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Frankly, I Don't Give a Darn

By Channeleven
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Ever feel that the hatedom is worse than what's hated on? I do. This mainly applies to Sanjay and Craig and Modern Sonic. For Sanjay and Craig, none of the haters provided any evidence as to why it's hated. Modern Sonic is a much better example. The modern haters whine about the most trivial things, such as swords or vehicles, all while bitching about how their childhood is over. Let's not forget how they complained about the eye color for Sonic (in spite of liking games where Sonic had the eyes to begin with). I'd rather watch Sanjay and Craig and play the modern Sonic games than complain about them like others do. There're few hatedoms that are considerably sane. The only good hatedoms I can think of are the Blood on the Dance Floor and the Archie Sonic hatedoms. They actually have legit arguments as to why they hate what they hate, and the fans have proven themselves to be the rabid ones.

Bottom line, when you hate something, you'd only make others enjoy it even more.
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Exactly. This stamp is completely spot on.
I remeber all the bronies were complaining about Alicorn Twilight but I didn't mind............
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My stance on the Sonic fanbase: *Doesn't even give a fuck* (Eddsworld Emote)
Frankly, I toy and draw things that aren't really liked in the fandom as it is. Bendy lenny face eyebrows wiggle Pregnant Markiplier (MEME GIF) 
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As much as I like Sonic, I don't care about the fanbase anymore because no matter how much you try to satisfy them, they are always unsatisfied even for insignificant things. I even see dragonball z, mario, kirby, death battle, marvel & dc comic fandoms complain about Sonic all the time. Not only that but even SEGA themselves look like they don't care about Sonic anymore which made me feel numb about the series. As much as I find anime fandoms (especially shonen anime ones) quite bad, at least I don't see them nitpicking about insignificant things like Sonic, SU, Undertale and MLP fandoms do. 
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That's what I do. I prefer to focus on the things I like rather than the things I hate which is why in the future when i try to post art, I'll focus on the things I like because the truth is, if you don't like something, just don't look at it. It's not that hard. I mean people fail to realize that but what's the point of obsessing over something you hate? I mean, it makes no sense whatsoever.
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I'd rather enjoy the Star Wars movies than complain about them like the fandom does.
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Same here and i would rather enjoy both of disney's inspector gadget movies than complain about them.
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Honestly, I do both.
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*cough* undertale version of drop pop candy *cough*
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(ahem) TTG (cough)
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That's how I feel about Skylanders
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Not just Skylanders but there are other things too
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THANK YOU! I know a LOT of people like to complain about shows, movies, etc they don't like on social media sites like this (ESPECIALLY with all of those Animated Atrocities sheets....seriously, there's a muck-ton of those on DeviantArt), but I like to look at the stuff I actually enjoy about the work.

For example, last year I made a Top Ten FAVORITE episodes list (at least, Season 1); and after Season 2 is over and I watch all the episodes, I will do the same thing instead of being like a good number of LH fans who fixate on a couple episodes they DESPISE.
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Modern Disney is an example of this for me.
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Same with ultimate spider-man and Guardians of the galaxy
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I rather enjoy the shows I like than whine about the shows I hate.
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