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I have set up an etsy:
where I will be selling my handmade books and perhaps some of my artwork. Do take a look at it, or if you had be interested in commissioning a custom sketchbook- journal- diary, let me know!

You can also add it as a fan on facebook:…
(I will be using this page to make updates like a mailing list as to when new books will be added to the shop.
So if you had like to keep aware of any new books, do add yourself as a 'fan'. Thank you!)



My medical fees have been mounting up so I am currently accepting commissions at the moment!
My rates are as follows:

A4 sized full character pencil drawing
USD 50 for one full character A4 pencil drawing
     . USD 30 per additional character
     . USD 20-50 for additional background detail(depending on intricacy and time)

Turnover time for one A4 drawing is about 1 - 1 and 1/2 months provided there are no pending problems.

1. non-DA user - rendering
2. :iconuneide: - rendering
3. :iconcmasuoka: - info received

ACEO size drawing (3.5x 2.5")
USD 25 - full pencil bust portrait
Turnover time for one aceo is 1-2 weeks provided there are no pending problems.


Commission policies

You choose the style I work in. For samples please browse my gallery :")…

You should send me a complete description of your character plus any pre-existing sketches you may have of him/ her. This is to make sure I do come as close as possible to your idea of your character. Please also do let me know if you would like to come up with the setting the character is in or if you already have an idea for what the drawing should be like.

If you require a photorealistic portrait, then I would also need a full description of your character, with photo references. Either a photo of a person who you think resembles your character the most, with notes on what to change, to make them look more like your character.

I will require full payment upfront and can accept payment via paypal or bank cheque. My email and paypal address is changeweaver at gmail dot com.

You will receive the original drawing ($5-10 for postage and handling depending on size of artwork via registered airmail) or a 300dpi PSD file. I retain copyrights to the completed artwork unless agreed upon otherwise in advance.

If you had fancy something else, simple sketch, bust portraits, per sizing(A5-A3) or different traditional media (watercolour/ acrylic/ oil) or digital painting, feel free to note me or email me at changeweaver at gmail!

FYI, I have to go to the hospital every week @_@
So if you can throw me some spare change, it would really really help.


Plus thank you to everyone for all the comments and favs I have received, I am sorry I can't respond to everyone, I had certainly like to but sometimes I just don't have the time or energy. And I love reading all the comments!

Thank you for visiting and reading! :")


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How could I resist that Alice journal?! Have purchased (via etsy) and shall be eagerly awaiting it's arrival - patiently of course hee.

Was lead here by Himmapaan's plug by-the-by, good luck with making lots of sales :)
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OMG OMG, you are the buyer? Thank you so very much! :hug: You are far too kind! THANK YOU! :hug:
Eep, I hope you don't find my email offputting.
Do contact me if you have any questions :"D
KonekoLo-Chan's avatar
Hee you're very welcome! No probs with the email, pretty things are worth waiting for :)

Funnily enough it's my first purchase on Etsy too, it's like being introduced to an online Cave of Wonders lol
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<3 I think I missed where you put your paypal info though?
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Oops, okay will edit and update! ^_^;
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HimmapaanProfessional Traditional Artist
I wish you luck with sales - and I hope all will be well with your health.
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Thank you very much, my friend!
If you could help by plugging this post, it would be truly and greatly appreciated! :"D
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HimmapaanProfessional Traditional Artist
It is done. ;) :D
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Thank you so very much! :"D
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i put your etsy link on my journal... :D
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Ooh, thank you! You're awesome! 8D
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