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Deviation Actions

So... I like recommendations on the front page. But that's about the only change I like.

DeviantArt is very difficult to navigate, now. Why on earth was the watch feed split from the notifications? I know I'm gonna forget to check up the people I watch. This is exactly how you push the users away.

Change is fine but you gotta do it well. Hopefully the staff will do something and we'll get some improvements at the very least. I have my doubts since the staff really doesn't seem to listen criticism, but...

But that's enough of me complaining! ArtSpacious seems interesting and I'm looking forward to it!

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Agreed. Eclipse is confusing and unergonomic, I can't understand why the staff forces the deviants to use it while it's not even finished :/

I didn't heard about ArtSpacious, sounds interesting!

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Exactly! Changing the layout would be fine if it worked. :/

Yeah, it seems pretty neat! Hopefully it will be better than... this. :p