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Creature Within: Chapter 5
 Aizawa can still hear Toshinori making grunting sounds as he waited outside of his dorm. He glanced at the door impatiently.
"Are you close to putting it on?"
"Urgh...I don't know. This has been happening alot lately and I always seem to put it on in the end. Maybe if I can just..."
The frustrated grunting sounds continued, and later, followed by the pregnant teacher cursing. The black hair man sighed,
"Look, I can do it for you again."
 "No, Eraserhead. You helped me with that yesterday, there's no need for me to request it again."
"Very well then," he leaned back against the wall, "guess I'll let your friend know that we might miss the meeting."
"We both know that everyday, it's starting to take you longer to get dressed. And we can't stay here for much longer. Let me help you put it on."
There was a moment of silence.
"...You can come in."
"That's what I want to hear," he turned the door knob and went in.
  By the time he came in and closed the door behind him
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Creature Within: Chapter 4
 "I see," Principal Nezu said with nearly all the staffs and Doctor Seiichi sitting around at the staff meeting room, "so you finally decided not to remove the baby."
All Might dipped his head,
"I have no doubts whatsoever on this."
"Then that's settled," he gave a pleased smile, "I have no doubts either. Congratulations, All Might."
"Thank you, Principal Nezu."
Recovery Girl seemed a bit uncertain and irritated.
  "I knew it. You really do still have the recklessness in you. Always risking your lives for others when we tell you that you have done enough."
But the nurse looked at the blond guy with a soft sincere smile,
"But even so, that means you still have the hearts for people. No matter how bad they may seem."
"That's....not exactly true. But thank you, Recovery Girl."
"Most of the time," She winked.
Aizawa had his arms crossed and his eyes closed in thought by how frustrated he felt about the situation. He looked at him saying,
"I don't feel positive about this. But I t
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Creature Within: Chapter 3
 Toshinori put his All Might version alarm on snooze and let his eyes rest. There was a still a nauseated feeling within from last night. He vomited around twice yesterday? Did that the lessen than the previous days? He couldn't really think all that much because of how tired he was that he is just willing to drift off again. With all that has been happening for nearly a month after pushing out a dead fetus, his body just still hasn't been acting the same lately. He's been feeling more tired, very moody about things, even his eating habits has been unnatural. There have even been times he was not in the mood to eat what he has on his fridge and so he would walk off campus to get the food he really wants. 
 But feeling too tired to even worry about it, he nestled his cheekbone deeper onto the pillow and flipped his scrawny body to let his abdomen lay face down on the mattress.
He felt a sudden slight pressured pai
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Creature Within: Chapter 2
All Might,
I just received a message from your doctor. He would like to do the procedure tomorrow if you really have a tumor. Please call Mr. Naomasa to escort you to the hospital early in the morning. He'll be waiting.
He continued to stare at the the the most recent text from Recovery Girl while rubbing his abdomen.
Guess telling young Midoriya about this today will be a best decision after all.
The past week since his ultrasound has been difficult. The pills don't seem to be working at all. In fact, every time he consume them, he would just end up throwing them up. That or have intense pains on his intestines nearly the whole day. Not to mention that when he woke up this morning, he's been quite an uncomfortable feeling below his abdomens. It's really a good thing that it should all be taken care of tomorrow. The real concern however was how his successor reacts to what's been going on with him.
I wonder if Tsukauchi found anything related to the creature tha
:iconchaoflakaa:ChaoFlakaa 3 0
Creature Within: Chapter 1

SUMMARY: After Toshinori Yagi finds out that that the female parasite that attacked him impregnated him, he's willing to do everything he can to birth the half baby/parasite safe and happily. WARNING MALE PREGNANCY FANFIC!

Cold sweats and sick nauseating feelings in his intestines. It was the first thing Toshinori was aware of when he was waking up. Despite how painfully bright the light felt, he urged himself to slightly open his shallow eyes. What was a blurry world at first started to clear up. He took a glance look at the room.
A This is the UA's Nurse Office.
He recognized how decent the bed he was laying on was (not to mention that he barely even fits on it by seeing his bare feet uncovered by the sheets and just laying on the rails), and how there was the same one next to him that had the same features, how the sun was shining from a huge window on his left sid
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Innocent Scars by ChaoFlakaa Innocent Scars :iconchaoflakaa:ChaoFlakaa 8 0 INFINITY WAR SPOILERS: Motherfu- by ChaoFlakaa
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INFINITY WAR SPOILERS: Motherfu- :iconchaoflakaa:ChaoFlakaa 4 2
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My real name is Heather, but most people here call me by chao or flaka and Im ok with it because I think of it as a cute name. My things are all about cute or emotional artworks and funny gags. I am hoping that maybe someday that I will be an animator or anything that has to do with cartoons. Watch me if your interested with my stuff and I would feel very spirited with this.

For now though, Im just here to enjoy myself by submitting artwork that would please the viewers! :iconfluttershyyayplz:


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Image result for the property of hate

Before I start things off, I want you all to know that I recently discovered and read all the chapters of it. I have no full details of the behind the scenes of the comic nor do I have much knowledge on some of the complicated scenes. So I'll explain what I know about the comic so far. Alrighty, now that its out of the way, lets get started. 

