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TF Megatron - This is what I think of your peace

occ by Championx91


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This art was made in 2015

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TFP - Megatron by Championx91

Mature Content

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When there are many fans and friends among them 0% of life!

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'Good' old Megatron. Never change, old friend - never change.

Also, this idea rocks - thanks for posting it.
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I'd also love to try a piece of peace. I wonder what it tastes like.
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The day Megatron declares peace is the day Starscream is cured from villain decay.
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That's the Megatron True Decepticons the likes of Raksha know and love.

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This is definitely why I love Decepticons XD
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Agreed. The only "Autobot Megatron" I'm willing to tolerate is one who lives before the Great War, before the birth of the Decepticons.
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And this is one of the reasons why...the IDW 'Autobot Megatron' concept is such a FARCE... An unrealistic ideologically-based farce, but a farce nonetheless. Megatron should've REMAINED a Decepticon or even just became a he did in TFP. But to make him an outright AUTOBOT. No dude, just NO...even with his so-called 'build up' towards that, it's too damn out of left field!
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Agreed. Heck, in one of my storylines, Megatron would rather go to another dimension than be an Autobot. (To be precise, he chooses to go to the Universal Century Gundam universe, where he uses the Principality of Zeon and its successor state Neo Zeon as a proxy to gain power)

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By The Allspark....
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is like the light and the dark: they can never be togheter
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Typical Megatron XD
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This makes me happy!  I've been playing all the G1 episodes and seasons of Transformers up to the present, in the background while I do study sketches  -  to get familiar with episodic storytelling;  and It's cool to see Megatron's personality conveyed so accurately in this brilliant work!|Ratchet| Gif 
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hi take request for me??
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Peace through Tyranny!
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