kept on walking. The walk lasted for about five minutes. But eventually, they saw the sign to the nurse's office. Outside waiting was an elderly man wearing a yellow and white super suit while holding a cane. Midoriya immediately noticed who it was.
"Huh? Gran Torino?"
"Ah," the elder man turn to notice him and gave a smile, "Toshinori!"
"I already told you sir," Midoriya stopped in front of him, "It's Izuku."
"Oh you and teenagers," he patted the boy's legs, "always trying to make a man feel old."
As he was chuckling, Midoriya's sweat traveled down the side of his forehead.
He's teasing me again, is he.....?

It's good to see you again Gran Torino," Aizawa came up to greet.
"Ah," Torino turned his heard to the tired looking teacher, "why if it isn't Eraserhead. How have your life as a teacher been going?"
"It's doing fine. But it would easier if All Might started acting smart for once. I can't protect the students and a teacher at the same time."
All Might's mentor sighed,
"I know exactly what your saying. That nut can still act reckless even after retiring. Makes me wonder when the kid is ever going to start learning."
Midoriya kept on glancing at them uncomfortably. 
This is getting even more awkward by the moment. This not even an appropriate time for this.

  "Hey Gran Torino," the elder man turned when the student called him, "is there any update on All Might? How is he feeling?"
"All Might's body is luckily still stabled," Torino told him," the doctor is double checking to make sure he'll remain healthy and he'll then leave. It turns out he's not going to have surgery after all."
"Wait," Midoriya's eye went wide in shock, "All Might was gonna have surgery?!"
"Keep it down," Aizawa scolded, which made Midoriya quickly apologize.
"Hmm," Torino's eyes slightly narrowed, "so he never told you."
"No, he didn't. But I don't know why he didn't tell me. What did he need surgery for?"

  "The doctor believed he has a tumor on his intestines."
"A tumor?!"
"Hey," Aizawa hissed, "what did I say about the shouting?"
"Sorry Sorry," he quickly glanced at him again guilty.
"Yet somehow, All Might's body managed to eject it. Turns out, it wasn't a tumor."
"It wasn't?" Midoriya froze standing now completely confused.
"Then what was it?"

  Gran Torino grew silent for a moment, looking uncertain how to explain it. But just before Midoriya could ask him again, the door to the nurse's office swung open. A doctor with a light blue shirt and white coat came out carrying the diagnosis papers. 
"Update?" Torino asked.
"He should be good for now," the doctor said, "so it won't be necessary to take him to the hospital. What he needs to do now is stay in bed and process everything on what happened."
"Um," Midoriya took a step towards him, "doctor?"
The doctor turned his head to him,
"And who must this be?"

The freckled kid blinked shyly,
"I-Im Izuku Midoriya."
He blinked in surprise,
"Izuku Midoriya? That's right!" he made a huge smile and knelt down close to him, "you're the kid Mr. Yagi has been talking about lately. It's nice to finally meet you!"
"But wait," Izuku eyebrow raised in confusion, "Mr. Yagi? Are you talking about All Might?"
"Yes!" he quickly nodded and quickly cleared his throat.
"Sorry, I should made my greeting more appropriate. My name Doctor Seiichi. I've known All Might for about 6 years. I'm usually the person who checks and treats his wound, or atleast any health condition that could relate to his injury."

 "So," Midoriya tilted his head, "does that mean you're responsible for treating his wound shortly after he got it?"
"Correct," the doctor said, "I was called to immediately treat a severe injury of the number one hero. I am also responsible for treating him after his battle in Kamino Ward."
"Wow," the student looked impressed, "so you're responsible for treating every single one of his injuries?"
"Not exactly," he admitted, "my only job for him is to check on his health related to the injury and help his recovery on any other serious injuries he receives."
"Oh. That can explain why I haven't met you until now."
"Well I'm really glad I did. My whole time seeing him when he walks into my office for a check-up, he would usually be a quiet guy. I don't think he was ever too comfortable with mentioning his condition. I actually felt hopeless, despite knowing that I was doing everything I could to help. But when I saw him after Kamino Ward, he wouldn't stop talking about you."

