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Scorbunny32D's avatar

How rude.

I’m an independent Mon who don’t need no trainer!

LegoWormNoah101's avatar
Yes! I choose Scorbunny!
K4nK4n's avatar
Oh em gee~!!Heart Heart Heart Heart 
SonikkuFan85ALT's avatar
Used as a ref for this
Manic and Scourbunny (Double Gift) by SonikkuFan85ALT  
XxSkysoraxX's avatar
(Pokémon Golder)
WeirdSmiles's avatar
my floofy baby.
shadowphil666's avatar
I'm choosing this one for sword. Don't even care about final forms. Always chose fire and not stopping now. 
SonikkuFan85ALT's avatar
For some reason I always choose fire types too even though i want to be an Electric-type master.
shadowphil666's avatar
I chose fire cuz it is usually the rare type. Like in gen 1, it be a long time before you get another fire type. Same with nearly all but gen 6. Cuz litleo was there at the start. And the bird but got to evolve him first lol. Grass and water are everywhere. Just surf and fish for water. Grass is usually in the nearby forests. That why I always get fire types first. My second favorite type is dark. Which is why I love both houndoom and incineroar
SonikkuFan85ALT's avatar
Litten was my fave starter cus cats~
Kclar's avatar
I hope scorbunny doesn't become a fire fighting type but a fire electric type
DeckyV-2's avatar
For now, he's my favorite. But I'm waiting for the final forms.
GeotheFox's avatar
Scorbunny is so cute!

of course i would choose him!^^
Bloodrainnightmare's avatar
Would definitely choose that one!
skysoul25's avatar
?welcome, whose your personal favorite thus far?
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