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larapickle dtiys
My entry for larapickle's draw this in your style challenge. It took me roughly 3-4 hours to complete.

Name (citizen) Noelle Parker
Hero Name: Takurua Neve
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Sexuality & Romance: Lesbian Homoromantic
Race: American
Dominant hand: Ambidextrous; prefers left over right
Relationship (if anything): Dating fellow miraculous wielder Bianca Sanchez.
Personality: Cold, sassy, sarcastic, strong sense loyalty to her friends and teammates, bit of a tease.

Miraculous: “Cat” ear headphones
Kwami: Arctica
Powers: Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Senses, Winter Magic, Frozen Purification
Enhanced Agility - Like her fellow miraculous, Takurua Neve is given an enhancement on her agility, making it so she can run faster, jump higher and have more strength.
Enhanced Senses - Takurua’s sense of sight and hearing get enhanced as well while she’s transformed. Her headphones can pick things up from long distances, and her goggles allow her to see through and in many things. The downsides to her enhancement mainly comes to through her enhanced hearing, as loud noises can take a toll on her.
Winter Magic - Being the arctic fox miraculous, rather than illusion, Takurua Neve often uses what she calls “Winter Magic.” She works best in cold climate and with snow and ice. Some of her Winter Magic include making icicles grow from nearby sources of water, freezing liquids by walking on it, etc.
Frozen Purification - Her main miraculous power is the power of purification, the ability to extract one thing from another. She usually does this by freezing her opponents. It is questioned as to whether she is capable of purifying akumas, though it isn’t believed she is capable to do so at the moment as her Miraculous has not been around for as long as the Ladybug miraculous.

•    Lady of the Miraculous
• Kreeta, Red Heron miraculous
• Sy, Syberian Husky miraculous
• Chat Noir, Black Cat miraculous
• Cheetah, Cheetah miraculous
• Monarch, Monarch Butterfly Miraculous
• Komadori, Robin miraculous
• Taurus, Bull miraculous
• Falcon, Perigone Falcon miraculous
• Viperion, Cobra miraculous (technically Snake, miraculous)
• Lord and Lady Blanc
• Rena Rouge, Red Fox miraculous
• Carapace, Turtle miraculous
• Queen Bee, Bee miraculous
• *Ladybug, Ladybug miraculous

Team Mates:
o Kreeta
o Monarch
o *Chat Noir
o *Komadori
o *Viperion

** Ladybug and Takurua Neve a very strained relationship. Neither one likes the other, making days they have to work together a hard task to complete.
* Takurua has a strong sense loyalty to Chat Noir, unlike she does with Ladybug. While he is older than she is, she still refers to him as “Chaton” or “kitten.” Of the two and their allies (Rena Rouge, Carapace, Queen Bee, and Viperion) only he, Viperion and Komadori know her true identity.
* Komadori met Takurua when she gave him his miraculous. While he mainly teams with Ladybug, he doesn’t have a true team he fights for, as his power of renewal is unlike his fellow miraculous. He is capable of using it five times to restore them of their miraculous’ powers. The downside is the more he uses it, the faster he detransforms.
* Viperion and Takurua both have a neutral standpoint. While they don’t fight on the same team often, they enjoy banter with each other.


Ladybug and Takurua's first conversation:

"Who are you? Did Chat Noir send you in his place?!"
“Hello Ladybeetle, I am Takurua Neve. The Arctic Fox miraculous. And I haven't seen Chat Noir, though, I'd love to meet the kitten.”
“Hello, er, Takurua Neve. And it's Ladybug.”
“I don’t care Ladybird. Anyways, I have a kitten to find, I'll let Chat Noir his Lady is waiting, tata~”
“You little VIXEN!!”

Chat Noir and Takurua Neve talking after Ladybug runs off leaving Chat Noir in the dark, again (Syren episode)

“Not today Takurua. I'm not in the mood.”
“Oh, Chaton, you deserve so much better.”
“I don’t want better. I just…”
“You want her to love you as much as you love her, I know, but give someone else a chance.”

Noelle turning into Takurua Neve:

“Arctica, enhance my senses!”

Takurua Neve turning back into Noelle:

“Arctica, return me to my senses.”

Nathaniel and Noelle talking about kwamis and their powers and a few random things thrown in:

