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So recently I decided to take a look at the past work I have done and see what and where I can improve on. I was pleasantly surprised that I have indeed improved since the past years in the forms of art I do as well as in my career as a web developer. 

Which brings me to that time again; UPDATE TIME! XD I was hired at a web service company and in the same breath had to move out to a city in three days time. That was a month ago and I am still trying to figure out what the hell I am doing. The first month of the job has been a rollercoster ride with no end in sight (thank god). I am currently (still after a month) settling into my new place, especially my studio which needs some major love. I have been neglecting most art stuff because of my job eating up most of my time, but that needs to change. I love art too much to function without it, especially with these new *secret* projects of mine that I have in mind. All I need to do now is outfit the studio to fit my needs.

All in all, I will be doing an update to my dA at the end of each month hopefully. Stay tuned. 
Hello there~ So it has been a while since I have updated my dA. I have been looking for a job in Website Design, so I haven't wanted to be on the internet much aside from updating my Pinterest. I have started another blog (I cannot remember if I have said anything about that yet) on wordpress. However, the job search takes up most of my brain space.

Art wise, I have been experimenting with my style as well as new techniques. Some good some bad. But I will make sure to update more often. 
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My dear sister is really tight on money so she is selling some of her stuff here! Check it out?

In other news, I am off to another convention tomorrow with the last of my "fun money" for a month or two depending on when or if I go back to the "Burger Shack". I am going to save Gaara for the bigger, more anime orientated cons and instead I am going as a zombie. <3 That is all the personal news I have really, I have been so busy with school work. Turns out this semester will hopefully be my last full semester. I am doing a Co-op which requires me to find a full time job at a website design company. So my creative juices are being pored into web work and resume building
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Roleplay blog?

It isn't finished yet but I decided to be brave and open this to everyone. It is an rp based blog with three characters of mine. Sachirin (a Naruto character of mine), Mangosnake (a character from the rp community Realm of Dreyrull), and Rhylzt (a drow original character).

I don't claim to have the best OCs.
I do not support the Mary Sue wars.
Roleplay is not a competition.
I made this for the pure fun of it.
Any hateful asks will not be answered, nor will they be reblogged.
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More than a week? Yeah, things have been very very very very very very very busy. Is that enough very-s?

I have been mostly working on the website prototype for our group's design documents. Gods, the website designers that were reviewing our class were so harsh. One of them, Chris, turned out to be really friendly and helpful though. He recommended a section of study that we should look into before this project is over and before we graduate. Everything turned out okay even though our class mate's egos and ours were severely bruised lol

Aside from that, I have been spending what little time I have to myself in thought. It wasn't until a couple days ago that I have started drawing again. Thank goodness for spring break. I really hope that I don't become an introvert this week like I have been on most of my days off. ><

Oh and I have been working on a Roleplay blog on tumblr for not one, nor two, but three of my characters. I dunno if I will open it to everyone just because I am shy about my characters outside of dA, friends, and the Drey (one of my characters will be on the blog). *hides*

Oh and my Gaara Cosplay arrived yesterday and the con is the 23rd~ I have excitement lol

Whelp, I think that is all I have to babble about today. Have a wonderful day peoples.
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Oh yes, I have updates for the journal of random babbling that no one listens too. I kid about that last part. Anywho, I am now working on not one but two websites I guess if everything goes as planned (college is ever changing and so are lives). I am very excited because my teammates and I so far work really well together from what I can tell on my end. I have to work on design documents after I write this, but I needed to clear my cluttered brain.

On a more personal note; I have been very busy in trying to change up how I go about things, both the everyday and the future. My OCD streak caused me to move to a new facebook account and spend much time cleaning up my well used accounts on other websites. I managed to get rid of most of the clutter in my room/studio at home too. Which is refreshing to finally be finished with. The only downside to these changes has been my short fused temper (also due to my not feeling well all weekend). It isn't easy trying to change so much about yourself and life all in one go.

I wish I had something other than myself to update on today, but all in all things have been slow and calm. No more issues with the professor, problems are being fixed, and ect.

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To-Do List;
- Client Contract Form
- Contact Form
- Website Mock Up (5-6 Pages [Home, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Contact Form])

Almost Done;
- Contact Form SUBMITTED
- Java Project 2 (OOP)

If there is time;
- Filming for Computer Graphics
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Today is officially the day I turn 20. I finally get to get rid of the whole teen-ending to my age.