The Property of Hate (Mostly known as TPOH) is a webcomic that was made by Sarah Jolley (Mostly known to the fandom as Mod because of her Username). She created it sometime in 2012 and what it seems, the fandom started floating about sometime in 2013 and is....pretty big today. Not as BIG BIG as the Homestuck fandom but.....pretty big to the point that it's own discord server has up to 300 members. That has to be by far the biggest discord server I ever joined. 

So the comic is a story about a 6-8 years old girl, who is visited by a television guy in the middle of the night, requesting her to "Be a hero". She quickly accepts it, not knowing what she is going to get herself into. The two then begin taking a journey to a world of monsters (often pretty much known as the world of thought....too much to explain, you would have to see it for yourself. But yeah pretty much an Undertale world) and go off to fullfill the "hero's" destiny.

I don't think I really explained the two main characters throughout the description. So i'll make a quick talk about each of them without giving out spoilers. 

Hero: The little girl in which the television guy calls her by. She can get curious with the new world around her and can sometimes act distracted and stubborn, you know like a normal little kid would. But she is smart thinking and always tries to act merciful to the monsters around her. She does have a real name, but it can't be revealed for a good reason.
 Image result for the property of hate

RGB: The television guy. He mostly plays the role of being the escorter and guardian of Hero. He has quite a charming but a bit of a snappy personality. Not that he's a very terrible guy or anything, but I guess it's because he tends to have some personal spaces (which is funny I say that because he is a hopeless romantic and actually has a lover that.....basically, only hangs out in her house and we only see him encounter her once). He's also the most mysterious out of the two of them. Hell not even the fandom knows much about him. It's currently being played out as the story goes along. 
Image result for the property of hate

I think one thing I like about this story is that it's almost impossible to tell which main character is your favorite. I mean, if I have to choose, it would be RGB. But to tell the truth....this story won't be popular as it is if it was only centered around him. Nor would it be popular if it's only centered around Hero. Playing their roles together, their growing relationship, how they communicate, is what makes me very reeled into the series. It even comes to the point that whenever some monsters tag along with them, it can be a bit distracting. But that also plays a good role because the thing with these two is that they are taking their growing relationship steady pace. It's not the kind of All Might and Deku relationship where they seem somewhat distant and only takes 12 episodes for them to closely bond (Not that I find anything wrong with that, but you get what I mean).

Its just nice to have moments where the creator take turns with the focus between the world that they're in and the two main character's relationship.
Image result for the property of hate

TPOH is not Homestuck. I think it has a bit of resembling designs of it (Alongside Undertale), but its not that wecomic where each page has a gif and often has an animated video of an important event. No, it's ordinary comic. No movements, no music, no sound effects, just your ordinary fan-made looking comic. Howver, despite this, I love how the color design changes in which reflects the mood of whats happen. Not only for the settings and the characters, but dialogues itself.

Image result for the property of hate

Related image
Funny fact. There was one time the setting went from being all dark to being pure brightness. Hurt my eyes a bit.
Image result for the property of hate
Here's moent where whenever something intense is happening, the design would turn into something this.
Related image

I guess the only flaw with this comic is that only one page is updated every sunday. Atleast two would have been good, but I guess mod has many stuff to do. Not to mention with how well the designs are, it must take forever to finish one page. So I'll pretty much slide with that part. 

If you really want to see the comic, mod also post the pages on deviantart. But I highly recommend you look at it here.…

When you finish a page,you can scroll down and click on the arrow to click next. Below the chess looking item , you will see a scroll bar that will help you go to where you left off at. However.....there's a catch. How you use the arrows is extremely confusing. because If you choose the wrong arrow, you will end up with the most recent chapter that is posted, and you will possibly be hit with a spoiler.

In order to avoid this, click the curvy arrow next to one big blue flower. DO NOT click the more detailed arrow at the very right. You will see it look sort of like this (I can't seem to paste a screenshot of it, so bare with me):

(~) This is the arrow that takes you to the next page

(>l) This is the arrow that takes you to the most recent page. DO NOT CLICK ON IT IN ORDER TO AVOID SPOILERS!!!

Now that the warning is taken care of, here is my rating for the comic:

  • Reading: The Property of Hate
  • Drinking: coke

Journal History


 Aizawa can still hear Toshinori making grunting sounds as he waited outside of his dorm. He glanced at the door impatiently.
"Are you close to putting it on?"
"Urgh...I don't know. This has been happening alot lately and I always seem to put it on in the end. Maybe if I can just..."
The frustrated grunting sounds continued, and later, followed by the pregnant teacher cursing. The black hair man sighed,
"Look, I can do it for you again."

 "No, Eraserhead. You helped me with that yesterday, there's no need for me to request it again."
"Very well then," he leaned back against the wall, "guess I'll let your friend know that we might miss the meeting."
"We both know that everyday, it's starting to take you longer to get dressed. And we can't stay here for much longer. Let me help you put it on."
There was a moment of silence.
"...You can come in."
"That's what I want to hear," he turned the door knob and went in.

  By the time he came in and closed the door behind him, he can see All Might staring down at his swelling bump that's now at it's fifth month size and can barely fit unto his appropriate sized pants. When he heard the door open he turned his eyes away from the bump to look at his co-worker with a humiliated and stress expression.  
"Now lets see here," he walked up to him, seeing that his belly is half exposed and pressing against his tightening pants. Despite his belt being completely loosened, it's still very easy to close it it up. The most difficult part he needs help with however is the zipper. The bulge have taken too much space for the zipper to fully close. So the best he can do is just to tug it up.