“Never mind that. Why give this to me? And what good is the power of renewal?”
“All kwamis give their miraculous wielders enhanced agility, but each one has a power that specifically fits them. Rena Rouge has Illusion, foxes are known to be clever, agile, mischievous and charming. Illusions do just that, they fool the mind making her come out on top. Ladybug uses her Lucky Charm. She’s good luck. Ladybugs bring happiness, they show you that you can achieve your goals and much more. Ladybugs are helpful as well. Chat Noir has his Cataclysm, which allows him to destroy anything he touches. Black cats have a very divided view point. They can be seen as unlucky, hence destruction. But with the right use, Chaton can be very lucky.”
“I call him “Kitten” sometimes, sue me. Anyways, the black cat means more than just luck, there’s also quick adaption, self-care, facing risky decisions, beating the odds and…”
“Having important things hidden from you.”
“…I…see…what about the robin?”
“The robin symbolizes spring, renewal, wisdom, passion and new beginnings just to name a few. But your renewal allows you to help us. By giving us back energy we lost. The downside is you’d detransform faster than the rest of us.”
“What?! Why?”
“Because you’re giving us your energy. We all use our powers once. After that, we have 5 minutes before we detransform. But, with your Renewal, we get that back. We'd have more time on our side."
"I...I think I understand...I don't like it, but I understand...what about, you?"
"I mean, I've seen you almost take down Axolotl with a giant icicle, iceberg, thing, so..."*    
"That was my Winter Magic. Unlike Rena Rouge, I don't have the power of Illusion. I can manipulate ice, snow, and the cold to an extent, hence, Winter Magic. But, my main power is Frozen Purification."
"Frozen Purification?"
"Mhmm, I freeze my opponent and I can purify them."
"I'm still lost, sorry."
"Don't worry about it, my Frozen Purification works so that once my opponent is frozen, I can purify them of things. I haven't used it much really. I haven't seen a need to."
"Haven't seen a need to?! You could help Ladybug with Akumas!"
"I don't know if I can. Ladybug has been around for centuries now. Her kwami is thousands of years old compared to Arctica here, who's only been around for a few hundred, probably less. We don't know if purifying akumas is something we're capable of."
"You'll never know until you try."

*Reference to an old contest entry I did for a contest Kibrii held in the past. In it, I showed my OC, Takurua Neve, pinning their OC, Axolotl, to a wall with a giant spike of ice at his neck.

Noelle and Marinette talking about Luka and Adrien being a couple, as well as Noelle's sexuality

"I told you he had something for him"
"But, but, but..."
"Although, I also thought he and Nathaniel would date. But Luka's a good looker too, if you're into guys."
"...I forget your gay sometimes until you say things like that."
"And I'd still rather fuck Chloe over you, puppet."

Luka, Adrien, Bianca and Noelle planning a double date:

"You two are dating?"
"Got that right, hey maybe we can double date sometime? A day just for the gays, if you will."
"I'm bi, actually, but I wouldn't mind a double date."
"A day for the gays just seemed to sound nice because it rhymed. Binky here is bisexual as well."

Viperion and Takurua Neve having a sass off, while Ladybug, Chat Noir, Rena Rouge, Carapace and Queen Bee watch and listen on:

"I don't know, I don't want to watch over a kit."
"At least this kit has claws. What are you gonna do, bite me? If I wasn't so gay, it could have turned me on."
"If I wasn't gay, your claws may have done something for me."
"Anyone else uncomfortable?"
"Uh huh."
"Very uncomfortable. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR IT YOU TWO!!"
"I'm fine with this..."
*Viperion and Takurua Neve share a look*
"Chaton loves my tail. Said its very fluffy, he likes to use it as a pillow."
"Chat Noir prefers touching me anywhere."
"What? I mostly touch his chest, the guy has great abs under his scales."

Takurua Neve talking to Frozer, ready to claim her Kingdom:

"Your kingdom? Ha! I don't think I've introduced myself to you Frozer.
But ice is my tool.
Snow does my bidding.
The cold wind bites only for me.
My name, is Takurua Neve. And winter, is MY Kingdom."
Takurua Neve/Noelle Parker info
I've been doing some updates to my MLB OCs. So here's Noelle's/Takurua Neve's. 

Contest entry I referenced in this:…



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hello hello, Ia here, I wanted to let you in on what I have planned for my YouTube channel. 

For those who don't know, I run a channel by the name KawaiiChibiArt. I do speedpaints, currently for digital art only, and I've been posting videos on and off for a while now. 

In terms of numbers of suscribers, I recently reached 51, but let's put that aside, what I want to talk about, is the future of my channel.

My next video is going to be my second video where I talk, the first being a video where I ask people to give me questions for a Q&A. 

This upcoming video, that I hope to get done this month, is going to reflect my romantic orientation. This is something I changed already on Instagram, but I identify as demiace, or demiromantic asexual. However, part of me feels aromantic would be a better fit. I'm not telling you anything beyond that because I will be sharing the video here when it goes up. 

And in general, that's what I want to do. I want to talk about myself, about my sexual and romantic orientation, about my depression and having tics, about the struggles I'm going through. I want to read poetry that I both have written and have found, I have book filled with them.

Will I ever do a video where I talk to the camera? No. I'm not comfortable enough to talk to a camera, to show myself, but I am comfortable enough to talk once in a while. 

I'm also open to topic ideas or poetry you have written that you'd like me to read. Just let me know what you think. As someone who in general doesn't like the sound of her own voice, who doesn't like talking, this is a big step for myself and my self-confidence. 
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Drinking: water


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Hello everyone, my name is Sofia, but feel free to call me Ia.

Welcome to my DA account. I'm a mixed-multimedia artist and poet.

Mixed-multimedia artist: Uses multiple mediums, sometimes putting them together. Mixed refers to the combination of mediums, while multi stands for multiple, referring to more than one medium.

I do fandom work and original work. I'm currently working on setting up a new commissions price set for Paypal as I want to open those up sometime this year.

Check out the other places I'm at by hitting the link below. You can follow me on Instagram (kawaiichibiart art account or myheartisaglowingjarpersonal/poetry account) or ask me some questions.


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