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Kadaj: expression

eee another one. it makes me happy. i loved compiling all the pictures because they all had such different expressions [hence the name expression oho]

i got all of them from an LJ account:

by the way, you stamp people out there, tell me if there are any improvements i can make.

stamp template by ~Kencho

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I think this shall be the first stamp I'll pimp out on my page~~
kadaj is so cute with all his little faces :D
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asdksld;. thank you so much. i feel special now <3
i wish i had a sub to pimp out stamps, too, CRY.

dude, i think even when kadaj is pissed as holy hell, he's adorable.
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XD I'm crying because my sub will run out soon. But while it lasts the stamps will be oh so happy XD

He's cute no matter what :D
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AWWERS. that sucks, man. i really want to get a sub. even three months is okay, i just want to ~experience it <333

i second that comment forever and ever.

there is one exception, though. long story. do you want to hear...uh, see it? o::::
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It's pretty fun~ Mmy friend bought it for me, but I want to extend it >3<

Oh yes, do tell or show XD
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i can imagine. with all the polls and super deviation-viewing... i want -drool-

okay. i'll note you the story just because I CAN
...and because it's long :<
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...i love his much....
and the expressions are hilarioussss XD
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his hair is a god in itself. i want to cosplay him soo badly OTL

in every one i can picture him saying 'mother!...'

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don't you just love those divine hair gods? lolll
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especially the hair that defies gravity and ALWAYS STAYS IN PLACE down to the last strand.
although it seems that all FF characters are that way, now that i think about it
-eyebrow raise-
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its because they're all modeled after Gackt. >.>
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i'm sorry but
i can't stand gackt. i hate his face.
my friend and i call him plastic satan, dude.
the only two songs that are tolerable from him are redemption and vanilla. vanilla, because i associate it with lulz.

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LOLLL your reaction...
Heyhey, everyone can has their opinions XD
But yeah. Anywayyy...>.>
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yeah, my reaction was fierce. o:


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