 He half bent and let his fingers grab onto the zipper before pulling it up almost forcibly. However, the bulge stopped him from even going an inch upward. Aizawa looked at it in hesitation.
He tugged at it few times, but still wouldn't move whatsoever. The pregnant teacher looked down helplessly as the quirk eraser kept on tugging it harder and harder, his face starting to show the look of frustration and irritation. It even went to the point where he started pressing his belly down just so the zipper would start fitting. It seemed to have been working at first until he heard a painful grunt escape from Toshinori's throat and saw a hand grab unto his, trying to politely pull it away from the bump.
"Aizawa Aizawa, please stop!"

 He came to a realization that he was instead hurting him and immediately pulled his hand away from it. Taking a step back, he watched All Might still resting his hand on his belly and gazing down at it with an uncomfortable and frowned look.
"I'm sorry," Aizawa told All Might keeping a neutral expression despite feeling a bit of guilt for his action. 
"It's ok," he looked at him with a forgiving expression while comforting his belly, "I know you are just helping the best you could."
They both went silent and glanced down at it.

 "Look," the homeroom teacher sighed again, "I'm sorry to say this. But these pants are a goner."
All Might frowned,
"I was afraid this was the case. I'm atleast glad the baby is growing healthily. But..."
He went silent again.
Aizawa rest his hand on the pregnant man's shoulder,
"I know what you mean. But you have to go ahead put on your bigger ones."
"It's gonna look ugly on me."
"Come on, you wore big clothing many times during your hero duties. And there isn't much choice. We have to go to that meeting."
Toshinori bit his lips for a moment.
"Okay," he gave in and walked to his bedroom.
"I'll be waiting for you outside, got it?"
But he didn't responded and instead closed the door as soon as he entered the room.

 Not wanting to argue and understanding the poor man's situation, he decided to just step out of his dorm. He was leaning against the wall again, and waited for what lasted about 10 minutes. He then heard the door open and turned his face to the retired hero, his bigger shirt tucked into his  his changed pants, the baby bump still showing. He also had a thin brown jacket that was unbuttoned. As he was closing the door behind him, Aizawa asked,
"You ready now?"
"Yeah," he dipped his head.

 "Good," he turned towards the hallways to start the departure, "let's go."
They both started leaving, with the black hair man leading the way.
"Oh,wait!" All Might immediately stopped, "S-sorry, I just realized that I need something."
Aizawa didn't even get a chance to argue with him because right when he said this, he walked almost in a running paced back to the door and entered to his dorm. Eraserhead stood there staring at the door for a while and looked down at the ground with an irritated groan.


  Tsuakuchi was driving passed the street. He waited until he stopped at the stoplight before he adjusted his rear view mirror to see the passenger seats.
"How are you doing there, All Might?"
Aizawa, with a slight irritated look, was sitting next to the former hero who was busy eating from a small plastic cup of microwaved ramen. He didn't want to ruin his manners, so he instead gave a thumb up, his eyes still locking at the food, and continued eating.
"Glad to hear," he chuckled and look back on the road, "though I still have a question to ask. Why didn't you eat before you left your home?"

  The other UA staff knew that All Might was still chewing, the skinny man starting to give a look on trying to chew faster. But he rest his hand on Toshinori's shoulder again before he would even do it, gesturing him that he would give Naomasa the answer.
"He did have breakfast three hours ago. But he suddenly started to feel hungry again before we left."
The detective glance at his friend in slight worry and curiosity.
"Are you sure it's healthy to eat that much food, All Might?"
He was luckily able to take the last gulp right when he was asked again. 
"I guess so. I've been trying to stick to my daily meal. But even when I try to follow it, I would get so hungry to the point where it feels like I skipped a meal."

  "I don't feel any pains from eating too much though," he glanced at it in confusion while patting his belly, "which is strange even for myself. And it's not the first time it's like this. I have wondered..."
Tsukauchi almost immediately jumped to the confusion,
"It must be the gestation. And from what it sounds like, maybe the baby parasite requires alot more nutrition than a normal fetus. Though that's my theory."
"It could make sense," he kept staring at it with still uncertainty.
"Well," he glanced at his friend a bit, "I'm sure Trichuris will answer all your questions once you meet her. That is, if she decides to. But...just finish your food. We should be there shortly."
"Ah," he realized that his cup was still half empty, "right."

 The streetlight turned green with Naomasa driving forward again when Toshinori continued chewing down on his snack. Aizawa could help but stare down his small round bulge where the fetus was resting within.
Sheesh, what the hell are you doing to him?


The anxiety crept up within Yagi the moment the car enter the gate of the prison. It was located somewhere in Tokyo with some police officers patrolling the entrance while others chatted about. 
Thank God this isn't Tartarus...
The thought of meeting the mother of his unborn daughter was already making him feel extremely uncomfortable and irritated. The next thing he needed was being aware that he's having a meeting with her while All For One was being held captive very close by. The thought on even being near that monstrous scum again already made him feel sick to his stomach. He can feel the tiny smoke of One For All urging to activate from the hatred that was boiling up inside his chest. But he resisted the thought of doing it. Not now. Not when he has a baby inside him. 

