Drag Shergi Mystery 03 - Excerpt

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When the story was over I chuckled and shook my head. The way the children were held in rapt attention still was amazing. Hopefully, the nature of children wouldn’t be any different in the next generations. My attention went from my musings to watching the flow of people out of the building. I looked like a tree in the middle of a forest of shrubs, so, to avoid being constantly stared at, I waited for the last cluster of adults before I departed.

Just as I was passing by the entrance, I noticed a child’s toy. It was just a foot tall. The shape of it was rather like a person, but with a pair of bat-like wings. The color was in spring green. It looked like a rather old toy, with worn spots and frayed seams that had been re-stitched a couple times. The hands and feet were particularly well worn, but they’d been mostly covered with black cloth.


I blinked softly as I heard the noise. It sounded like a person. My eyes turned away from the plush toy. I searched around the crowd. My brow furrowed as a confused expression overtook my features. I couldn’t see anyone who could have made that call.

Help me.

There it was again. My head turned while my pale blue eyes continued to search for the owner of the voice. I probably looked rather stupid, but it couldn’t be helped. One hand went to the back of my head and I rubbed through my white hair as I spoke out, “Hello?”

Here, help me.

It was getting a little annoying. I couldn’t see who it was. With a sigh passing my lips I lowered my eyes to the toy. It was still there. No doubt some child had accidentally lost it. I stepped over to the side of the door then knelt. While my hand reached out, something curious happened.

Just as my fingers touched the hand, it seemed that the plush toy began to change. The first thing that happened was it grew to five and a half feet tall. The extra appendages disappeared. It left in its place a form like a man. The color was still green, though the stitches turned into tattoos which made him look like a puppet. Black hair covered his head, with long straggly bangs in the front of the short haircut. Pastel blue eyes stared out from under them. They nearly looked empty, like he was blind. To cover his form was a sleeveless jacket. The color was black, but dark red swirling patterns kept it from being solid. There were two buckles, one strapped across his chest and the other strapped over his waist. With the waist buckle, it almost seemed to cover over the top of the black shorts as well.

I was so startled that I let go of the hand. Just as I did, he seemed to change back. I probably looked rather silly while I stared at the plush with one hand grasping the hand then pulling back before grasping the hand again.

Sorry for startling you. I can’t show myself properly. Please don’t let go.

I blinked several times as I watched the man. I stood again, but didn’t release the hand. “I don’t suppose you can talk?”

Not like you, I’m afraid not. No one can hear me anyway. Please, let’s go somewhere less conspicuous.

“Err, right,” I said with a slight nod. To the others around me, I probably looked like I was carrying the plush toy by one hand. I glanced around. I watched the people wander off before I joined the tail end of the procession down the street.

As you may have noticed, I’m not a normal toy.

I nodded faintly to let him know I’d heard while I walked down the street. My eyes didn’t leave the path ahead, though; it would be weird to the others if I just randomly chatted with the air.

Ahead of us were the streets. I continued down them, but diverted towards the restaurant district. If I alternated eating and talking it wouldn’t be so weird; people would think I was just eating while making random comments about the food. With the season, there were a few carts out on the street where vendors tried to expand their market. I went to one which served soup in bread bowls. Quickly, I paid; then, I continued to walk down the street, meal in hand. There were some nice benches further into the district, so I decided to continue deeper into it in search of one.

Once I found a bench in a fairly secluded place, I sat on one side with the plush toy set on the other side. With one hand up, I held the food to my mouth to munch. The other hand kept down so I could see the other person. Was it a person? I didn’t know yet, but hopefully I would soon.

To continue, I was made in another kingdom. My purpose was to be a guardian. I failed that, unfortunately. More unfortunate is that I have no idea where I am now, or where she is.

“Well, I can tell you that you’re in the country of Everly,” I mentioned between bites. My eyes remained turned towards the toy to watch the youth that spoke out of it.

</i>I see. My mistress is from the Kingdom of Leldyna. We were traveling to see her family in the Kingdoms of Ellery and Belden. </i>

“Ah, I see that you’re far from home.” While I processed the information, I thought about the locations. My country was on the south-western third of the continent. The other two kingdoms mentioned covered nearly the entire eastern side of the continent. One country was in between them, in the northern part while the main river cut the continent in half at the base of the middle country to the very south-eastern point of the landscape. It was too far for me to be able to travel, what with my meager earnings. “I don’t think I can help.”

Please, you have to; you’re the only one who has seen me. I have to find her. She’s in danger.

“She’s probably fine.” I said.

But how we parted was not good. I was torn away from her in a shipwreck. The last I saw was her being dragged away by the leader of the group that attacked us in the storm. As I tried to make my way to her, he banished me into the doll so I couldn’t rescue her.

I didn’t want to tell what I thought. If the royal ship was taken, then the princess had either been rescued or killed. My head shook as I frowned. “How long ago was this?”

I don’t know; what year is it?

“Year 945 of the First Age,” I replied then waited for his response. For a long while he was silent. It was rather disconcerting. Rather than stare, I took the time to finish off my meal. The soup had soaked through the bread. If not for the crisp crust it would have leaked.

Then that means I’ve been away from her for nearly seven years. I-I don’t know what to do. I have to find out what happened-

“That long? If I can find it in the international newspaper, perhaps we can find out what happened to her. Which princess was she? And on the matter of names, who are you?”

Oh, yes, I’m sorry for not introducing myself. I’m Hit O’Arie. My mistress is Leoraia, Princess of Leldyna.

“My name is Drag Shergi.”

I’m pleased to meet you, Sir Shergi.

“It’s just Drag, please don’t try to be so formal.”

Oh, yes, I’m sorry again.

“Don’t worry about it. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have to rest.” Once I finished off the meal, I looked down at Hit. My free hand rubbed over the thigh of my jeans, then I took the other hand off the plush. With it, I turned the toy so he faced me as I looked at him. “Tomorrow, we’ll go back to the library. If I can’t find anything there, perhaps we can try the police station or the consul.”
An excerpt from The Missing Paraclete, Drag Shergi Mystery 03 ..
Another mystery adventure in the series I'm working on
It was published here www.lulu.com/shakkathi

Again, notice anyone familiar? xD
They might be better known through my art account
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