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❥⚬R͟e͟a͟l͟ N͟a͟m͟e͟: Mel
❥⚬A͟g͟e͟: 21
❥⚬G͟e͟n͟d͟e͟r͟: Fluid

❥⚬N͟a͟t͟i͟o͟n͟a͟l͟i͟t͟y͟: American
❥⚬R͟e͟l͟i͟g͟i͟o͟n͟: Conglomerate Christian
❥⚬S͟t͟a͟t͟u͟s͟: Dabbling in Dates
❥⚬B͟i͟r͟t͟h͟d͟a͟y͟: June 5th
❥⚬Z͟o͟d͟i͟a͟c͟: Gemini
❥⚬H͟a͟i͟r͟ C͟o͟l͟o͟r͟: Light Brown
❥⚬E͟y͟e͟ C͟o͟l͟o͟r͟: Brown tending to Green
❥⚬H͟a͟v͟e͟ T͟a͟t͟t͟o͟o͟s͟?: None
❥⚬P͟i͟e͟r͟c͟i͟n͟g͟s͟? Two Pair
❥⚬W͟e͟a͟r͟ G͟l͟a͟s͟s͟e͟s͟?: Sunglasses
❥⚬C͟o͟n͟t͟a͟c͟t͟s͟?: No

❚⌈♜⌋→ Dσ Yσυ. . .
❥⚬W͟r͟i͟t͟e͟?: All the time
❥⚬R͟o͟l͟e͟p͟l͟a͟y͟?: Constantly
❥⚬S͟i͟n͟g͟?: Whenever I know the lyrics, and too often when I don't
❥⚬D͟r͟a͟w͟?: I certainly try
❥⚬E͟d͟i͟t͟?: Only if the original owner/creator is okay with it and/or asks for it
❥⚬E͟x͟e͟r͟c͟i͟s͟e͟?: Not enough
❥⚬P͟l͟a͟y͟ S͟p͟o͟r͟t͟s͟?: Rarely
❥⚬Dance?: Too much
❥⚬R͟e͟a͟d͟?: Every chance I get
❥⚬W͟o͟r͟k͟?: And actually enjoy it, surprisingly
❥⚬B͟l͟o͟g͟?: I did. For SAGA. Sorta lost motivation
❥⚬D͟r͟i͟n͟k͟?: Every day; gotta keep hydrated
❥⚬C͟o͟o͟k͟?: When I have someone for whom to cook
❥⚬B͟a͟k͟e͟?: Never had the motivation
❥⚬P͟l͟a͟y͟ a͟n͟ I͟n͟s͟t͟r͟u͟m͟e͟n͟t͟?: I definitely want to relearn

❚⌈♝⌋→ Fανσяιтє . . .
❥⚬C͟o͟l͟o͟r͟?: Black and Red
❥⚬A͟n͟i͟m͟a͟l͟?: Chameleon (duh), Bat, and Hyena
❥⚬B͟o͟o͟k͟?: If I tried to list them, we'd be here all day
❥⚬M͟o͟v͟i͟e͟?: Ready Player One
❥⚬A͟n͟i͟m͟e͟?: Tie between YoI and Voltron
❥⚬T͟V͟ S͟h͟o͟w͟?: Again, we'd be here all day
❥⚬C͟h͟a͟r͟a͟c͟t͟e͟r͟?: All of mine
❥⚬A͟r͟t͟i͟s͟t͟?: Varies depending on mood
❥⚬S͟o͟n͟g͟?: I'll Find A Way (Hemsey)
❥⚬S͟i͟n͟g͟e͟r͟?: I don't really pay much attention...
❥⚬B͟a͟n͟d͟?: Varies
❥⚬M͟a͟n͟g͟a͟?: Split between Fake, Psyren, and Rurouni Kenshin
❥⚬A͟c͟t͟o͟r͟?: Misha Collins
❥⚬S͟u͟b͟j͟e͟c͟t͟?: Communication Theory/Psychology
❥⚬S͟c͟e͟n͟t͟?: The numerous varieties of vanilla and spices
❥⚬F͟o͟o͟d͟?: Homecooked
❥⚬D͟r͟i͟n͟k͟?: Milk
❥⚬Q͟u͟o͟t͟e͟?: "Just imagine you're an Orc; don't let them see anything but strength. This is your coming of age, your chance to prove yourself." ~Kevin Mulligan, paraphrased

