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So recently I decided to take a look at the past work I have done and see what and where I can improve on. I was pleasantly surprised that I have indeed improved since the past years in the forms of art I do as well as in my career as a web developer. 

Which brings me to that time again; UPDATE TIME! XD I was hired at a web service company and in the same breath had to move out to a city in three days time. That was a month ago and I am still trying to figure out what the hell I am doing. The first month of the job has been a rollercoster ride with no end in sight (thank god). I am currently (still after a month) settling into my new place, especially my studio which needs some major love. I have been neglecting most art stuff because of my job eating up most of my time, but that needs to change. I love art too much to function without it, especially with these new *secret* projects of mine that I have in mind. All I need to do now is outfit the studio to fit my needs.

All in all, I will be doing an update to my dA at the end of each month hopefully. Stay tuned. 
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October 7, 2013


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