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November 17, 2002
Sentinel Beta - 1 by chaninja is one of the best, and most original, Visual Styles for Windows XP that I have ever seen. I really dig the stylish start menu and the metallic tones. chaninja is definitely one of the best of the breed in the Visual Style category and this shows why! (Selected by $jark)
Featured by jark
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Sentinel Beta - 1

Deviants! If you're running one of the previous alphas of are alternate links to Beta 1 ...


If not then I think I'd better introduce it properly. Get ready for a long one =) (Smile)

You gotta try it! It may be a bit uncomfortable at first but please give it a day at least, bit of a change is good for you =) (Smile)

Some quick mentions...
- It was originally inspired by "The Sentinel" Windows Media Player skin by the The Skins Factory, I trust you all know where that is.
- Big thanks to all those Neowin(.net)ians, HardwareGeeks(.com) and others who've helped and encouraged me!!!
- The wallpaper was HEAVILY inspired by that wicked sphere at [link] and by Hugo Boss (InMotion cologne) (not that I use it =) (Smile)

Some Facts:

- I think I've spent the longest time ever on this one!
- Sorry vertical taskbar users, it didn't make it to beta-1. Next release, promise!
- There are 14 color schemes most of them are based on a light color but a few, namely 'Black2', 'Deviant' and 'Graphite' are dark, greta at night but I don't recommend using them for too'll affect your mood =) (Smile) !
- Some of the color schemes from the MMD3 Winamp3 skin match some of these color schemes really well
- The visual style is just about complete, still need to do vertical taskbar, logonUI cursors, shell32 animations and icons
- All the images have been optimized so don't worry about performance


I had to split the .msstyle into two cos my StyleBuilder compiles a max of 10 color schemes per .msstyle file.
You need to first install the 'Bank Gothic Medium BT' font (included)

There are two ways to run it,

1 - You can extract everything to a folder and go double-clicking all the .msstyle files and manually change color schemes and matching wallpapers or you can

2 - Extract all the .theme files and 'Sentinel_A' and 'Sentinel_B' folders to your %WINDIR%\Resources\themes\ folder and select the color schemes from Display Properties, this way is quicker but it takes up a lot of space on your themes list and you'll most probably loose your cursor and the default desktop icon settings

Here are the Commandments to obey when using Sentinel:

- Though shallt use ONLY Normal Size fonts
- Though shallt NOT use large icons in the quick launch area
- Use ClearType font smoothing, otherwise titlebar fonts look blocky
- Disable the 'Address' Toolbar from your taskbar cos it throws it off sync when you're using multiple-line taskbars.
- Disable the 'Language Bar' from the taskbar (ugly)

Thats it!

I really like it and I hope that you will too! Please post your opinions and be sure to let me know if you have any suggestions or bug reports.


If you're willing and able, any donations would be GREATLY appreciated! - [link] -> ""
© 2002 - 2021 chaninja
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OG-Nimbi's avatar
would love to see this for windows 10 rs5 =D
why can download? or where i can download for innosetup skin?
GrayhorseRetired's avatar
Great Job!
I am a NUT for Orange and black and can tolerate red and yellow.
You have done a great design and offered colors too.
I have enjoyed a lot of your work and hope you continue.
thank you for this one!
Grayhorse Retired
7dudes's avatar
great work ...please make this theme for win 7
7dudes's avatar
great job...please make this theme for win7
kkarllos's avatar
mcwurth's avatar
great visual style but: and this is probably my system: when i reboot my system it comes up without this VS except the colorscheme is set to this style. any idea why this could be?
ISigh's avatar
dont know how to instal it + only have Sentinel_B1 not Sentinel_A [link]
I like sentinel (red) very much and use it in XP-32
Now also have XP-64 but doesn't work, but will keep trying.
adni18's avatar
Excellent work! :thumbsup:
M5000's avatar
OMG I love this style, like no lie. I had it installed on my older XP computer but I don't use that anymore, is there ANY way you can somehow adapt this to be a Vista theme? If you do, I will worship you forever. This is like the only theme I can find that's even close to my current aspirations for my visual style: Dark with blue accents. And if you can't adapt it, that's fine I'm just saying that a Vista adaptation would be greatly enjoyed.
tomasse's avatar
great theme dude.
on my XP era, this was the one i used the most.
I even made a wallpaper to match back then, here is the link [link] , yeah i know, kinda late for compliments, but i just bumped on your gallery by pure luck, so i thought i mention it.
Again, very nice...keep up the good work.
Wonderful, great job. I've installed it.
and-reas's avatar
I'm using it right now, great theme! Also very complete.
Zeentch's avatar
Hey chaninja i've been a fan of your work for a long time altho i have never known you could be found on dArt and now when i have found you i just wish that i'd have found a updated Sentinel style but seems i have to use this one for a couple of more years, im glad u did the style and im happy i found ya, keep up the good work =)
and-reas's avatar
Im using this theme right now, and it's the best one made! Really professional
WOW!!! At first glance, this theme is absolutely amazing. However, I do have a few issues:

1. Toolbars in Firefox are HUGE (like unbelievably huge). Is there any way to correct this?
2. I am using an iconized toolbar ([link]), but the icons look really strange. Why does it do this?

Other than this, I love this theme. I'm using Sentinel_B--Black2 and I just love the gray backgrounds in explorer as well as the amazing taskbar (even though there are a few issues).
IronLeviathan's avatar
Awesome! Just downloaded it (First custom theme I've ever set up) And I love it.
Wow by far one of the best, I like the fact you not only changed the colors but really changed the look and shape I can see you put tons of work into this KUDOS!
XxSoulHunterxX's avatar
This is an amazing theme.

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