❚⌈♟⌋→ Rσмαи¢є~
❥⚬S͟e͟x͟u͟a͟l͟i͟t͟y͟?: Abro
❥⚬S͟i͟n͟g͟l͟e͟?: Currently
❥⚬C͟r͟u͟s͟h͟i͟n͟g͟?: Maybe
❥⚬I͟n͟ L͟o͟v͟e͟?: Who knows?
❥⚬B͟f͟/ G͟f͟: None
❥⚬E͟v͟e͟r͟ G͟e͟t͟ M͟a͟r͟r͟i͟e͟d͟?: I can dream
❥⚬H͟a͟v͟e͟ K͟i͟d͟s͟?: Again, I can dream
❥⚬D͟i͟v͟o͟r͟ce?: I pray not
❥⚬I͟r͟l͟ o͟r͟ O͟n͟l͟i͟n͟e͟?: Online friends are fine, but you're missing out on essential connections if you try to make an online relationship work

❚⌈♔⌋→ Tнιѕ Oя Tнαт
❥⚬T͟e͟a͟ o͟r͟ C͟o͟f͟f͟e͟e͟?: Coffee (Tea is making an effort tho!)
❥⚬W͟i͟i͟ o͟r͟ X͟b͟o͟x͟?: Neither (Too damn poor, man...)
❥⚬H͟a͟r͟r͟y͟ P͟o͟t͟t͟e͟r͟ o͟r͟ P͟e͟r͟c͟y͟ J͟a͟c͟k͟s͟o͟n͟?: ...Harry Potter, barely
❥⚬F͟l͟o͟w͟e͟r͟s͟ o͟r͟ C͟h͟o͟c͟o͟l͟a͟t͟e͟s͟?: Either
❥⚬M͟o͟n͟e͟y͟ o͟r͟ P͟r͟e͟s͟e͟n͟t͟s͟?: Money (Gotta pay dem bills)
❥⚬G͟a͟m͟e͟ B͟o͟y͟ o͟r͟ D͟S͟?: Neither
❥⚬D͟e͟s͟k͟t͟o͟p͟ o͟r͟ L͟a͟p͟t͟o͟p͟?: Laptop (tho I do want a gaming desktop)
❥⚬P͟o͟p͟ o͟r͟ M͟e͟t͟a͟l͟?: Either
❥⚬C͟o͟u͟n͟t͟r͟y͟ o͟r͟ J͟a͟z͟z͟?: Jazz
❥⚬A͟l͟t͟e͟r͟n͟a͟t͟i͟v͟e͟ o͟r͟ R͟&B͟?: Alternative
❥⚬E͟a͟r͟b͟u͟d͟s͟ o͟r͟ H͟e͟a͟d͟p͟h͟o͟n͟e͟s͟?: Either
❥⚬T͟r͟u͟m͟p͟ o͟r͟ H͟i͟l͟l͟a͟r͟y͟?: Neither (About ready to ask for Clinton at this point...)
❥⚬D͟o͟g͟ o͟r͟ C͟a͟t͟?: Either
❥⚬S͟o͟d͟a͟ o͟r͟ J͟u͟i͟c͟e͟?: Juice
❥⚬H͟o͟t͟ T͟o͟p͟i͟c͟ o͟r͟ A͟e͟r͟o͟p͟o͟s͟t͟a͟l͟e͟?: Neither
❥⚬P͟u͟b͟l͟i͟c͟ o͟r͟ P͟r͟i͟v͟a͟t͟e͟ S͟c͟h͟o͟o͟l͟?: Public
❥⚬B͟a͟c͟o͟n͟ o͟r͟ S͟a͟u͟s͟a͟g͟e͟?: Either
❥⚬W͟a͟f͟f͟l͟e͟s͟ o͟r͟ P͟a͟n͟c͟a͟k͟e͟s͟?: Either
❥⚬S͟l͟e͟e͟p͟ o͟r͟ N͟e͟x͟t͟ E͟p͟i͟s͟o͟d͟e͟?: Next episode, until I can no longer keep my eyes open


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I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa STAMP: Character Research by Sage-Wren I love to write Stamp by HappyStamp
Sarcasm by arivanna Sarcasm Stamp by PoisonTonicLX Sarcasm Stamp by Alpha-Wolff

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ScotGaelicValkyrie27 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2018  Student Traditional Artist

The sudden breeze coming through the place played with her dark hair with a small smile on her lips.

