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Gwyvin's Adventure In Another World

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It's originally a gift comic for my friend Sagomi, The character Theophilus is her OC, she allowed me to use her characters to draw some AU stories.

Gwyvin aka Pluto is my own OC and design by me but Sagomi's brother said Gwyvin's character is similar to her, so I draw him to fuck Theo, because she loves Theo and also wants to fuck him. iOS Tears Of Joy Emoji Button (3/???) 

Read right to left.

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Koishi-ni's avatar
I’m going to bet 100$ that the child’s gonna be a Succubus.

BTY can you please translate some of his/her works.
chantilin's avatar
Nope, because she and I have broken up.:polnareffcry: Thank you for reminding me to take down all her links.
2Wierd4me's avatar
i want to see him give birth Llama Emoji-79 (Fabulous) [V4] 
Koishi-ni's avatar
Same here! I really want to know what the child will look like!
darksidermonents's avatar
is the cycle going to repeat itself?
chantilin's avatar
I don't know. iOS Tears Of Joy Emoji Button (3/???) 
Shiba1990's avatar
I can ask why this guy comes out with a giant belly?
chantilin's avatar
Because he has phantom uterus.
Shiba1990's avatar
still I do not understand
chantilin's avatar
He used sex magic to be pregnant, he is a sorcerer.
Shiba1990's avatar
but because he does, is what I do not understand?
chantilin's avatar
I don't understand what is you don't understand.Nick Young confused chat emote 

Well... I'm a mpreg fan so basically all of my characters can be pregnant, it's a mpreg universe, not sure if it's solved your question.
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