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TFP - Megatron

By Championx91
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This art was made in 2014

I have finally finish watching TFP all three seasons! It was great! I really like the story for the whole TV-series. I cried when Megatron "died"! The "Predacons Rising" ending was also heartbreaking! 
My favorite season was season 1.


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Mature Content

Transformers G2 - Galvatron Anger Management by Championx91
Megatron threatens ppl by Championx91 TFP.Megs helps out by Championx91

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Very nice detailing. Not only does Megatron look as fearsome as ever, but those scars on his face are quite indicative of his age. His ambitions are long-held and he doesn't care who knows it.

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I love the difference of the face of Megatron
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I miss Megatro. Like he's the one true villain Transformers... in the animated side and all, deserves the most.
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this is excellent! I love the facial expression and the special effects for the eyes are fantastic! keep up the great work!!!
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This is AWESOME!!:happybounce:  I always thought that TFP megatron was a badass! Transformers Prime - Megatron [I KNOW!] 
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Very, very cool megatron! 
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WHOOO!!! LORD MEGATRON!!!!Megatron icon 50x50 
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please do more megatron art! XD he's by far, one of my favorite decepticons!!!
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This Megatron looks good with those lights in the eyes XD!!
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