“Harry, Sirius, I’ll be fine. It’s just a new city and I’m really not that far away.”

Her younger brother and godfather respectively were naturally worried about her leaving London, England. Especially as she was moving all the way to New Orleans, a city that had an oddly high amount of magical power that couldn’t be really pinpointed by their brand of magic. Not to mention it was on a different continent!

Harry gave her a deadpan look. “You and I have really different definitions of ‘not that far away.’”

“Not all of us just want to sleep, play quidditch, and relax.” She teased, meeting his emerald eyes with her athymest. It was the one main feature that sent the two of them apart as Harry had well caught up to her in height by now. Though it was doubtful he’d get too much taller.

Sirius Black shook his head at the two. “Emily, we’re going to worry about you anyway.”

Emily, as she was now identified as, gave a sigh to that. “I know. I get it, even if I was the one looking after you all most of the time all these years.” There was a small bark of a laugh made by the Grim animagus at that, which made both of the young adults give a small smile. Sirius wasn’t one to deny that his goddaughter was sometimes more of an adult than he was.

Course, he was doing significantly better than he had been when he first broke out of Azkaban. Twelve years of suffering that insanity was hard on anybody. Thankfully it didn’t seem to keep the Head of the Black family down, constant interaction with his goddaughter Emily along with other supportive family once he was deemed innocent of the crimes and getting to see his godson on holidays during his last four years of school. Now Harry was seventeen, legally of age as an adult wizard, along with having graduated Hogwarts this year along with becoming the official Head of the Potter family name. Course this made his older sister Emily twenty-two, five years graduated from Hogwarts and Head of the Evans family name. All in all making it a total of five years since Sirius Black was found innocent and made a free man.

Casting a tempus charm to show the time, Emily’s shoulders dropped sigh another sigh before she got up from the table of a little muggle cafe they had visited as a last family meal before she left. Her appointment to receive a international portkey to the US was in twenty minutes. All her things were either sent ahead to a home she purchased, or inside her shrunken trunk in her pocket.

“Gotta get going?” Sirius asked, even though he knew the answer.

Nodding, she looked at both the men who were what remained of her blood family. “Yeah, guess I should.”

After hugging them both and telling them she’d definitely be back in Britain for Harry’s birthday if not visiting sooner, she headed down the street towards the Ministry of Magic. Taking the phone booth entrance in, Emily couldn’t glancing around at the place as she walked towards the international travel department. Hard to believe that three years ago she had followed Harry and his friends here in a race to a prophecy about her little brother and Lord Voldemort. Course the prophecy had been hogwash. Her best friend, Luna Lovegood, she knew as a true seer and even she had made a bit of a face when hearing the contents of it. And it hadn’t been a face of confusion or thoughtfulness, it had been one that asked what the damn woman had been smoking when she spat that one out. Then they found out it was their divination teacher who gave it, both women young women had rolled their eyes. Most of the school knew she was a fraud, predicting random students’ deaths all the time and such.

Finding the office, Emily entered, as she had done about two weeks ago to do all the paperwork to request an international portkey. Thankfully it seemed to be just a verifying it was her then picking up the portkey before going out to the platform set aside for international travel. She arrived there about a minute before the portkey activated.

From there is was a reverse process of what she did at the British Ministry of Magic now at MUSCA. The Magical United States Congress of America was much bigger, though explainable as the United States was a particularly large country. If she remembered correctly, there was a similar headquarters a little smaller than the New York City one on the West Coast and one even smaller in Alaska.

After the American officials were satisfied that she was the same person who filed paperwork to come here, they directed her to a smaller travel platform where she was given a second portkey to go from New York City, New York to New Orleans, Louisiana. About five minutes later she was looking up to a slightly darker sky than the one she left. It had been just before noon when she left Britain, here it was probably just a little after eight in the morning.

Letting out a relaxed sigh into the early morning air, Emily shrugged her dark green jacket over her purple shirt along with dusting off the black jeans before heading towards what she hoped was downtown. She’d probably have to wait a bit till a more reasonable hour to ask a local where she could find her street. Or find a map. Though she was thankful to have remembered to dress in muggle clothes today. Black, purple and green was an ironic mix of colors considering who she just left. Shaking her head at the thought, she found a small place called Cafe Du Monde that had a particularly sweet smell coming from it and decided to head inside for a seat. Restaurants she’d found to be an interesting place to meet new people.