  Izuku's breath stiffened in awe.
"He was half conscious when he was rushed into the hospital. But the moment I came in to start treating him, he kept mumbling, 'Young Midoriya. That boy was reckless again as always. When I see him again, I am going to punch the living crap out of him. Then I am going to embrace him and do so for as long as I like'. The poor guy had such a major blood loss, it caused him spurt out such things. But when he completely regained conscious, I asked him who 'Young Midoriya' is and he told me so much about you. He would look so happy whenever he mentions you."

  The green hair teenager was completely speechless.
"I don't know how you did it," he gave a warm smile, "but he's no longer the patient I use to know. That's how I know how special you are to him and that is why I always wanted to meet you."
His green iris grew huge and he looked at the ground with a soft emotional smile.
"I see..."
"Oh yes," the doctor realized, "speaking of that, All Might wants to see you. He's inside with his friend."
"That's right," Midoriya snapped out of his emotions, "I wanted to ask before you introduced yourself. What was this thing that came out of All Might?"

  The doctor frowned uncomfortably.
"I'm afraid you won't believe me if I told you this. Besides, All Might decided that he would be the one to tell you. So you may as well talk to him about it before he decides to knock out for today."
"Okay," he made a quick bow, "thank you so much for everything, doctor."
"My pleasure," he dipped his head smiling again.
Midoriya turned and headed to the door before turning the doorknob. As soon as he opened it, he saw All Might sitting up from his bed with Naomasa Tsukauchi sitting beside him, whom both quickly turned their heads to see him.

  Just like everybody said, his mentor looked exhausted. His skin was somewhat pale and and the bangs under his shadowed eyes darkened, but he still had strength left in his weak body. The moment he saw his sucessor, his eyes lit up. 
"Young Midoriya."
"All Might!" He tried not to be too loud and quickly shut the door behind him. He then ran besides his bed.
"Are you ok?" his voice choked a bit.
"I'm fine," the teacher softly scruffed his head, "don't worry. Were you able to focus on school."
Midoriya frowned,
"Not really. I was mostly thinking about you."
Toshinori frowned as well.
"I had a feeling," he looked down guiltily, "I'm so sorry...

  "No!" Midoriya leaned more towards him, "Don't apologize! You didn't know this was gonna happen!"
"I knew it was going happen. I just wasn't cautious enough to actually see it."
Room fell silence, causing Naomasa to realize uncomfortably how serious this topic was getting.
"I'll leave you two to talk alone," the  young detective sat up, "I'll let you know if we discover something more about it."
It? Midoriya gazed in confusion, what "it" is he talking about?
But he didn't say anything else and left the room, closing the door shut. It was only the two of them now.

  "Midoriya my boy," he turned back to All Might while his eyes were still hidden, "there's something I need to discuss with you about."
"I wanna discuss something too," the teenager's eyebrows slightly narrowed, "why didn't you tell me you were gonna have surgery? Why wouldn't you tell me that you could possibly have a tumor?"
"I was going to," he admitted, "I was planning on telling you while were sitting underneath the tree. I didn't want to say it at first, worried that it would you only loose attention towards your surroundings, only to be revealed that it was nothing serious the whole time. But when Recovery Girl confirmed in a text message that the surgery was going to happen tomorrow, I knew I couldn't keep it hidden from you anymore."
Midoriya paused,
"Then...if it wasn't a tumor, what was it?"

   All Might's mouth tensed, but he managed to relax it a bit.
"A 'host'. Or atleast how I saw it....a fetus."
The news felt like a massive wave that hit within his chest, causing his breath to become shallow. He wasn't sure if what he just said was even true. And yet he knew that he would never play a joke on him.
"A what?" he whispered with his voice slightly quivering.
"A fetus. Possibly just passed the stage of an embryo. 2 months, maybe almost 3 months, the doctor believed."
"2 to 3 months? But that's impossible. If it's caused by the creature that attacked you in the cave, then that means it should be two or three weeks old!"

