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It's true. I find myself liking/hating certain things due to the rabid fans/haters who love/hate them. Some prominent examples are:

-Sonic 06: At first I hated the game, however, I soon discovered how rabid the haters were. Seriously, they're some of the most depressing people you'll ever encounter in your lives. Considering how they've acted, I wouldn't be surprised if they went on a murderous rampage or if they offed themselves. Thanks to them bitching constantly, I now kinda like Sonic 06. (the same could be said about how they complain about the new games constantly)

-Johnny Test: I was once a major hater of JT, but that all ended once I discovered the truth about the haters (I'd explain why, but I'd risk loosing my supporters in the process.) I still dislike the show, but I hate the haters for it more.

-My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: In most regards, the MLP fandom is WORSE than the Sonic fandom. They can't tale criticism, and the bronies, oh god the bronies, they're so egotistical, they hate on Equestria Girls for being girly (in spite of the fact that MLP was always meant for girls) and they even whine about wings.

-Angry Video Game Nerd: The fans claim everyone steals from the AVGN, 'nuff said.

-Nostalgia Critic: I have no idea how anyone could support the NC, considering what he has become. He's just a complete whiner, yet the fans still protect him from criticism.

-Mr. Enter: A bit more obvious. Enter's a dick to people who make mistakes yet the fans still think he's the God of reviews. He whines about how people don't apologize and how things aren't his way. WOOOH! So original!

-Sanjay and Craig: The haters fail to bring up any valid arguments against this show. They claim it's gross yet they support Ren and Stimpy and they claim it rips off other shows with no evidence to back up their points.

-Regular Show/Adventure Time: the fans treat these shows like they're the greatest shows of all time, when in reality, they're not that great.

(I respect your opinion if you like/hate these shows/games)

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Honestly, it's really all a matter of avoiding the bad eggs.  Like...I've met many fandoms that are apparently terrible...but have yet to actually meet the crazy sadistic fans everyone claims there are.  And...the bad ones are a lot easier to ignore than everyone seems to think they are.
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ButterflyLibraGirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
Eh it depends for me. I try not to hate on a show just because it’s popular, but sometimes I just can’t help it. 
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CaptainPopplioStudent Traditional Artist
It really depends for me. I will never let rabid fandoms/hatedoms affect my opinion on entire franchises, but the heavily affect my opinion on things like ships.
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KibaYujiProfessional Artisan Crafter
i used to think murder was bad but people won't shut up about how bad murder is. i kinda like murder now, just because of the rabid hatedom :/
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Platike4everHobbyist Filmographer
Sometimes I wish people would just shut up and look at how disgusting we all are.
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KibaYujiProfessional Artisan Crafter
That's how it is on this bitch of an earth.
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stormpumaHobbyist Artist
Same can be said about my opinion on Dora. I was neutral about her, but then, F-Bombs were dropped across the Internet! Illegal immigration stereotypes were all the rage and hate art was drawn about the series! And don't get me started on the GoAnimate videos on YouTube, some of those videos depicted her own parents as being happy of seeing their daughter finally dead, and then they ground her because she came back to life!

That's how I became a fan, no, really, a real fan of Dora the Explorer!

But as for Sonic 06, the gameplay doesn't make me wanna defend it. I played it, and I thought it felt more like Action 52 than an actual Sonic game.
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shark235Hobbyist General Artist
You shouldn't feel bad for hating or liking a show because of fans and haters.
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So I'm forbidden from hating something because it's popular?
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DEEcat98Student Digital Artist
No. It's not liking something just because it is popular is not much of a reason since it is just one thing about what someone dosen't like of something and nothing else and how there really are not any reasons to why someone does not like it because of it being popular. Also thinking that fandoms infect interest is not really a true thing because they are opinion things not religious things.
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Whatever, I'm just not comfortable with people taking their interest in a show so far it makes me feel uncomfortable to be within the same vicinity.
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Matrooko11Hobbyist Artist
I think this stamp applies to the Hey Arnold and Frozen fandoms, as well as the hatred towards Sony Pictures Animation, Illumination, and Blue Sky.
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Is it possible to love something, but hate the idiotic fanbase? Like Steven Universe or Gravity Falls? Both amazing shows with the most whinny and ingrateful and iditotic people who don't pay attention to the shows continuity or what the shows establish and blatantly ignore important plot details that makes character motivations understandable and justified and makes for great and well written stories? 
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Depends on the fandom and hatedom. Sometimes a fandom is so vile I refuse to associate myself with them, vice versa for the hatedom.
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Unicorns-and-pastelsHobbyist Traditional Artist
You shouldn't let fandoms/hatedoms affect your enjoyment of something in anyway Fandoms are just fandoms.
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arielshereStudent General Artist
Note: your typing of your stamps, are kinda terrible. Undyne 'What' 1 
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What do you mean? The descriptions or the words in the stamps themselves?
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arielshereStudent General Artist
like, the words on the stamps:… , yours look messy.
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I understand. Though I don't really make stamps anymore 
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arielshereStudent General Artist
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