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Hello all, I haven't been very productive over the past year in terms of where I want my art to be, but instead I have a college degree and a clearer idea of where I want to take my game programming. The first step will be, of course, to Newgrounds, or somewhere similar.


Journal Entry: Wed Aug 8, 2012, 2:29 AM

Visit my scraps section for art updates. MC character designs are set!

Why am I putting all my work in the scraps area?

Well, because They are points of reference for whichever artist I want to work on StarCrossing. If I cannot strike a deal with anyone, I will work to produce higher quality works to showcase in the game.

Unrelated but, I wonder what is the real purpose of this premium membership...


Journal Entry: Fri Aug 3, 2012, 10:52 AM


I am chansu90, and I'm new to Deviantart. I've always known about this site, but I'm not a talented artist so I've stayed away. I had no reason to create an account. But now that I'm drawing as a hobby, and have projects that require polished art, I figured it's time to network with other artists and maybe improve.

A few quick news bits:

- I entered the myTakoyaki NYAF manga contest. I drew the pages while RPGhero87 did the script. Not very proud of the rush job, but you can view it [Here]

- I've begun development of StarCrossing, a flash-based isometric scroller/VN. I'm looking for pixel artists who are willing to work for very cheap (in the order of $10s or $100s) because I can't really handle all the art on my own. Check out my scrapbook -- if you can match or top my level of art, then you're very qualified. Send me a note. I will probably make a forum post along these lines soon.

Stay tuned for more information. Thanks for reading!