 "All Might," the other teacher spoke, "is your jacket buttoned up?"
"Uh no," he looked down, "let me do that before we get down."
The pregnant retired hero went and started closing in his brown jacket until the bump was no longer visible.
Sorry, young one. It's for your own safety.
He then looked out the window when he felt the car coming to a stop, seeing one of the prison guard waiting there in front of the entrance. As it stopped, the homeroom teacher opened the door to get out first before Toshi would do so.
"All Might?" the prison guard spoke as he was getting out of the car.
"Yes," he stood up and took a step to face him.

 "Good. Sorry," he bowed, "I just...never thought I would ever meet you in person. We are very grateful for your sacrifice during your career."
The skinny man dipped his head in soft delight,
"It is my pleasure."
"I am the prison ward of the Fuchu Prison. Mr. Tsukauchi told us that you wanted to meet the woman who attacked you in the cave?"
"That's correct."
"Very well then. We'll escort you over to the room where she's in. Would you like to have somebody with you?"
"I will accompany him," Aizawa walked up next to Toshinori, "there's some questions I need to ask too."
The ward turned to Toshinori with a facial gesture if it was ok.

   "Yes, I'm fine with him going."
"Alright. Then follow me."
Before All Might can follow him and Aizawa, a hand touched his shoulder, in which turned out to be his friend.
"I'll be waiting outside. Good luck."
"Thank you Tsukauchi," He put his hand on his and then released it to catch up with the others. The detective looked on, waiting until the trios went inside the building with the mixture of positive and concern.


"So have you had any symptoms since that day, All Might?" The ward asked as they were passing by the hallway with doors that had prisoners inside.
"I was feeling ill for the first two weeks. But I seem to be feeling better now."
"That's good to hear. I'm glad there's nothing wrong with you. Though I am curious as to why you want to see her. One of the prison guards told me you would come to visit, but she never gave me a specific reason."
Eraserhead glanced at All Might, wondering what excuse he will make of it.
"I want to make sure that there isn't anything wrong with me," he lied, "I can't just continue my work as a teacher if there's a possibility it could be something severe. There are also some things I need to ask. As to why is it she attacked me in the first place. If she has any connections with me, I need to know."

Ofcourse, Aizawa thought slightly amazed and yet it was obvious, I should have known from his past experience on keeping his condition a secret. He's a very good liar.
"Makes sense," the escorting man admitted, "I would have done the same thing. Well the room should be close, so there's no need to walk far."
A minute passed and there was just silence with only the sound of their footsteps. They were walking past one of the doors when-
Violent high-pitched screeches wailed out from the door, making All Might act quickly by hugging his abdomen protectively and backing away from the pounding door as much as possible. What he saw was clearly unexpected. There seemed to be several people within that door. People? Were they even people? they had dark purple skins, some even having their veins showing, and sharp fangs that bats would have. Their bloodshot eyes remained targeting the trios, despite the fact that it was impossible to escape. Aizawa almost immediately came to All Might's aid, his eyes still glued on the creatures, ready to defend both of them if they charge out of there.
"What the hell are those?"

 "They were just taken in not long ago. It's better you don't know who they are."
The prison ward stepped up to comfort the former number one hero when he noticed how he was hugging his stomach.
"Are you ok?"
He turned his face to him, taking a short while to realize what he meant by that. And when he did, he quickly released it, sweats streaming down his face,
"Uh, yes sir. The sight just made me sick to my stomach."
"I see. Guess my guards aren't the only ones who feel that way. That's why they rather look through the security camera than be close to it. Do you need to sit down?"

 "N-no no!" he gestured, "I should feel better as soon as we get to the room. Nothing to worry about."
"Ok. Just let me know if you need to rest."
"G-got it."
"Let's keep going."
And for that, they continued onwards. Shouta noticed that Toshi was having difficulty breathing from the shock, his eyes getting watery, yet can tell that he was trying to stabilize it. His co-worker knew this was not healthy for both him and the baby. So he went very close to him and started rubbing his back.
"That was a close one," the skinny one whispered.
"Forget about your mistake," the long black hair man whispered back, "just be glad he hasn't figured it out.

  "I....I'm not suppose to act this way. I'm sorry."
"Stop apologizing and take deep breaths. If not, he'll get suspicious again."
As he was taking deep breaths with Aizawa continuing to comfort him, he realized that his panic attack has gotten bad to the point where even his stomach started to feel funny. But was hoping that once he calms down, it should go away.
Indigestion......they never make sense.


The ward knocked on the door.
"It's me. I have All Might with me."
"You can come in, sir."
He opened the door and went in, followed by All Might and Aizawa. Another prison guard, a female, was standing behind a table with three seats. And sitting on one of those three seats was another woman, yet was barely human. Like the creatures he saw earlier, she has dark purple skin, yet seemed to have a hybrid DNA of an insect. Her light antennas peeked out of the top of her skull, half her dark pink straight hair was shaved, and she had dragonfly-like wings that were tied down from a chain around her waist. She was wearing prison uniform, which had the color of bright orange.

 She was dazed off, her hand resting on her cheek looking elsewhere, almost like she barely took any interest in her surroundings. But just soon after Toshinori entered the small room, her face turn to him, revealing her pitch black pupil with the rest of her eyes being reddish. It was mature and creepy, yet had some sort of beauty behind it. It was like looking at a rebellious teen. He can already feel an uncomfortable sensation from her, trying to avoid himself from protecting his covered bump again.
Something doesn't seem to be right about her. She looks....empty. Ofcourse, not the same kind of empty as All For One. But a different kind. And yet, I can't put my finger on it. Am I judging her too quickly just by her look? Guess this hero instant will never go out no matter how hard I try...
"Akika," the ward looked at the woman, "Would you like to stay and keep the three company?"
"I'll stay and make sure things are well in order."

