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okay so here are the rules for the Loup Garu game. You need to write down all the rols on cards, which you distribute amongst who's all playing.
Each card has a role, and yeah.

Werewolf/Loup Garu- kills one person per ight, if there are multiple werewolves, they vote on who they kill.

Witch/Sorciere- has the power to save or kill someone, or do nothing.

Little girl/Petite fille- is the only player who is allowed to peek while everyone's head is down. But if they are caught by the werewolf, they are killed instead of the immediate victim. they are not allowed to tell anyone outright who the werewolf is.

Cupid/Cupidon- chooses two players to be "lovers". If one of the lovers is killed, the other one dies too.

Hunter/Chaseur- If the hunter is killed, the player can choose someone else to die.

Fortune Teller/Voyante- can choose a person and look at their card, but cannot say outright if they know who a werewolf is.

Robber/Voleur- can switch their cards with someone else.

Peasant/Paysan- don't do anything special.

Captain/Capitaine- the captain's vote counts for two. If they are killed, they get to pick the next captain.

Once everyone has their cards, there must be someone to narrate the game and control the lights. When the lights are on, it is day time. When the lights are off, it is night time.

The narrator decides what happens during the course of the game. Not every single card has to get played. An example:

"Night falls, everyone goes to sleep. [everyone puts their head down] Now Cupid comes and chooses two lovers. [Cupid chooses two players, the two lovers look at each other.] The lovers recognize each other and go back to sleep. Then the werewolves come out. [Werewolves choose a victim. Narrator taps them on the head.] Now the werewolves go back to bed. Now the witch comes out. Witch, do you want to save or let the victim die? [Witch chooses yes or no and puts their head back down.] And now the sun comes up." [Narrator switches on the lights, the victims reveal themselves and hand in their cards.] Etc etc. The game continues until everyone dies.
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