   "They believe the fetus to be a host. Meaning it's not human, but an offspring of a parasite. So the gestation must be completely different, faster than an average human pregnancy. Naomasa thinks it could lead to finding out who attacked me by using its DNA. Then they will track the attacker down more easily."
Midorya was left completely speechless.
"Not that the 'host' actually matters. It was already lifeless when I pushed it out of my body. The second I did so, the whole room went completely silent. I kept on asking them what was wrong, but the doctor, the paramedics, even Recovery Girl didn't say anything for about 10 minutes, maybe more."
All Might let his hand grip unto his hospital grown.
"When they told me, there was suddenly strong urge to see the fetus. I asked them to let me see it before they carry it away. They place it on my hand. It was the size of the palm of my hand.

  "It's color was unnaturally dark purple, but it had the shape of a human."
His body slightly quivered,
"And even though I was aware that it was a 'dangerous host', I felt remorse for it. I kept on thinking to myself, 'how do we know if it was actually dangerous? What if it really was harmless?"
His hand then covered his face.
"Just...God," his voice started to choke up, "all this time since I saw it....why am I sad over something that I never even knew? What is going on with me?!"
"All Might," Midoriya looked at him and grabbed his shoulder, "Are you ok?"
The quivering stopped with his mind snapping out of it, leaving him to uncover his face.

  "All Might?" the kid frowned even more, "youre..."
He then suddenly realize his eyes was wet with tears. Where did these tears come from?
"Oh sorry," he wiped the small tear droplets away, "I don't know how that happened. Maybe I spoke too far."
"A-All Might?"
"It's fine my boy," he scruffed the boy's hair again, "I just-"
His words abruptly, his throat tightening again. It wasn't long after that tears came out of his eyes and he kept on wiping them away.
"Dammit..." He muttered and let out sob.
Although his student couldn't really understand the cause of this, it still broke his heart seeing him like this. All Might was usually the person that barely cries. So far, since he met him, he has only seen him cry twice. So it is why seeing him cry always left a piercing feeling in his heart, because his well being on managing his feelings wasn't strong enough to go through an event this powerful.  

   He was hesitant about it, but he was finally able to reach both arms out and wrap them around the scrawny man's body, making him slightly surprise in between his sobbing.
"It's ok," he rest his head on his teacher's shoulder, "there's nothing wrong with crying, even if the cause of it doesn't makes sense. The way how you saw the host as a fetus just shows what an amazing person you really are. That's why your my favorite hero."
All Might sniffled and made a soft short chuckle,
"You don't need to do this."
But Midoriya didn't say anything else, but hugged him even tighter. The predecessor slowly let his arms wrap around him too and he felt another wave of emotion hit him again, which made him continue to sob.
"It's fine," he murmured and nestled against his neck, "just let it out."
They remained there, the boy rubbing his back in comfort, with the sun beginning to set.

SUMMARY: After Toshinori Yagi finds out that that the female parasite that attacked him impregnated him, he's willing to do everything he can to birth the half baby/parasite safe and happily. WARNING MALE PREGNANCY FANFIC!


Cold sweats and sick nauseating feelings in his intestines. It was the first thing Toshinori was aware of when he was waking up. Despite how painfully bright the light felt, he urged himself to slightly open his shallow eyes. What was a blurry world at first started to clear up. He took a glance look at the room.

A This is the UA's Nurse Office.

He recognized how decent the bed he was laying on was (not to mention that he barely even fits on it by seeing his bare feet uncovered by the sheets and just laying on the rails), and how there was the same one next to him that had the same features, how the sun was shining from a huge window on his left side. 

But how did I get here? I'm suppose to be at a field trip with the 1-A students. As soon as he said this, memories started to settle in.

"As for you," Aizawa turned to him while they were at the entrance of a cave, "you stay behind me. I don't want you causing anymore foolish actions that'll  end up killing you."

Oh that's right,
he thought, we were entering a cave in the middle of woods to help the students improve their perceptions. However, after that, I can't seem to remember anything else.