((Btw the thing with the “Evans family name,” Emily’s going to be making an argument that most muggleborns are really just redeemed magical bloodlines, using Lily’s bloodline as an example. The Evans are a magical bloodline that at one point had squibs and so “died out.” The original name is going to be a little different, but still determining what. Kind of like an excuse of the name was changed to Evans somewhere down the line.))

Chameleonist Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
He stared contemplatively at his reflection in the swirl of flattened water that hovered at eye level in front of him. Tapping a gentle finger on the mirrored surface, he swiped it to the side, doubling the mirror and moving one almost behind him, so he could see the back of his head. Then he stared for a moment longer.

Long strands of vibrant green silk fell in a glossy veil to his waist, sliding in front of his face at every motion. With his lengthy green robes, it was hard to tell when he stood still where his hair ended exactly.

'Geez, what a creep; who wears clothes like that anymore?' the young woman had sneered, eying him up and down in disgust.

'And look at that hair,' her friend had cackled. 'Like, try-hard much?'

The men they'd met up with had been just as... trendy. That was the word, right? He'd seen lots of young humans in similar looks, and while he was aware that his appearance was hundreds of years out of date, he'd never felt so... out of place when someone commented on it.

Reaching up, he pulled his hair back from his face, gathering it all in one hand and pulling it over his shoulder. Then he hesitated; he'd spent nearly a century growing it out so long, and he'd never cut it shorter than his shoulders before. Closing his eyes, he manifested a sharpened blade in his hand and sliced off most of his hair before he could think twice.

A cool breeze brushed over his neck, making his skin prickle with sensitivity. Looking down at the fist-full of hair he held, he marveled for a moment at how light he felt. With a gentle smile, he kissed the severed locks in blessing and raised his hand to release the strands into the wind.

Everywhere the strands landed, new growth sprang up and bloomed, saplings becoming young trees, scrubby bushes becoming fat and thick, grass gaining another foot in places.

Satisfied, he looked into the mirrors and decided he rather liked the lopsided look he'd given himself without meaning to. A few flicks of the blade along one side and a touch up to the other, and a broad smile spread across his face.

His face. He could see himself so clearly. It was so unusual that he couldn't help but take it all in. Huge, stunning emerald eyes shone in a gentle face, framed neatly now to one side with flicks of vibrant green.

Now for the outfit. Piercings were popular, weren't they? He manifested two small silver rings and pierced them simultaneously through one ear, one in the lobe and the other high up in cartilage. The sharp pain that shot through his head drew a short cry of surprise from his lips.

No more of that!

Pushing the pain out firmly, he focused on his clothes, considering. Pants, certainly; jeans were best. And boots; leather was always a favourite. A t-shirt; black with bright white designs. A watch? He didn't need it, but it added to the look. And fortunately, his pale blue pendant didn't look out of place.

He waved a hand through the mirror behind him, evaporating it, and tapped on the other, dragging his hand down and lengthening it to see his whole appearance.

Yes. This would do.

How amusing... An ageless spirit of the forest blending so seamlessly with humans. He looked forward to it.
ScotGaelicValkyrie27 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Turns out the sweet smell was something called beignets. Something she ordered out of curiosity and so she wasn’t someone just taking up a seat at one of their outside tables. They actually were quite delicious, maybe she’ll take a few back to Britain later. Course she had gotten a cup of coffee as well, which she had sipped from and refilled twice over the last hour and a half.
This seemed to be enough time for the Jackson Square just outside the Cafe Du Mont to start to be filled with people. Seems even in the off seasons of the year quite a crowd came to New Orleans. Might contribute to the reason why there’s such power spikes here, she thought as she took another drink of her coffee as she brushed a lock of her dark wavy hair behind her ear.
Seems there were plenty of tourists. Not many natives that weren’t busy taking care of tourists seemed to be out. Well, this was kind of sucked. Letting out a sigh of light annoyance, Emily finished off her current cup of coffee before looking up to the growing crowds once again.
Chameleonist Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
He was meandering aimlessly through the city, drinking in the beautiful chaos that was humanity, when he felt it. Power. His attention turned immediately toward finding the source; he knew exactly to whom all of the power in this city belonged, and this power didn't belong to any of them.

