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So... I like recommendations on the front page. But that's about the only change I like.

DeviantArt is very difficult to navigate, now. Why on earth was the watch feed split from the notifications? I know I'm gonna forget to check up the people I watch. This is exactly how you push the users away.

Change is fine but you gotta do it well. Hopefully the staff will do something and we'll get some improvements at the very least. I have my doubts since the staff really doesn't seem to listen criticism, but...

But that's enough of me complaining! ArtSpacious seems interesting and I'm looking forward to it!

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Hey hey! Been a while! How's it going? I'm alive! Cleaned up the gallery a bit, now most of old crap is in scraps. Y'know. Like last time. Can't say I'm promising to get my shit together and actually be active here, buuut... here's trying? :D I'm gonna spam some older stuff here now.

But yeah, I'm mostly at Insta or tumblr. There's more Art Crap there than here.
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Ahaha. Hi there. I'm alive. Barely.

To put it "short" why I haven't been around: 2018 was bad. I did get a job and an apartment (first time living alone, yay!) but y'know. Even those good things have downsides. Work stress, family and relationship stress, existential crisis, I'm-Stuck-In-A-Small-Town-Where-I-Lived-My-Childhood-And-There's-Nothing-Here-And-I-Have-To-Get-Out-ASAP and Every-Day-I'm-Growing-Older-And-Wasting-Seconds (those are things, right? sure feels like it) AND to top all that, I had my very first panic attack. FUN!

And now I've had a flu for almost a week. And that whole time I've been watching Friends nearly nonstop... Ross is horrible.

BUT! Sorry for the whining. Hope you people are doing better, yeah? Everything good?

Now I'm gonna (try) check all the notifications. Whoo. There a lotta em! And as for posting art, I dunno. I know what I've said earlier but... hm. Y'know. It's the same things as last time. I'm more active in Insta/tumblr anyway. I will try to kick my ass in favor for this place as well!
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Right when I'm supposed to be active, things start happening. Ha! To sum last few weeks: funeral, wedding, birthday, work stress + general stress
aaand i'm moving next month, so that takes a lot of juice. SpongeBob SquarePants - Old Flat Squidward Icon But it's a welcome change, I'm excited about it. :la:

BUT just now I committed a purge in this gallery and I feel sooo much better. Some of the old stuff is in the scraps now and the rest in storage. Whoo. That took hours! I think I've fainted. Worth it.
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Anyway! Hi! I'm not dead! Just lazy. As in, lazy to come here. Big thanks for those who still stick around for reason or another!

Time to wipe the dust off from this account. I'll try. (that's what I said last time, isn't it...right)

One problem is I don't draw nowdays nearly as much as I used to. I miss art. And I miss the people here. And the sketching I manage to scribble is mostly self-indulgent so i can, you know, stay sane when I'm trying to Adult. Internal screaming aside, I've been succumbing to the endless vortex that is tumblr. And sometimes insta.

BUT! I've been thinking about opening commissions someday, for real money. Would anyone be interested?
Also it would be nice to know what do you actually want to see from me? I'll probably post some "proper" art and then sketchdumps, cause that's mostly what I have.

Meanwhile, you might catch me here:
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