  "Good. I'll leave the rest to you. Remember that once the meeting's over, you will escort them out of the building and back to Detective Tsukauchi's car."
She dipped her head,
"You can count me in sure."
"Then good luck to you," he turned to All Might.
"Ah, thanks sir."
Right after, the ward left the room, leaving the four people alone. 
"Hello," Akika smiled at All Might and walked up to him a bit.
"How's the baby doing?"
Aizawa's eyes widened. 
Is his bump really showing that much?!

"Thank you for asking. I had the ultrasound yesterday and she's doing just fine."
The man then quickly turned to All Might in now complete surprise, realizing how calm he is. they know each other?!
She smile pleased,
"I'm glad."
But she shortly stopped smiling when she noticed the other man's expression.
"Hey, are you alright, sir?"
All Might was confused at first until he turned to also notice Aizawa's reaction.
"Oh! I'm sorry! I should have told you about her. It's ok, she's a trusted ally. She's a friend of Tsukauchi and the deputy of this prison. She was responsible for telling Trichirus the news of my pregnancy and asked the warden to set up a meeting with her."

"Oh. Right," The homeroom teacher's surprise completely vanished and instead left with a soft pang humiliation before turning away in frustration for his stupidity. 
All Might felt a sense of humor for the poor man's expression. But he drove his attention back to the dark purple woman, who has strangely stayed quiet the whole time. She is looking at him as if she's witnessing a strange undiscovered species.
"You..." he slowly turned to her, "you must be Trichuris. Is that right?"
She remained silent for a long while. Her eyes darted at the deputy, then at Aizawa, and back at All Might. She opened her mouth and spoke.
"Tell me," she said, "when exactly will All Might arrive?"
The room was silent, All Might taken back in quite a shock. He glanced and saw that even Aizawa was puzzled and then looked at Akika.

 But her face said that she knew the answer to why she doesn't recognize him when the whole world should know about his true appearance.
"I'm sorry," she frowned, "I forgot to tell you that she was absent from publicity for a decade. So she has no clue of the latest information that's going on today." it makes sense. 
He cleared his throat and took a calm step forward.
"Mam, I am All Might. I'm currently in my true form. It's too long to explain, but I have the ability to going into my hero form. It just wasn't revealed until several months ago at Kamino Ward."
"Hm," she didn't look convinced, "then if you really are All Might, show me your usual form."
"I'm afraid I can't do that."
"And why is that?"
"Because if I do, I will kill the baby."

  "Besides," she spoke again, "If you really are All Might, there's no way you can be pregnant. Not with that body of yours."
All Might didn't talk back to her. Instead, he went and unbuttoned his jacket, revealing the second trimester baby bump to her.
Hey eyebrow raised a bit, but her expression barely changing.
Hm. That's quite a good belly you have there. I'm surprise that thing is even still growing."
"She's not a thing," Toshi corrected her.  
"Very well," she continued, "If you really are All Might, than have a seat. You know, like you normal people can do."
Before Toshi did so, Aizawa grabbed his sleeve and pulled him close, whispering,
"This woman seems like someone who might press your buttons. No matter what she says or do, do not fall for it."
All Might dipped his head a bit as respond. But there was something else he wanted to say on how he feels about this.

   I'm so sorry, Eraserhead, I can't promise you I'll hold it in. But I'll do my very best. 
The men both sat on the chairs while the deputy took steps back to the corner of the walls to give them a good comfortable space. 
"So," she replied, "I'm guessing you have alot more questions than I do."
"There's something I need to ask from you too," Aizawa told her.
"Back in that cave, All Might pushed me away unexpectedly and a split second later, you attacked him. He wasn't your target, wasn't he?"
"Why ofcourse not," she sounded almost as if she was teasing, "why would I want to target a person who looks as if his body is at the brink of giving out? It's sad there wasn't any grown women around the group. So the best I could was target a man with a best capable body. You were the perfect candidate until he got in your place. I should have retreated before I even got to him. But the urge to multiply my parasites was something my body couldn't resist. But even so, the only thing that avoided me from taking my next action any further were those dumb groups."

So that's what it is. She was instead going to impregnate.....
He turned to the homeroom teacher, his body stiff frozen at the disturbing thought of it. He can't really blame him for that feeling. He wouldn't have taken the reaction to it pretty well if her plan was successful. 
"Trichuris," All Might looked at her, "I believe its my turn to ask. I had twins. But one of them didn't make it. Do you know what happened to her? Was there anything I could have done if I found out about the pregnancy earlier?"
"," she said, "It was going to happen no matter how much you tried. You see Mr. All Might, the parasites all require the same amount of nutrition in order to grow and thrive. But with a body like yours, there isn't enough for both. Both of them will die by this result."