The night ones were the worst; evil, twisted souls surviving on the strength of human souls. The ones who hunted them weren't much better; souless, agonised beings drawing on tortured pasts for strength to continue living their immortal lives. And then there were the crossed ones, the animals who became human and the humans who became animals; those caused the most noticeable trouble, generally. Then there were the emotionless ones, the spirits tethered to dreams. And the ones with the most power? Gods. And stronger; he knew of three god-killers that could regularly be found in this city.

This person was just as powerful. And just as dangerous.

He had to know who it was; the others would want to know, would need to know. Those who protected the humans, like he did, would want to be sure this newcomer wasn't a threat to humanity. And many of the others wouldn't be able to track the stranger, not like he could; even god-killers can only do so much to find someone who doesn't want to be found.

But power cannot be hidden from nature; nature IS power. He would be able to find them, because around here, nature was his to command. Around here was his territory. And damned to oblivion he'd be before he allowed an unknown power to roam his territory.
(1 Reply)
HyakujuX0 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Everyone was soon on their way about their duties. Oren and Braruk were meeting with Kang and the other Orc leaders to discuss their plans, Gharin had already moved out to reach his kingdom, accompanied by a small squad of Blood Rose Elves led by Tanya. The remaining Thrillseekers that made up Gareth's personal Strike Team were each preparing themselves for the coming battle. They knew it would be their most difficult one yet. Peeka and Sylvain were taking what little time they had to train together. Sylvain honing his magicks and Peeka working to perfect her manipulation of energies. Nenya and Dae had decided to train with each other as well. Dae knew Cassandra was a tricky opponent to deal with and it was best to prepare her new ally for it. Xanatos sat alone in a deep meditation.

