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Dream future pokemon game features and mechanics What I want in one future pokemon game, mechanics and features.
The Vs. Seeker
"When used, the Vs. Seeker sends out a signal that allows Pokémon Trainers to find other Trainers who want a rematch.
This signal affects all Trainers that are within the player's view.
Once used, the device cannot be used again until it is charged."

The Vs. Seeker was fun in the endgame and was easy exp farm and money farm.
The trainers did level up after credit.
Partner pokemon.
"Pokemon  walks behind you."
Select any pokemon to walk behind you. On occasion the pokemon can find/ pick up items for you.
Season and night.
"On a certain period of time the game become night/other season time , exclusive pokemon will appear."
Bring back season and night.
Weather tiles  
"When player walk on a certain tile, some effects can happen."
Have interactive x tiles/ weather tiles.
Snow tile, "the player ca
If I could change/ add laws in my country We have had a huge election in my country this year. I was inspire by the politic spirit, so I made a list/made my own laws.
This is just for fun. This text has been translated twice.
A patient can have a meeting involve medical teams from differences levels. (regular doctor and a dentist).
Fines for parents to non-vaccinate.
Remove the ill fee in total.
Free doctors, but all educated doctors gets higher pay.
Free abortions. Fake abortion punish by law with fines and jail for life.
Everyone learns to make the vampire sneeze for health reasons. It will be and for all ages.
Persons who have x % bad eyes sight have discount on eye-test, glasses and etc. For life.
Everyone over 18yo is automatic an organ donor.
All physical jobs have a new healthcare system that gives employees x % pay less to visit a physiotherapist
A mandatory boss day. Once or two times a year, your boss must working with the working-bees.
Minimum 4 weeks per year paid holidays for full time workers.
Ask me anything.Ever wanted to know anything in particular about me? Well now's your chance! Ask me anything, like a Q&A! DD SUGGESTIONS APRILI suggest DD
Every month I will suggest random DDs. 
Art that have not receive a DD before and art that I find unique!
Once in a while, I'm looking in the undiscovered section, and if I see something who catch my eyes, I suggest it.
I also suggest artist who never got a DD.
At the end of each month, I'll do a new journal to show you all Deviation that I suggested during the month.
What is a DD? -
What I try to avoid/ will not suggests DD
:bulletred: Erotic
:bulletred: Already received a DD
:bulletred: Gore/vore / trigger warnings
:bulletred: Fetish
:bulletred: Contest/com/ request/ gift / adopt and similar
:bulletred: No older than 2 years of submit
DDs suggestions:
Sally portrait by AcidicDollBlood Moon by Rilun:bigthumb




Get featured on my profile page for , for one week!
Get featured on my profile page for , for one week!
Get featured on my profile page for , for one month!
Get featured on my profile page for , for one month!
Pokemon x uses y move commission

May art feature: Comment on this poll YOUR art (Max 3 thumbs) to get a chance to get an FREE art feature (Max 3 thumbs) 

45 deviants said Me. **Please don't comment the same art you did (if you did) last month!**
15 deviants said April art feature -…



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