My parents surprised me this morning by informing me that they custom ordered my Gaara cosplay for me and are paying my pre-registration fee for the con too! I cannot explain the amount of shock that I am in right now. Not many gifts could actually bring me to tears, but this one did. Tears, squees, and complete shock all at the same time. My little brother also added to it by surprising me with a gift card to Sephora and a set of Hello Kitty socks. My birthday has been made and it isn't even the end of the day yet. We're going out for dinner tonight and mom is making a Chocolate Orange Cake for me. Yay for being 20!

My web partner also unknowingly made my birthday easier by showing me a CSS3 generator, because I have web work to do today. The work never ends. CSS3 is only a bit different (similar to the difference between HTML and HTML5), so the generator helps to show the syntax differences (in my opinion). But now I will be able to finish my php work and watch Walking Dead for the afternoon.
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Hello again.

I have been busy working on homework for my classes (and sketching in between). I finished two business card designs and have made a portfolio using dAPortfolio. My professor thankfully okay'd everything on each!

So, yes, I have things. Things by meaning of pages. I have been working in my sparse spare time on making sure my various pages are updated more frequently - which isn't easy when you are tired after class. If you want, you can check out my Pinterest. I will eventually post links to my blog and other accounts when I start updating them.

I am also thinking of creating a facebook page to help with my current website project as well as to use for networking purposes. But, if I do create one or not remains to be seen. I just know that I don't want to use my personal facebook (I hate it because it is so outdated and a mess >< ).

Anywho, that is all I really have to update on today. Rambleramble.
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I am working on some business cards for when I graduate. According to the career councilor at the college, it is a good way to advertise yourself and will help in getting hired. I found a website here that offers packs from $19.99 and up, which is great. I love the mini cards that they offer especially. It is going to be a while before I get these because I am only starting to play around with designs. However, since this is an "art meets logic" major it can get very competitive. I want, since I am one of the only women in the major, to take some initiative. Yay for motivation~

Working on this has kinda helped my current mood too. So, I have a goal: Overcome it. Or at least keep trying.
I also need to overcome my anxiety about cosplay. Money issues + stigma = anxiety. Pictures? Yeah okay. Claims of being a hot shot cosplayer? Nope. I just want to make a costume, dress up, and hang out at the Con.

Question: I am going to try and make a costume for Kazekage Sabaku no Gaara from Naruto Shippuden. However, if it isn't finished by the time the con comes around, should I still wear whatever I have completed? (At the very least I will have the red robe (no vest), pants, shoes, and white scarf, plus makeup and my hair done. )

Oh and one last thing; I am trying to come up with another idea for a blog. I have tried to write one many times before, however, they all failed because I went through many changes in the times I wrote them. Now that I am more sure of who I am and where I want to go, plus being more comfortable on the new updated accounts on the internet, I want to have a blog to promote as well.

So, question: What do you like to read if you read blogs?

And with that, I have nothing else to update on.
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As I said in my previous entry, it is a class requirement to launch a real and active website by the end of the semester. I found a client and a partner very quickly and I am finally getting excited for this project instead of fearful. The index page that I did isn't where I wanted it to be, but it will be edited throughout the semester to make it look better.

One of my classes is really hard though, even for my geekoid brain, adding to my scatterbrained stressed out appearance. If things are forgotten, please forgive me ^^;
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Whelp, first week of classes is done and I am officially in for one of the scariest and most exciting semesters as far as content of classes goes. Turns out I will be launching a legit and active website for a not yet existent client once I find out who my partner is for the project. o-o So, yeah, I need more motivation right now because this is bigbig. Bigger than what I thought I was going to see this semester. It is exciting though!

Other than that I am glad to be able to hang out with some of my closest friends when I can at the college. It is hard to believe that this is my fourth semester already though. But yeah...All in all good week~

Oh~ and I am still drawing away too which adds to the happy emotions~ I have been enjoying doing fanart (no original characters involved) today after I came home early.