As he glanced at the right side again, with his consciousness now fully strengthened, he noticed a boy with green scruffy hair lying to his sides on the other bed with eyes closed shut. He grew alerted by this and nearly sat up from his bed, despite his body still feeling off. Did he get hurt while he was out?
"Young Midoriya!" His voice came out in a slightly raspy sound.

Almost immediately, his eyes twitched few times before slightly opening and drowsily looked at Toshi. It was then that his eyes flew wide open.
"All Might?" 
"My boy," he frowned in worry, "are you o-?"
"All Might!"

Without even having a chance to react, the student leapt out of the bed, revealing to be wearing his school uniform, and embraced the scrawny man, which lead him to spurt out a bit of blood out in surprise. He was immediately bawling out tears (being a crybaby as always).
"All Might I was so worried! Recovery Girl said that there was a chance you would wake up soon but I still wasn't too certain so I decided to stay here and it got late and Recovery Girl told me to leave but I couldn't leave you here in that state and so I thought I can just wait till it gets late and yet I didn't realize I fell asleep but then I heard your voice and I wasn't sure if I was just overthinking-!"
"Hey, easy easy kid!" He pulled him away a bit while still having hard time processing why he was acting like this.
"Sheesh," he sighed, "you really still don't know how to handle your babbling, can you?"

"oh," he let go blushing in embarassment, "I-I'm sorry. Its just....well. When I saw you knock out like that..."
He wasn't able to finish his sentence as he wiped his tears and lowered his head to the ground. 
He was atleast relieved to see his boy didn't have any signs of any injuries, yet it makes him more confused than ever why he was here.
He said something about waiting for me to wake up?
"Well I had hopes that you would wake up," He got startled from being completely unaware that Recovery Girl was in the room as well, getting up from her office chair and showing a bit of a relieved smile.
"How are you feeling?"
"Queasy I guess," he made a slight shrug, "maybe even a little light headed? But it doesn't feel like its anything threatening.

"That you're correct about," Recovery Girl said, "yet I still can't seem to diagnose your symptoms. When they brought your unconscious body here, you showed symptoms of a fever. Yet, your body temperature doesn't seem to be high enough to be considered a cold. So your gonna have to meet me here every week to make sure everything is alright." 
Toshinori slightly nodded, but still had a confused look on his face. The elderly nurse noticed this and tilted her head a bit as a way on asking him what was wrong. 
"What happened?"
"You don't remember?" She and Midoriya looked at him in a bit of surprise, "That's unusual. What was the last thing you remember?"
"Eraserhead and I were going to follow the kids inside a cave to work on their perception skill. The last I recall, he was telling me to stay behind him and not to do things that seems...'foolish' to him. Do you know what happened after that, Recovery Girl?

She frowned,
"I have heard short stories on the cave incident, but I think Midoriya would be better at explaining it. That is," she glance at him, "if he feels comfortable with it."
Toshinori turned to see Midoriya looking down on the floor again, having an unsettling expression. He could not imagine what exactly he witnessed.
"Midoriya," he put his hand on the kid's shoulder, causing him to look up at his mentor, "if you really feel uncomfortable, you don't need to talk about it."
"No," he almost immediately said this, "I think it's better you should know about it."
"Are you sure, my boy?"

He paused for few seconds and took a deep breath. 
"We were doing great with our training. As you were sticking behind Mr. Aizawa, you seemed very pleased with how we were doing. Aizawa kept on lecturing us and for several minutes after we entered the cave, everything seemed calm and normal. But all of a sudden, I heard you shouting at Mr. Aizawa and right before we turned around, you pushed him away. A split second later, a female looking figure fell on you and she looked to have been....kissing you."
"The figure did what?!" He blushed in surprise, finding that part of the story completely unexpected.
"I-I I don't know what it was," Midoriya blushed uncomfortably, "Her face was just completely pressed unto yours almost completely and......"
He bit his lips not certain how to explain it any further.

