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I create Worm Rider sculptures to populate a dying world of insanity. I take pictures of these sculptures and help them create tiny invisible religions. I also write songs about some pretty serious shit like Hellavators, Alien Knives, Tree Curses, and the morning.
I currently reside in Seoul, Korea but I'm originally from Texas.

Feel the call of Adventure as your feeble mind
teeters on the precipice of
Only you can save a world of limitless chaos
in the realm of...
The Worm Riders

If you want to see interesting and rare pictures of Seoul, check out my friend's site

Comic panel manipulations done on my phone

Favourite Visual Artist
right now I'm thinking Erol Otus, Marion Peck, Boleslaw Biegas, and a freak named Stephanie Lucas. Oh! and also I almost forgot my fave Aleksandra Waliszewska. She's like a pocket universe.
Favourite Movies
any movie with real weird bars (done tastefully)
Favourite TV Shows
Thundarr the Barbarian / Naked and Afraid / Land of the Lost /
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Bootsy Collins and everybody else who gets horney on horns
Favourite Books
You'd have to be someone who hates reading to figure this out
Favourite Writers
Clark Ashton Smith, Ted Chiang, Jack Vance, William Hope Hodgson lately...
Favourite Games
I use towers to defend whatever
Favourite Gaming Platform
computer machines
Tools of the Trade
grit, disrespect for authority, and a real "cowboy" attitude
Other Interests
Straight up reconstructing realilty with the "Rekin Krew" at the hottest night clubs all over Seoul.

Once in the ocean

Once in the ocean

   X E L A S O M A   1 day ago      There's a Werner Herzog documentary about Antarctica called 'Encounters at the End of the World' where he interviews a marine biologist studying microbial life beneath the ice. The scientist seems visibly disturbed by the monolithic brutality of that kingdom so much so that he forwards a theory to suggest that land-based organisms might have crawled onto land to escape the hell that was in the ocean.

The Far Realm

The Far Realm

Visitors whose minds do not snap upon entering the plane apprehend the translucent layers fading away to either side, pierced with free-floating rivers of milk-white liquid that sometimes run along a layer's edge for a few feet before plunging into the next. Rains of blue globes descend from unseen heights, bursting . The globes burst when they strike another object, releasing ticks the size of horses that scuttle off in search of blood. Gelatinous worms wriggle from layer to layer, winding through tentacled vegetation encrusted with orange moss, all suspended above an amoebic sea.

Myth and Metropolis

Myth and Metropolis

Leaving itself is either freedom or rediscovery of oneself. Things that are so familiar and thus banal to residents of a region may feel new to those who are placed themselves in a new setting. So do not only floor tiles but also statues at the plaza. A monumental sculpture loses its presence if the first context vanishes at least to those who live in the region. Graeme Gilloch quotes what Walter Benjamin stated “There is no document of civilization which is not at the same time a document of barbarism” in his book Walter Benjamin and the City. A monument is a typical document. For Gilloch, “The monument presents itsel

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BernardumaineProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you for faving !
Your work is so good I really see a lot of potential in it- like I'm super excited to see more of your work in the future
Chamjari General Artist
Ahh, hey. Too kind^^ I can't guarantee good stuff, but it will probably keep trying things.

ThanXXX SOOO much for the "Watch"! I really appreciate it! I look forward with great anticipation to see more of YOUR Art! If you wish, you might care to take a look at the Art in my Gallery! It's a bit Labyrinthine, but, if you scatter breadcrumbs behind you, you should find your way out OK!

Keep on Creating!


Happy Birthday!
Chamjari General Artist
Hey, full on thanks for that^^
KingOvRats Traditional Artist
Happy birthday man! :D