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Ahaha. Hi there. I'm alive. Barely.

To put it "short" why I haven't been around: 2018 was bad. I did get a job and an apartment (first time living alone, yay!) but y'know. Even those good things have downsides. Work stress, family and relationship stress, existential crisis, I'm-Stuck-In-A-Small-Town-Where-I-Lived-My-Childhood-And-There's-Nothing-Here-And-I-Have-To-Get-Out-ASAP and Every-Day-I'm-Growing-Older-And-Wasting-Seconds (those are things, right? sure feels like it) AND to top all that, I had my very first panic attack. FUN!

And now I've had a flu for almost a week. And that whole time I've been watching Friends nearly nonstop... Ross is horrible.

BUT! Sorry for the whining. Hope you people are doing better, yeah? Everything good?

Now I'm gonna (try) check all the notifications. Whoo. There a lotta em! And as for posting art, I dunno. I know what I've said earlier but... hm. Y'know. It's the same things as last time. I'm more active in Insta/tumblr anyway. I will try to kick my ass in favor for this place as well!
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Langueo's avatar
Nice to see you back :D Well, I hope 2019 will be a better year for you!
ChampagnePain's avatar
Nice to see you're still around as well! :D Ooh, I hope the same!
NatalieGrayson's avatar
Oh man, what an eventful year! I hope this year treats you better!
ChampagnePain's avatar
Ooh, yes. I hope so too, but I'm gonna try to make some changes. :D Maybe things will work out better this year!
Doom-Duck's avatar
sounds like you've had a pretty full-on year! I hope this year is more easy-going for you :0
ChampagnePain's avatar
Some years have to be like that, haha... And I hope so too. I'm trying to make this a better year. :D
Doom-Duck's avatar
Sounds like a lot, man. So understandable.
ChampagnePain's avatar
It sure was. But good thing that's over!
PropanePropain's avatar
First you just gotta slow down and breath, it is a lot going through your head but eventually something good will happen, you just gotta take it easy. :hug:
ChampagnePain's avatar
Man. It was lot. And that - just taking a breath - can be really difficult for me sometimes. Thank you. :hug:
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