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Umbreon and Espeon Cross Stitch

This is a cross stitch from a fanart of Umbreon and Espeon. :3

Umbreon is my favorite Eeveevolution and Espeon is my best friend's favorite so it seem apporpiate.

Anyways; I want to make this quite clear; the original photo I did for this ISN'T mine; and I can't even find the picture on google anymore!

If anyone finds a link or knows the original artist of the picture; I'll be more than happy to add a link to the original as well as give credit to the creator

I do not own Pokemon or it's characters Umbreon or Espeon; or like I said the original fanart

Program used to make pattern: STOIK's PM Stitch Creator 3
Thread brand used DMC
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BlackBerry 9360
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Oct 25, 2012 7:43:20 AM -02:30
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Is there a pattern somewhere we can use? or nah
ChandrakantaAvani's avatar
I just put a pic of it in my cross stitch maker. But I've long since lost the pattern and pic
CraZfangirl's avatar
Okeydoke, no worries. Beautiful piece!
pandachan63's avatar
this is really cool! did you use a 14 count for this? 
ChandrakantaAvani's avatar
yup. most of mine are done in 14 count 
Maiko-Girl's avatar
Love Its absolutly lovely,my compliments! Love 
comex319's avatar
Do you have a pattern for this? this is Epic
ChandrakantaAvani's avatar
sorry, I don't have it anymore...
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starstitcher's avatar
I actually found this picture a couple of months ago and I'm working on making a pattern for it.  I can't wait to get mine started. umbreon run 
ChandrakantaAvani's avatar
It was really fun to do; well except for all the white bits XD that took a bit
AphroditeHalosydne's avatar
Thats so beautiful! Im jealous :D
ChandrakantaAvani's avatar
thanks for the comment. I love it too. It's one of my favorites
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This is so amazing :D
ChandrakantaAvani's avatar
Thanks! It was a pain to do the white parts; but totally worth it :3
Ratskite's avatar
ChandrakantaAvani's avatar
Thanks! I love it too :3
Lenuk's avatar
wow!!! just amazing ^^really nice work!
ChandrakantaAvani's avatar
Thanks I loved stitching this one; especially Umbreon :3
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