"T-to make it short, you're body was violently squirming, trying to get her off of you. You even attempted at activating One For All. And as soon as our mind processed the situation, just stopped moving."
Tears welled up in eyes.
"I.....we all didn't act fast. We tried to get her but she fled off quickly. I-I wasn't even sure if you were..."
He wasn't able to finish once again and continued sobbing.
The scrawny teacher made a huge frown, able to feel the fear and worry of what his poor successor must have been through. He knew he would have reacted the same way. 
"Oh kiddo..." he sighed. He then placed his other hand on the kid's hair and stroked it.
"I'm so sorry I worried you," he wiped the tears from his eyes and tried to atleast make a soft smile for him, "But it's alright. I'm alive. And I'm not going anywhere anytime soon."

The student gaze at him for a moment before wiping his own tears and giving a determined head dip of approval.
"Oh and All Might?"
"Yes, Recovery Girl?" He turned to face her again.
"Mr. Aizawa wanted me to tell you that as soon as you wake up, he wants have a word with you about your actions in the cave."

He sighed, 
"I thought so."
Good. Another scolding from my protective co-worker.
As much as he understands and feels flattered for him to worry about his safety, despite their different perspective on teaching, there are moments where it can get a little irritating. But it could just be part of his reckless behavior talking.
"I'll let him know that you just woke up. And as for you," she turned to Midoriya, "You better get back to your dorm and get ready for class tomorrow. It will also be nice to let your classmates know on All Might's health update."
"I will," he let go of him, "thank you so much."

"Thanks for checking up on me," Toshinori said this he started getting ready to leave, "I appreciate your loyalties as always."
"Ofcourse," the kid turned and let out a friendly smile, "that's what friends do, right?"
Toshinori was taken back and blushed again in surprise. It took a moment for the student to noticed and blushed back in embarrassment.
"I-I'm sorry. Too much?"
But the older man just made a short chuckle despite still feeling surprised,
"Just don't think about it too much. Remember-"
"I know I know."

Still blushing, he picked up his stuff.
"Anywho, thanks for letting me stay, Recovery Girl."
"Just please don't think this is some sort of hotel next time."
"I'll try," he promised and wave, "I'll see you both tomorrow." 
The UA staffs said they're goodbye to the student as he left the room. 

As soon as they made sure he was completely gone, the nurse turned back to Toshinori.
"There's one last thing I should let you know about. The police has already secured the cave and are currently investigating. They found no trace of the suspect, and so it's expected that she can be somewhere in the woods. If she really did do something that might threaten your life, we might have to act fast. Once the pro heroes capture her, she should have all the information on the incident. As for now, I'll let the UA staff know and keep a watchful eye on you in case any dangerous symptoms.

"No other students, even Midoriya, should know about it."
"I appreciate the offer," he said, "but I thinks it's better Young Midoriya knows about about it. He's my-"
"I know he's your successor," she grew serious, "but you have to understand that although we must remain cautious, it is not certain whether or not there's any effect in your body. You'll tell him if we diagnose something going on with you. But for now, he should only continue focusing on improving his quirk. Do you understand that, Mr. Yagi?"
Well, when she calls him by his last name, she's obviously serious about this. So there's really no need to say no to her.

but that's not the main reason why he decided to accept this decision. With the world now in need for another Symbol of Peace, he can't just delay Midoriya's training if there's really nothing wrong with him. He didn't want the poor kid to horribly worry about him again. After finishing his pondering, he sighed in defeat.
"Yes, ma'am."


"Hey, Kacchan?"
"Gah!" The blonde hair boy hissed as the pain raced passed his arm from over exerting his power a bit due to getting startled by the freckled kid's voice.
"oh..." Izuku noticed this and frowned, "sorry."
"Dammit Deku, were in the middle of training!" he made a sharp glare at him while gripping unto his hurting arm, "What the hell do you want?!"
the kids were in the gym with the other 1-A students training in an attempt to continue improving their quirk. it was a little bit surprising that Izuku suddenly stopped training just to talk to him. But knowing his childhood friend, he wouldn't be doing this unless something's bothering him. He can sort of guess on what he's fussing about this time, but decided to make sure by asking him that question. But not before Deku asked him first.

"Well I was wondering, have you seen All Might?"
Bakugou had a pause before sighing.
"He's absent again, is he?"
"I don't know. That why I'm asking."
"He probably is," he said this while adjusting his equipment.
"But even if he is, why should you worry about it?"