"But that's not what happened," he said, "One of them is still alive. She's strong and healthy and she was able to go through  that."
"Yes," she crossed her arms,  "I was aware it would happen. That's how it always is for those who doesn't have enough nutrition to feed more than one mouth."
"But you said both of them will die from the lack of nutrition."
"Yes. I did. However, do you know as to why that wasn't the case?"
All Might fell silent and just looked at her, and he did so out of complete curiosity, yet remained calm on the possibility on what she is going to say.
Honestly.....that never crossed my mind myself until she said it. I wonder what could be the explanation.
"Listen," she began,"my unborn parasites have the minds on what they should do when it comes to the term that they will die by the lack of nutrition in the weak person's body. The only way one of them can live, the other has to die. And when that parasite dies, the survivor will get plenty of nutrition for you know how the parasites will know for sure which of them is the survivor?"
Her eyes gave a really cold gaze at the blonde man, somehow giving him the uncomfortable chill by the sight of it.

"They start killing each other."

He felt as if the world stopped, yet he tried to process what exactly she meant by this.
"They each have the thirst to live, their instinct screaming that they must live in order to become victorious, no matter the cost. And by doing so, they start kicking and thrashing each other until one them is beaten to death."
He still remained frozen.
"Now the time has come to ask you my question. Why are you still keeping it? You know it isn't human. Even if you succeed on keeping it humane, do you want to remain the rest of the time with it knowing what it did? That it killed its own sibling? That it selfishly did so for its own being? When you start feeling a small feet pass through within your belly, you know that you will be feeling the feet that destroyed another small life and was never able to be born in this world. You should know by now, no matter how much you doubt it, you are carrying and about to give birth to a monstrous creature."
She could tell by the look at his face that she got him. His face went extremely pale, his mouth trembling.

"So," she made one final question, "have you changed your mind?"
Aizawa turned to him, somehow feeling concerned about his behavior. 
There's no doubting it. She pushed his button.
He saw his teeth gritting, almost like he was going to choke up, his fist tightly clenching with the thick veins popping out.
"All Migh-?"
He launched out of the chair, fist still pressing on the table.


The warden breathed in a short shuddered breath and took a quick step back stunned. Aizawa got startled and yet...

He gripped onto his belly, to the point that Aizawa planned on trying to stop him.
"This creature within me? This creature within me is a human being! What she did in there had nothing to do with who she is! She didn't even decide it! It was only something her parasitical instinct made her do! All because you have tried to paint her as the monster you see her as!"
The room went silent for a moment, All Might heavily panting.
"All Might," Aizawa tried reaching out, "you have to-"
"Shut up, Aizawa!"
The homeroom teacher hesitated, but decided to rest his arm back on his lap. In the back of his head, the pregnant teacher realized what he did. 
Eraserhead....I'm so sorry. But.....this feeling. I never...
The outer shell of his body felt cold. But within that shell was a painful boiling anger that can't cool down no matter how hard he tried to calm down. Even if he would try to hold it in, it would cause another eruption. Another thing set into his mind.
"Those groups of prisoners...the ones that look like you. They were born by the other victims you attacked, weren't they?"

"Indeed," she answered after a moment of hesitating from the sudden outburst, "Many victims that gave birth to them didn't want them. So they would in the end lend them to me. As for some, they either ended with hard consequences or I could do nothing but end their miseries. These creatures are made to serve as my armies. I was planning on making the world better by repopulating them. Maybe taking some lives won't be bad. Its just so the human and my hosts will be equal. So I won't be the only one who people see different. It'll be like living with another race."
"Don't you know it by now?"
She blinked in slight confusion. 
"EVERYONE is different! There is no such thing as any race being looked down upon. We have humanoids, quirks, and quirklesses in our world now! And if you think it's right to turn my daughter into one of your kinds, then there is no way I will ever let you touch her!"
"Don't be ridiculous," she look at him irritated, "I am also responsible for conceiving the child. Which makes me her mother."
His eyes squinted.
"Not anymore."

 The pregnant man finally moved his fists away from the table and glared down at the prisoner for a while.
"Were done here."
He turned away and went to the door.
"W-wait. Let me escort you both out."
All Might made an immediate stop. He made a slight head turn.
"You should worry more on not letting this woman make her escape. Before she tries ruining another child's life."
"....Right. Just....don't tell my boss I decided not to listen to him."
"Just be honest with him and he'll understand."

He made another pause.
"I can't take much more of this place. I have to leave."
He left the room, closing the door shut. Aizawa sat up and went to go after him.
"And what about you?" Trichuris said again right when he grabbed at the door knob. He looked back at her.
"Are you just going to let him do what he wants just to avoid him from snapping at other people? After all, I don't think the Symbol of Peace would act this way."
Aizawa had a slight serious look at his eyes.
"Mam, I believe what people tend to forget about All Might is that he is still human. I dont know if you made him act like this as part of your own concern, but I will say this. Next time you have a meeting with someone, becareful of what your tongue can for that, have a nice day."
Trichuris just remain silent when the other UA staff left and shut the door behind him.


  Aizawa walked out the entrance with no sign of Toshinori whatsoever. It was then that when he arrived at Tsukauchi's car, he found the retired hero sitting at the back seat, the car door left open. The scrawny man's glowing iris were nowhere to be seen, his face aiming down at his lap where both his hand were gripping unto his pants. He noticed his swelling stomach was still exposed due to not buttoning it up again on his way out.
Damn, that idiot. Let's hope no one saw anything suspicious about him.
Naomasa was at the front seat facing his best friend and trying everything he could to aid him.
"Are you sure you're gonna be okay, All Might?"
"I'll be fine, I'll be fine. Just take us back to the campus."
He kept gazing at his pregnant friend until he heard incoming footsteps and faced the sound of it.
"Ah, Mr. Aizawa! You arrived just in time. He doesn't seem to be in a mood to talk. Is it ok if I asked what happened in there?"