Annnnd...I think that is all. X'D
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Yup...So I decided to compile a list of goals as far as creative endeavors goes. These classes that I am going to be taking are mostly based on lab time in the art room or in the epic computer lab (which is only used by CIS majors ^-~). As long as my muse doesn't die on me I will be able to continue the way I have been going...

Original Characters:
I intend to start working on adding some color into my sketches of my OCs. In addition to sketching, I hope to be able to finish a couple one shots for Rhylzt, my drow character. I have very much enjoyed working with him again. Long shot goal would be to write a full fledged story based on my original story "Blue Moon" which was never launched to the internet. <3

Metamorphoze (Naruto FanFic):
I will be continuing this story as soon as I get the muse back for it.

Advice? I am enjoying actually being able to draw something other than wolves and flowers for once...

Serious Work:
I may or may not upload screen shots of my projects from college this semester. I need to make up a portfolio anyway, so I am thinking this will be the way to go. We shall see. I am very excited and nervous for the new semester and the work that comes with it. It is what I have been preparing for these past semesters so it is a BIGBIG deal o.o

Sabaku no Gaara (Kazekage) from Naruto is the one and only cosplay I will be doing this year and is going to be my first actual attempt at a cosplay, and not just a pressured costume people told me to do. I will be uploading photos once the project starts moving along. Just need to wait for sales at the craft stores. >< I am not too big on cosplaying so it is going to be a casual cosplay and not a die hard replica of the character. If I could cosplay one of my drow characters I so would now thinking about it. o__o

I make no guarantees on what you are going to see appear in my gallery while the semester takes a hold of me. I much enjoy just being spontaneous and putting things I like or did up.
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Well, wordy title says it all really for my current mindset. I have fallen head over heals for everything artsy again, the problem is that I don't feel like my own art is improving any. It started yesterday, and really hasn't gone away no matter how much I have tried to kick it out of my head. Then again, I may be coming off of the amazing mood I have been in for the past week almost, thanks to some artistic friends and awesome days. X'D

To distract myself from this nonsense, I've been looking on etsy and other sites for some inspiration. I decided looking at blogs was a good idea. After seeing this home… of a graphic designer. I fell in love with the artistic eye that she has for toys, unlike a lot of other people that I know personally -.-

I was curious so I did a search to find the toys that caught my attention from her blog. I found a "Little Cthulhu" on MyPlasticHeart that really caught my attention when I was looking at the vinyl figures similar to what I saw on the blog. I am a sucker for Cthulhu! X'D They had a DIY version too.

I also found a video Kat Von D did of her quirky home here…
I love the door bell that she shows in her home which has a mechanical eye. That would be an awesome little addition to anyone's home, if of course you like things related to Steampunk ^-~
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Happy New Year! 2013!

I have been thinking all day (off and on) about the past year as I usually do. Originally I had written something on facebook, but I was embarrassed and took it down. 2012 was a hellish year for me and I made a lot of mistakes in my opinion. However, it ended really well from the summer all the way to today. I think for once I am actually proud of who I am as a person, which took a lot of work and it is finally starting to show. I am especially happy that I can show this side of me on dA as well as with the friends/family I have been so enjoying the end of 2012 with. <3

Have a fantastic 2013~ ^w^ Stay safe this New Years Eve!
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~Hello there lovely people~

I have obviously moved from my older accounts to this one. My life, artistic style, and all around interests have changed so much that I think this was...I dunno...needed I guess. I have become very fond of this account too. I have officially uploaded more to this account than I ever have on any others. I think I also have more friends and am in more groups than I have ever been as well. Gotta love deviantART. Anywho, I wanted to write a meaningful journal entry besides the mindless babble that I am accustomed to doing. Gods, I haven't written one of these since I was an angsty teenager. O.o But, now I (aside from occasional paranoia) am happier than I have been in a while. I also have a lot more confidence now in art and in general.

So I guess what I want to say is if anyone has constructive criticism for me I'd love to have it. However, you shouldn't go on and flame me because I will not stand for it. Jussayin' I want to make my art better even though it is a hobby.

Things I already know:
`My writing needs some work to get back to where I had it, so no worries. Once I finish working on the writing I will resubmit and update what I have in the works or submitted.
`I just started as of a couple months ago attempting Manga style art. Though I would like criticism, I know it isn't perfect. No worries on that either. ^^;
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