Midoriya glance down at the ground.
"I'm worried he's feeling sick again. We were suppose to have our morning training, but he never showed up. I tried texting him, calling him, even visiting the teacher's office after first quarter. The staff just told me he would be running late."
Bakugou just continued having the unamused expression and turned his face away.
"Sheesh, you and being so attached to him that you constantly worry. Look, I'm sure he's going to be fine. If he really wasn't, he would tell us, right?"
"I mean....I guess-"

"What is going on here?"
The duos got startled and quickly turn to the voice they just heard as they saw a tired and tall black hair male walk up to them.
"M-mister Aizawa!" Midoriya eyes widen and quickly and properly stood when facing his homeroom teacher. He didn't look too pleased.
"Why have you two stopped your training?"
"Well don't blame me," Bakugou pointed out, "Deku was the one interrupted my training."
He then turned to the other boy,

"I'm sorry sir," he made a slight bow, "I was asking him about All Might's whereabouts."
Aizawa blinked and said,
"you're still concerned for his health, is that correct?"
Izuku frowned embarassingly,
"Correct, sir."
"I perfectly understand your concern for him. It's been quite the two weeks for him. However, that should not stop you for continuing your training. No matter what condition he is in, he still wants you and the others to focus on becoming professional heroes."

Izuku bit his lips.
"Alright. I'm sorry, sensei."
"He is still recovering from the incident. But I'm sure he'll be fine soon. So do what you can to put it aside and don't get distracted."
"Yes, sir."
And for that, Aizawa walked away, possibly going to check on the other's process. Bakugou noticed Midoriya still standing there. And although he could have just ignore him and continue his training, he instead called out to him.
"Hey!" Izuku responded to this by turning back to his childhood friend, "If I'm going to beat you fair and square, you better be fully prepared for it! So continue your training already!"

The freckle-faced kid noticed the motivation and dip his head with finally a determined look in his eyes.


  "Are you good enough for this?" Recovery Girl asked as she walked up close to the bed the skinny teacher was lying on.
Toshinori breathed in and out from his nose, keeping his mouth covered by a towel that has some blood stains on it and having a sickly look on his face. Uncovering it and placing it on his chest, kept on gazing at the ceiling.
"I should be done gagging for now. Dammit," he then pick out his phone to check, "I can't believe I missed so many things. I have so many missed calls from Young Midoriya. Do you think you can wait for me to send him a message so he knows why I missed morning training?"

  "It's 10:08 in the morning," she told him, "so class 1-A must be at the gym at this time.
"Right right," he sighed, realizing how cloudy his memory is being due to his unusual symptoms, "then I'll just text him later."
While he was putting his phone back in his pocket, the nurse continued staring at him in slight concern as she was pulling back a machine.
"I still find it extremly unusual how your symptoms has been becoming. I believe it's been a long time since you had the feeling of being nauseated. Not to mention that when I checked on your injury last week, I didn't see anything could be causing a disturbance in your body whatsoever. Other than the usual symptoms you've been having for 6 years."

he tried to atleast make a short chuckle to lighten up his situation, 
"so for this week's checkup, I want see if there could be something going on with your intestines. It must be related to the cave incident."
"I don't know how I should really feel about getting an ultrasound. Seems a little awkward when you think about it."
"Obviously, not all ultrasounds are used for pregnancies," she said this while taking out a battle of gel, "I often use this for the UA students. Would you mind pulling up your shirt for me?"

Toshinori untucked his well fitted white suit and pulled it back, revealing his flat and slightly sunken stomach. He usually doesn't feel comfortable revealing his scar unless he feels is completely necessary for medical purposes or if he feels willing to. Though looking to how he showed it to Izuku the moment his true identity was accidentally seen, he's now starting to regret that whole conversation. Such a motivating man he was.
"a lot of my patients always complains about how cold the gel is," she said pulling out a plastic bottle, "so I would like to warn you about that."
"I don't care," he admitted, "just do whatever you can do."