  "I think I'll let All Might do the talk once he feels at ease."
The young detective dipped his head,
"Sounds appropriate. Then come along, we need to head back to the campus."
Aizawa obeyed his orders and sat next to Toshinori before closing the door next to him. It took around few minutes to get pass the prison's gate and thereafter hit the road. Once they were out of the site, it was a good time for Aizawa to look back at his co-worker. He was now staring at his exposing bump uneased, few fingers resting on it.
"All Might...."
he remained silent.
"Look, forget about what she said. Forget what anyone says about it. The baby is human."

He blinked in very slight surprise and quietly turned him with a weak smirk.
"Huh. Since when did you have a change of heart?"
Aizawa made a soft shrug,
"Probably because of the way she spoke in that meeting. You know, what she said about the baby?"
He rubbed the back of his head,
"I should be scolding you right now on how you behaved back there. But if I have to be honest, I almost lost my battle of resisting to yell at her. That is until you did it first."
He made a soft smile,
"That look she made during your rampage. It was.....quite interesting to look at."

But Toshi frowned guiltily,
"I'm sorry. "
"I guess I'll be letting you off the hook this time. You're in this time of gestation where it can really mess up your character. Just focus more on having the smoothest pregnancy possible."
The skeleton looking man dipped his head in agreement. There was then nothing else to say. It seemed they will just remain silent on the ride back to the campus.
He looked back at All Might.
"I.....cannot let her feel nor think this way. About what Trichuris said about her. I will not let her feel responsible for what happened to her sister. She was not responsible for it. I won't let her know what exactly happened to her. And even if she does, I'll prove it to her that she is innocent."
Aizawa nodded in approval, seeing how this conversation was starting to make him feel a little better.

 Silence began again. He saw another thought run into All Might's head when he changed back into sad expression.
He was already paying attention to him and was patient for his next question.
"If I didn't pushed you out of the way. If you were the one that was carrying them....wouldn't the twin have still....?"
It was a very good question he asked. Yet, despite it being a high possibly, he doesn't believe in the "what ifs". The fetus may have possibly die because it just wasn't developing strong enough. But he mainly decided to answer this because he doesn't ever want him to feel as if he's responsible for the twin's fate.
"No. It wouldn't have."
He can see already that he has finally finished talking, instead distracting himself by caressing his belly. Now, after all the stress that has been going on half a day, this would be the best time for the homeroom teacher to at least take a 10 minute nap before they arrive at the school. All the attempts on zipping up All Might's pants, him racing back to grab food, having to lecture him only for it to be useless, all the things Trichuris said in front of them. It really did wore him out. He let the back of his head rest against the cushion of the car's seat, his eyes growing heavier and heavier until they closed shut. He can feel himself drift into peaceful darkness.

"Ah geez..."

  It was as if he was quickly pulled back into the world right before he met the destination, irritation filling up in his chest.
"Dammit," He groaned while raising his head back up, "what is it now?"
He was now looking at his belly in slight irritation and confusion.
"My stomach is acting funny again."
"Funny? And in what sense?"
"I don't know, it's been going off and on lately today. The first time was right after we pass those prisoners until it stopped when we got to the door. Maybe a little of it during the end of the meeting, stopped when I got to the car. Now it's happening again, but a little more irritating than the previous ones. Its as if my intestines didn't digest the food well and now the thick portions of it are just passing through. Though that detail is a little too complex. Sort of I like swallowed up some butterflies and they're now fluttering inside me?"
I know it's part of the gestation. I just don't know what they call it."

Okay. There's a ninety-nine percent chance that he could be right about what he's guessing. But he can't just blurt out the answer right away. He doesn't want to say it only for it to not be true and have All Might freak out over nothing. There was only one way in proving it and honestly, he's not even sure how Toshinori would react to this. Even he's uncomfortable about it. Not because he's someone who works with him, but out of all the pregnant women he has encountered, never has he ever felt the interest in doing this action. Nothing he can do but go for it and prove if his theory is true. He slightly reached out his hand.
"Can I feel it?"
Toshinori now turned to him in bigger confusion.
"What are you talking about? There's no way you will be able to f-"
His words completely stopped. What use to be a look wondering if Aizawa was going insane slowly turned into something else. His eyes widened, completely bewildered at the realization. He was now thinking the exact words he thought earlier.

Aizawa felt hesitant at first before placing his hand on the bulge. It was a bit hard, but not as hard as rock. A bit pudgy to put it that way. He was surprised with how warm it was, sort of like it's serving as an incubator. He waited but didn't feel anything.
"Did you felt that?" Toshi asked.
"No, I don't think so. Where are you feeling it at?"
"Here," He took his hand placed at the other section of it. He waited again and it didn't take longer than five seconds to feel a strange fluttery movement quickly pass within. The retired hero glance back at Aizawa, having the look of asking him the same question.
"Now I can."
He lit up as soon as he said this. There was a moment of pause and Aizawa slipped his hand away with it, leaving All Might holding his stomach, but never sweeping his eyes away from the other teacher's face. 
"Could this really be....?"
"I have no doubts now. It's about time that little fella made an appearance though. I didn't think she would ever do so."
Toshinori looked back down at it grinning more,
"Me neither...."

