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Creature Within: Chapter 6
  It was starting to get a little more exhausting walking around, his back slightly aching to make things better for him. Regardless, he continued walking past the hallway.
".....and what if she ends up having those same bangs as you? Or could it be she could have big bushy eyebrows? What if she-?"
"You're really won't stop mumbling about it, don't you?"
"I can't help it," Midoriya, who was walking next to him, look up in pride, "I've ALWAYS wanted to see what she looks like! I want to know what she does inside there!"
All Might laughed and scruffed his hair,
"I could be telling you that it's just a regular check-up. But I will confess that I do tend to look forward to the ultrasound all the time. I'm curious on how she's gonna end up looking as she develops."
Midoriya made a quiet squealed, almost as if he's a little child again,
"ooooohhhh, so excited!"
"Now the only thing I ask you is that you try to behave. I don't want Recovery Girl to scold you if you start bouncing off the
:iconchaoflakaa:ChaoFlakaa 8 3
Creature Within: Chapter 5
 Aizawa can still hear Toshinori making grunting sounds as he waited outside of his dorm. He glanced at the door impatiently.
"Are you close to putting it on?"
"Urgh...I don't know. This has been happening alot lately and I always seem to put it on in the end. Maybe if I can just..."
The frustrated grunting sounds continued, and later, followed by the pregnant teacher cursing. The black hair man sighed,
"Look, I can do it for you again."
 "No, Eraserhead. You helped me with that yesterday, there's no need for me to request it again."
"Very well then," he leaned back against the wall, "guess I'll let your friend know that we might miss the meeting."
"We both know that everyday, it's starting to take you longer to get dressed. And we can't stay here for much longer. Let me help you put it on."
There was a moment of silence.
"...You can come in."
"That's what I want to hear," he turned the door knob and went in.
  By the time he came in and closed the door behind him
:iconchaoflakaa:ChaoFlakaa 5 0
Creature Within: Chapter 4
 "I see," Principal Nezu said with nearly all the staffs and Doctor Seiichi sitting around at the staff meeting room, "so you finally decided not to remove the baby."
All Might dipped his head,
"I have no doubts whatsoever on this."
"Then that's settled," he gave a pleased smile, "I have no doubts either. Congratulations, All Might."
"Thank you, Principal Nezu."
Recovery Girl seemed a bit uncertain and irritated.
  "I knew it. You really do still have the recklessness in you. Always risking your lives for others when we tell you that you have done enough."
But the nurse looked at the blond guy with a soft sincere smile,
"But even so, that means you still have the hearts for people. No matter how bad they may seem."
"That's....not exactly true. But thank you, Recovery Girl."
"Most of the time," She winked.
Aizawa had his arms crossed and his eyes closed in thought by how frustrated he felt about the situation. He looked at him saying,
"I don't feel positive about this. But I t
:iconchaoflakaa:ChaoFlakaa 6 0
Creature Within: Chapter 3
 Toshinori put his All Might version alarm on snooze and let his eyes rest. There was a still a nauseated feeling within from last night. He vomited around twice yesterday? Did that the lessen than the previous days? He couldn't really think all that much because of how tired he was that he is just willing to drift off again. With all that has been happening for nearly a month after pushing out a dead fetus, his body just still hasn't been acting the same lately. He's been feeling more tired, very moody about things, even his eating habits has been unnatural. There have even been times he was not in the mood to eat what he has on his fridge and so he would walk off campus to get the food he really wants. 
 But feeling too tired to even worry about it, he nestled his cheekbone deeper onto the pillow and flipped his scrawny body to let his abdomen lay face down on the mattress.
He felt a sudden slight pressured pai
:iconchaoflakaa:ChaoFlakaa 4 2
Creature Within: Chapter 2
All Might,
I just received a message from your doctor. He would like to do the procedure tomorrow if you really have a tumor. Please call Mr. Naomasa to escort you to the hospital early in the morning. He'll be waiting.
He continued to stare at the the the most recent text from Recovery Girl while rubbing his abdomen.
Guess telling young Midoriya about this today will be a best decision after all.
The past week since his ultrasound has been difficult. The pills don't seem to be working at all. In fact, every time he consume them, he would just end up throwing them up. That or have intense pains on his intestines nearly the whole day. Not to mention that when he woke up this morning, he's been quite an uncomfortable feeling below his abdomens. It's really a good thing that it should all be taken care of tomorrow. The real concern however was how his successor reacts to what's been going on with him.
I wonder if Tsukauchi found anything related to the creature tha
:iconchaoflakaa:ChaoFlakaa 3 0
Creature Within: Chapter 1

SUMMARY: After Toshinori Yagi finds out that that the female parasite that attacked him impregnated him, he's willing to do everything he can to birth the half baby/parasite safe and happily. WARNING MALE PREGNANCY FANFIC!

Cold sweats and sick nauseating feelings in his intestines. It was the first thing Toshinori was aware of when he was waking up. Despite how painfully bright the light felt, he urged himself to slightly open his shallow eyes. What was a blurry world at first started to clear up. He took a glance look at the room.
A This is the UA's Nurse Office.
He recognized how decent the bed he was laying on was (not to mention that he barely even fits on it by seeing his bare feet uncovered by the sheets and just laying on the rails), and how there was the same one next to him that had the same features, how the sun was shining from a huge window on his left sid
:iconchaoflakaa:ChaoFlakaa 5 0
Innocent Scars by ChaoFlakaa Innocent Scars :iconchaoflakaa:ChaoFlakaa 9 0 INFINITY WAR SPOILERS: Motherfu- by ChaoFlakaa
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INFINITY WAR SPOILERS: Motherfu- :iconchaoflakaa:ChaoFlakaa 4 2
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My real name is Heather, but most people here call me by chao or flaka and Im ok with it because I think of it as a cute name. My things are all about cute or emotional artworks and funny gags. I am hoping that maybe someday that I will be an animator or anything that has to do with cartoons. Watch me if your interested with my stuff and I would feel very spirited with this.