Lilac stood by herself, looking at the sky in thought.
"Hey." Zack called, running to reach his mate's side.
"You okay?"
"Why does everyone keep asking me that?" Lilac asked with an irritated sigh.
"Okay, it was a dumb question." Zack admitted with a shrug. "But, we're gonna get her, Lilac. You ought to be happy. She's gonna pay for what she did to you."
Chameleonist Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
"Of course she is," she scoffed. "That's not what's bothering me."
"Then what is?" He cocked his head curiously, and Lilac smiled slightly at how cute he was for a moment, shrugging.
"I don't know... I'm just... anxious, I guess." She hesitated, and wrapped her arms around her middle. "This... This is going to be the first time I fight alongside everyone again. I've grown so much stronger since the last time, but I've always been fighting alone, or with Dae and Xana. I spent just as long with them as I did with everyone else, and now... I dunno, I'm just worried all your training together has made you into a team. With no place for me."
For once, Zack didn't just blurt the first thing on his mind. His brow furrowed in thought as he searched for an answer, and then he shifted behind her, wrapping his arms under hers around her waist and setting his chin on her shoulder. She stiffened for a split second before relaxing into his embrace.
"There's always a place for you, chica," he whispered, nuzzling into her neck. "Right next to me. I really missed you, you know. Missed sparring with you, and charging into battle with you beside me. It was still fun, but... it wasn't the same."
"Yeah," she agreed, voice breaking. "I guess we make quite a team, don't we?"
"We do," he grinned. "And we're about to show Cassandra just who she's been messing with!" She laughed and reached up to ruffle his hair.
"Leave it to you to cheer me up even when I don't know what's got me down."
"That's what I'm here for!" He kissed her cheek and then grabbed her hand, dragging her along. "Come on; Nenya and Dae are training together, so let's go join them!"
When they found the girls, both were in animal--or, in Nenya's case, mostly animal--form, tumbling in the dirt and snapping at each other's necks. For an instant, it almost looked like they were really fighting, until Dae wiggled into position to clamp down on the back of Nenya's neck. Nenya tried to writhe free, but Dae had too good a grip. She let go suddenly, and her body flickered, phasing in and out of the mortal realm and appearing a few steps away.
"I win that one!" she cackled excitedly. "Five-three, my favour!"
"Four-three!" Nenya protested. "That other one didn't count!"
"Did too! Oh, hi Daisy!" Lilac flushed.
"Damnit, Dae, I swear to God... I will use your full name!" she threatened.
"Alright, alright, I'll stop," Dae snorted, rolling her eyes. Her tails flicked eagerly back and forth. "Care to dance, Zack? Maybe you can help Nen actually beat me!"
"And how much are you holding back?" Lilac asked, cocking an amused brow as Zack cheered and bounded forward.
"Oh, not much," Dae hummed lightly, a sly gleam in her bright eyes. "I'm using maybe... 40 percent?"
HyakujuX0 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nenya gawked at the fox before letting out a loud snarl.
"W-why you little!" She began.
"You've got some nerve! Like I'd need help taking you on!"
"Oh? And how much were you holding back?" Dae asked, scratching behind her ear with her leg.
Nenya bite her lower lip for a moment in frustration then stomped.
"You don't need to know how much. All you need to know is that I could take you on myself!" She growled.
"Aw, but I wanna play too." Zack whined.
Lilac chuckled before noticing Cain sitting alone nearby. It looked like he hadn't left since the group made their plans. The look on his face told her he was still a bit sour that he wouldn't be joining the strike team. While Lilac could understand why Gareth chose not to include Cain, a Strike needed to be stealthy and quiet after all and Cain was too big and heavy to be either, she could also imagine how hard it must be the Minotaur. Cassandra had endangered his entire species and on top of that, played around with his emotions. If anyone deserved a crack at the witch it was Cain. Soon enough, the others also noticed the Taur close by. Zack wasted no time in approaching the huge bull and patting his massive shoulder.
"Hey buddy, why don't you join us? We've got a bit of time for some fun before we leave." The wolf boy said.
Cain merely shook his head.
"No thank you. I'm good." He muttered.
"Aww, what's wrong?" Dae asked, hopping on Cain's lap. "You're not still upset about the meeting, are you? Perhaps some sparring will be good for you then!"
"Yeah. It always helps me when I'm in a bad mood." Zack added.
Cain sighed and shook his head again.
"I don't like to fight."
Zack gasped.
"Don't. Like. To. Fight?!" He exclaimed, putting a hand to his chest. "Lilac, hold me. I think I'm gonna faint!"
"Oh shut up." Lilac jabbed, rolling her eyes with an amused smirk. "I gotta admit though... A Thrillseeker who doesn't like to fight? It's a little sad. Not sure we should let that stand."
Lilac shot a smirk at Dae and Zack, which quickly spread to their own faces as well.
"I think you're right." Dae grinned, jumping away from Cain and looking ready to pounce.
"Yeah, something's gotta be done about that." Nenya added, walking next to Lilac with a grin.
Cain's eyes widened in nervous confusion as the three females cornered and surrounded him. Zack stood behind him and chuckled, leaning his arms against his shoulders and lowering his head next to Cain's.
"I think you need a proper initiation, buddy. What do you say? You and me against them?" Zack asked.
"But, we're outnumbered." Cain said nervously. "And outmatched..."
"Pfft! That's the best part, can't you see? Uphill battles are the most fun!"
"I don't understand."
"Welp, it's time to make you understand. Welcome to the Thrillseekers Cain~"
He had no idea why, but that last phrase lit up a fire in Cain's belly and warmed his heart. Standing to his full, enormous height, the Taur snorted and slammed his fist into his hand.
"Alright! I'm going to learn what it means to be a Thrillseeker!" He declared. "Bring it on!"
"Oooh, you're off to a good start!" Zack praised, jumping to Cain's side to face the three females. "Boys vs girls! Winners get the first shot at Cassandra!"
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"Hah! Bring it!" Lilac hooted. Dae cackled and manifested weights around her paws.
"Gotta even it up a bit," she grinned. "It's good training anyway. And I'll stay a fox to give you guys a fighting chance."
"Don't underestimate us now!" Zack laughed, pouncing at her. Lilac met him, catching his fists in her hands and planting her feet hard on the ground. She'd kicked off her shoes, so she connected to the earth and felt the energies of everyone, reveling in the feel of a proper fight.
"Like that would ever happen," she taunted as Nenya rammed into Cain's thighs, trying to take him down, and Dae padded up her back to bounce heavily off Zack's head and leap to Nenya's aid.
They traded blows back and forth, the two sides getting a feel for their current allies and learning to work together. It was especially good for Dae and Lilac, giving them a chance to see what integrating their existing teamwork--which was practically flawless--with the other Thrillseekers would be like. It worked so well that Dae finally bowed out, claiming she was too strong even holding back to make it a fair fight. Instead, she sat on the sidelines and created all kinds of mischief to mess with both sides.
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