  There was suddenly few soft choking and sniffling sounds coming from the former number one hero, his irises starting to glisten.
"Hey," the tired man scolded him, "don't even think about crying. Sheesh, these mood swings are really getting the best of you."
"Heh...sorry," He wiped his small tears before they would even appear out of his sunken eyes, "I'm just really happy in knowing she actually exist and is doing perfectly fine. I didn't want to expect nothing when I've already become attached to something that I wasn't a hundred percent sure  was real."
Aizawa hesitated by the thought of what that feeling must be like to him.
"Fine," He crossed his arms, "I'll forgive you. Only if you stop saying 'sorry'. This is what? The third? Fourth time you've said it today?"
"You're right," he chuckled, "sorry."
"Say it one more time."
It was silent for a short while.
"Good. Glad you un-"

Toshi's shoulder was slapped by Aizawa's scarf.
"Ow hey," he teased, "you can't hurt me. I have a baby inside me."
"I didn't hit the bump. Only your shoulder."
"But do you know how hard my body is working to keep her growing?"
"That doesn't stop me from teaching you a lesson."
"Why not verbally?"
Naomasa glance from his rear view mirrow to see All Might and Aizawa playfully arguing at each other. He softly shook his head, giving off a teasing smirk and continued keeping his eyes on the road again.


"Young Midoriya, that's enough for today."
"Huh," Midoriya looked back at him while deactivating his One For All, "Already?"
"Yeah, you deserve some rest after a good training. Besides, there's something I must show you."
All Might turned and walked to the same tree they usually rest at after training. 
"Oh. Okay."
Despite the kid's confusion, he followed him over anyway. As All Might was getting into his sitting position, he started to feel slightly exhausted from it, possibly from the weight of his body shifting. It really wasn't that bad, not that it effected his stamina in any ways, but this however reminded him of how far his body has dramatically changed within nearly several weeks. He can't imagine what it'll be like once he reaches the end of this pregnancy. But getting his mind off that, there was a real reason why he let Midoriya finish his training earlier.
She has started moving again at the right time. I haven't yet shown this to Young Midoriya since she started being active two days ago. We both had busy days. Now is the best time as any to let him know as soon as he can before he flips me off on telling him later. I'm curious on how he will react.

 Despite it only being two days, the movement has started to feel a little stronger. So this should make this surprise more interesting. The predecessor waited for his successor to sit down next to him.
"So," he was catching a breath while wiping sweats off his forehead, "what do you want to tell me?"
Toshi reached out,
"Give me your hand."
"Oh," he repeatedly glance at his face and hand few times, "O-ok."
Reaching out and letting the teacher hold his hand, he moved it over and placed it on the right section of his bulge.
"All Might," He gave an even bigger confusion, "What are you-?"
"I know, its strange. But just wait."
The kid was starting to guess on what he could be talking about, but didn't want to jump into a quick conclusion. He looked down at it and wait.
"Oh wait she changed positions," He then moved it underneath the midsection and waited again.
A tiny bump quickly ran past beneath the student's palm.

 "WOAH!" He quickly moved his hand away and looked pretty stunned.
All Might couldn't help but laugh,
"Did she scare you?"
"I-I don't know about 'scare' but.... I'm just surprised. I was thinking that if she really was starting to move, it would feel soft. but I didn't expect it to be this strong already."
He chuckled,
"That's what a four month pregnancy is like."
"When did she started?"
"Two days ago."
"Only two days? Wow..."

  He was silent for a moment before glancing down at his belly.
"I.....sorry I chickened out like that. Can I....can I feel her again?"
"Ofcourse you can, my boy."
The freckled boy once again reached out and rested his palm on it. Almost immediately, he felt movements again, only this time calmer. For a moment, Toshinori felt like laughing again. The boy was so mesmerized by this.
"She feels so tiny...."
"Now there. You know this bump isn't entirely made out of a baby."
"Ofcourse I know that! But still...."

 Izuku let his thumb stroke the bump,
"This....this feels amazing. I..."
Midoriya choked up, his hand now gripping at just the older man's shirt. He was slightly surprised when the kid use his other arm to embrace his childhood hero, his face half buried on his shoulder.
"Sorry. I'm just so happy for you."
"Hey now," He patted Deku's back, "don't make me choke up too. Eraserhead already scolded me on that one."
The student made a hidden laughter, tears running down his cheek. As All Might noticed this, he let his arm wrap around the back of the child's body, his other hand caressing his head.
"You doing alright?"
"Mhmm," he hiccuped and sniffed, "It's...just gonna take a while to put myself together again."

"Take all the time you need," he let his head softly rest on his while still comforting him, "it's why I decided to stop training earlier."
Creature Within: Chapter 5
A quiz, a short essay, and finishing this chapter all in one night. I'm so tired. Once I finish uploading this to , I'm heading straight for bed. 
So I just learned a really dumb mistake that I made many times in the fanfiction. The other word on calling the fetus "Host" was ACTUALLY suppose to be "Parasite"

A Host is someone who is BEING POSSESSED by the creature, a parasite, within their body.

A parasite is a creature that invades the host's body. 

So it looks like I'm going to have to make those fixes in all the previous chapter. Chapter 5 will already be fixed once it comes out. So very sorry for confusing all the readers. -_-
Chapter 5 of Creature Within is almost finished. Just need to do one more scene (which should be really short). I Wasn’t sure whether to put this scene in here or not. But I feel if I don’t put it, I may possibly never get the chance to do it later.


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