For now though, Im just here to enjoy myself by submitting artwork that would please the viewers! :iconfluttershyyayplz:


Shows: Spongebob,Chowder,Funniest home video,Phineas and Ferb, Fish Hooks, Regular Show, Doctor Who, wander over yonder, Nostalgia Critic (consider it a show).

Book: Warriors, Seekers,Harry Potter

Favorite characters:
1.Spongebob :iconspongebobplz:
2.Perry the platypus :iconperrytheplatypusplz:
6. Mr. Baldwin
7. Fluttershy and Discord
8. Benson
9. David Tennant ( The actor from Dr. Who)
10.) Wander and Sylvia
11.) Bill Cipher
12.) Rocket Raccoon

Like: drawing, writing stories, swimming and singing

dislike: Horror movies,Hate comments, and sudden loud noises like popping balloons.

Friends: StarBlade99 and Mariofan130

Favourite style of art: cartoon characters :)
Wallpaper of choice: Aqua?
Favourite cartoon character: too many to pick...
Image result for the property of hate

Before I start things off, I want you all to know that I recently discovered and read all the chapters of it. I have no full details of the behind the scenes of the comic nor do I have much knowledge on some of the complicated scenes. So I'll explain what I know about the comic so far. Alrighty, now that its out of the way, lets get started. 

The Property of Hate (Mostly known as TPOH) is a webcomic that was made by Sarah Jolley (Mostly known to the fandom as Mod because of her Username). She created it sometime in 2012 and what it seems, the fandom started floating about sometime in 2013 and is....pretty big today. Not as BIG BIG as the Homestuck fandom but.....pretty big to the point that it's own discord server has up to 300 members. That has to be by far the biggest discord server I ever joined. 

So the comic is a story about a 6-8 years old girl, who is visited by a television guy in the middle of the night, requesting her to "Be a hero". She quickly accepts it, not knowing what she is going to get herself into. The two then begin taking a journey to a world of monsters (often pretty much known as the world of thought....too much to explain, you would have to see it for yourself. But yeah pretty much an Undertale world) and go off to fullfill the "hero's" destiny.

I don't think I really explained the two main characters throughout the description. So i'll make a quick talk about each of them without giving out spoilers. 

Hero: The little girl in which the television guy calls her by. She can get curious with the new world around her and can sometimes act distracted and stubborn, you know like a normal little kid would. But she is smart thinking and always tries to act merciful to the monsters around her. She does have a real name, but it can't be revealed for a good reason.
 Image result for the property of hate

RGB: The television guy. He mostly plays the role of being the escorter and guardian of Hero. He has quite a charming but a bit of a snappy personality. Not that he's a very terrible guy or anything, but I guess it's because he tends to have some personal spaces (which is funny I say that because he is a hopeless romantic and actually has a lover that.....basically, only hangs out in her house and we only see him encounter her once). He's also the most mysterious out of the two of them. Hell not even the fandom knows much about him. It's currently being played out as the story goes along. 
Image result for the property of hate

I think one thing I like about this story is that it's almost impossible to tell which main character is your favorite. I mean, if I have to choose, it would be RGB. But to tell the truth....this story won't be popular as it is if it was only centered around him. Nor would it be popular if it's only centered around Hero. Playing their roles together, their growing relationship, how they communicate, is what makes me very reeled into the series. It even comes to the point that whenever some monsters tag along with them, it can be a bit distracting. But that also plays a good role because the thing with these two is that they are taking their growing relationship steady pace. It's not the kind of All Might and Deku relationship where they seem somewhat distant and only takes 12 episodes for them to closely bond (Not that I find anything wrong with that, but you get what I mean).

Its just nice to have moments where the creator take turns with the focus between the world that they're in and the two main character's relationship.
Image result for the property of hate

TPOH is not Homestuck. I think it has a bit of resembling designs of it (Alongside Undertale), but its not that wecomic where each page has a gif and often has an animated video of an important event. No, it's ordinary comic. No movements, no music, no sound effects, just your ordinary fan-made looking comic. Howver, despite this, I love how the color design changes in which reflects the mood of whats happen. Not only for the settings and the characters, but dialogues itself.

Image result for the property of hate

Related image
Funny fact. There was one time the setting went from being all dark to being pure brightness. Hurt my eyes a bit.
Image result for the property of hate
Here's moent where whenever something intense is happening, the design would turn into something this.
Related image

I guess the only flaw with this comic is that only one page is updated every sunday. Atleast two would have been good, but I guess mod has many stuff to do. Not to mention with how well the designs are, it must take forever to finish one page. So I'll pretty much slide with that part. 

If you really want to see the comic, mod also post the pages on deviantart. But I highly recommend you look at it here.…

When you finish a page,you can scroll down and click on the arrow to click next. Below the chess looking item , you will see a scroll bar that will help you go to where you left off at. However.....there's a catch. How you use the arrows is extremely confusing. because If you choose the wrong arrow, you will end up with the most recent chapter that is posted, and you will possibly be hit with a spoiler.

In order to avoid this, click the curvy arrow next to one big blue flower. DO NOT click the more detailed arrow at the very right. You will see it look sort of like this (I can't seem to paste a screenshot of it, so bare with me):

(~) This is the arrow that takes you to the next page

(>l) This is the arrow that takes you to the most recent page. DO NOT CLICK ON IT IN ORDER TO AVOID SPOILERS!!!

Now that the warning is taken care of, here is my rating for the comic:

  • Reading: The Property of Hate
  • Drinking: coke

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