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Bloodborne Inspired Cityscape

By chanmeleon
Painted this a while back when they first announced Bloodborne. Enjoy
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I can only imagine what this'd be like if FromSoftware used something like this for the landscape of Bloodborne 2. Here's a few I can think of:

Definitely a Boss Battle against some beast or hunter on the bridge.
The shantytown on the lower left could be a similar case to Old Yharnam, probably burnt to the ground by a massive fire and/or flooded in some areas, resulting in more aquatic-based beasts.
The large arch-like twin towers are more than likely this large area you enter from ground level, fight your way up one tower, fight a boss on the large arch, and climb up the tower further to find a Great One of sorts.

So much food for thought in this one picture alone...!
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Use London as a basis?
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"some call that city Dark Bay, but everyone knows that's Blackberg."

Sorry, this've jumped in my mind: it's too awesome and well painted to not being the landscape of Bloodborne 2 !
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i would love to journey through another bloodborne style city in a game, 
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This is amazing ◠‿◠
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this is amazing man, great job!
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Very cool, it's like a coastal Yharnam with signs of life, not just insane plague-ridden angry mobs.
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Don't be so sure about that. What if they poisoned the waters?
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Awesome, it looks like a mix of Gothic/Noir European and the lower levels on the left look like the houses in Rio or Singapore .
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Great observation!
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Thanks! I was a bit spot on.
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Great work! I think it'd be super cool to see a Souls game with the same kind of intricate architecture but with a modern/future setting. 
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May I use this deviation as an example of what should go into the 'Digital' folder of the group Bloodborne-Fans? As it is already in the 'Digital' folder. :D (Big Grin) 

I will be updating the Submission Rules Folder with deviations as examples so people have more of idea of where their deviations should go. Proper credit shall be given. 

Thank you. :) (Smile) 


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Sure go for it :)
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Truly fantastic!! Amazing colors and details<3
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Nice! I would love to see something like this if they do another game
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Awesome!!! I especially love the water reflection and the lightening! Well done! :)
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