She smirked,
"I had a feeling you say that." 
and for that, she squeeze onto his abdomen in a short circular motion. The retired hero felt goosebumps appear in his arms by the coldness of it, yet never did he show any reactions as he continued to let Recovery Girl do her thing by grabbing the ultrasound wound and rubbing it around his stomach. It almost felt as if he was getting some sort massage when she was doing it, even though he started feel another slight nauseating sensation. Not that he had the feeling of gagging again, but the feeling of it did make him uncomfortable. Honestly, if he didn't feel sick, this would actually feel so nice and relaxing. 

"Now let's see what's going on with those intestines. Something tells me your symptoms could be related to what's going on there. I don't really see anything much going on in this part, so let's go a little downwards..." 
She slightly moved the wand passed down to his midsection and that's when she immediately to notice to something on the screen.
"Ah, found it. Hm.....that's strange.
"What is it?" He turned to her.
"There seem to be some sort of small lump on the surface of your small intestine. It looks to be attached."

Toshinori slightly sat up now starting to grow concern. 
"I have a tumor?"
"It could be possible," she also started to concerned look, "but it could be anything. Whatever it is, we're gonna have to remove it as soon as we can. Not that we should remove it right away. Not being fully aware of the condition could only affect your health in the opposite direction. So we need to be very cautious on this."
The teacher sat there frozen staring downwards at his adomen without even focusing on it, his mind getting blurry.
How would Young Midoriya and the others  respond to this? I don't want them to be devastated because of I can't die yet. I'm not letting this tumor kill me. I have to keep the promise I made to Midoriya. But will he trust me if I told him? What do I do?
"I don't mind if you tell the boy," she spoke again as if she could read his mind, "but if you going to do so, you have to tell him in a way that won't let him go into a panic. I don't want him to make an immediate conclusion."
Toshinori just continued staring at her in silence. She sighed, got up and grabbed a towel.

"Here," she handed it over in which he hesitated for moment before taking it, "get yourself cleaned up. I'll make contact with the hospital nearby and hopefully assign professional surgeons to operate you as soon as they can. In the meantime..."
She went over the cabinet and grabbed a bag of pills to pour unto a small bottle,
"Take this ateast one or twice a day. It should help soften the symptoms. Please call if you notice any new symptoms."
After making his last pause, he dipped his head. Just as he did this, a beeping sound was heard. Recovery Girl rolled up her sleeves and looked at her electronic watch.
"A student just sprained her leg in training. I'll go ahead and take my leave," she stood up and gave her last gaze at the former hero.
"Please. Take it very easy. Remember that you still have alot of things to do."

And for that she left the room. He kept on staring at the door until it completely close shut and he look down to dig his hand on his pocket. Pulling his cellphone out, his throat still tense and dry, he decided to reply his successor's messages:

Young Midoriya,

I'm sorry I have missed training again. Recovery Girl says I'm still not feeling well, so I'll ask Principal Nezu for a week break. We'll have training next week.

He made a huge frown.
I'll tell you the news then.
And for that, he hit send.

So I'm finally back in my hometown. Meaning I can continue finishing my video edit. Now I have some unfortunate news. Apparently, I'm only staying there for 10 days. When that's over, I have to move back to college. Now forgetting to bring my drawing tablet is not the main issue. It's the labtop. I tried downloading some programs I need to draw and video edit. However, whenever I do so, it tends to freeze. So that's gonna make thing alot harder to find a good place to do my artworks cause I am not going back to this stone age when I would submit my artworks in paper version. It's just not something I feel comfortable with anymore since I now have better control with doing digital drawings. And I left my animation school, so who knows if there's a chance I'll find a class that contains requirements for me to make my artworks. 

I am for sure going to finish this AMV I've been worknig on for months. But after that, I can't think of any other ideas on what to draw next. I will just continue doing fanfictions when I move back until I figure out a way to draw again. I also need to find my drawing stylus since my parents put it somewhere around the house but if I can't, I'm gonna have to buy one (that sylus has been acting weird for a long time anyways.)

So....that's all I got to say..... -_-
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