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Wotter Skiing
A new commission to ring in the new year! This one gave me a chance to do things a little bit differently and try for more of a 'comic book' style, plus I got to study pictures of water skiing :)

You all know the cute anthro space otter Lutra by this point, right? Well, during one of his many adventures with his super hero team, Lutra got the chance to go water skiing! It was one of his happiest points in the series up to that point, so of course it needs to be immortalized in comic panel format!

Also, as a result, this handy comic panel even gives you all an issue number so that you can experience this moment for yourselves!

If you want to see more of Lutra, his friends, and his many adventures, go check it all out on their streaming page :)…

Lutra (c) OPTLawyer
art (c) Chameleonice
Christmas Bunny on the Town
Merry Christmas, all! May you all have a wonderful season :)

I personally really love the Christmas holiday. All of the cheery music, TV specials, colors and lights... it always makes me really feel warm and fuzzy inside, but also a little bit wistful and quiet.

For some reason, when Christmas time comes around, the character that I tend to think about the absolute most from my cast is Charlotte. I think she'd just really get into the holiday spirit and be the type to walk around town in festive gear as she does her Christmas shopping and makes the rounds for parties and visits. She'd undoubtedly try to spread as much cheer as possible, as she's one of those of the mindset that joy is contagious ;)

So, since I had a little extra time today, I thought I'd draw Charlotte up and share it with all of you as both a holiday greeting and also just to share something happy and bright with all of you! I also thought I'd use the chance to try some different line techniques that I've been thinking about. I hope this helps to put a smile on your faces :)

Charlotte (c) Chameleonice
The Many Faces of Lutra
So, I was asked to make a model sheet of sorts for Lutra after doing my initial pics of him and show off his many different expressions and moods! I thought it sounded like fun and a good chance to practice drawing various emotions. Also, after the previous pictures I did for the Mutants & Masterminds group, drawing a character doing more than 'looking serious' felt like a breath of fresh air.

It also nice to draw muzzles again... Maybe that's why I belted out so many of these.

Anyways! This was a ton of fun to do! It makes me want to stop being lazy and doing a sheet like this for my own characters :) You can tell so much about characters by the ways they express various emotions! It also really helped me to get Lutra's 'look' down. Really, it reminded me an awful lot of the character sheet I did for Benjamin a long while back:…

What made this even more fun was getting to see these expressions pop up on a Twitch stream as my good friend OPTLawyer let Lutra play one of his video games ;) Give it a watch if you're curious about how this cute little otter approaches the Legend of Zelda:

Lutra (c) OPTLawyer
Art (c) :iconchameleonice:
Commission: Ventus
Another commission from the Mutants & Masterminds group, and the last one of this bunch:…

This character's name is Ventus and, while he's not an actual player of the game, he IS a character of the DM. I believe he might make a cameo appearance in the game, but I'm not sure. Either way, he kind of serves as a capstone for these initial profile pictures.

By this point, I had been drawing humans a ton to practice for the previous commissions, so I feel like my knowledge kind of culminated in Ventus here. I think my proportions are a little bit better, and I felt less worried about making the anatomy right and more about making it 'cool'. Also, as another fun fact, the references I was given to work with were much more anime-inspired than the previous humans I drew, so I had to spend a little bit of time studying anime and JRPG video game faces to practice getting Ventus' face right. The pose also kind of speaks to these origins... but it's also just a cool wind summoning pose :P

That's it for "Chammy tries drawing humans" for now! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing something different from me. Also, don't worry! More cute and fuzzy faces are right around the corner ;)

Ventus (c) TheGreenleafEffect
Commission: Spectre
Another commission for the Mutants & Masterminds group:…

This is Spectre, the group's resident dark and scary mage! He didn't start out this scary, but you'll have to watch their sessions to find out how he got to this point!

This was a fun challenge, not only because of, again, having to study and work on human facial anatomy, but also because of the crazy dark effects that he wanted to have wafting off of his character. I ended up really liking the end result, even if it looks a little scary and some of the shadow energy looks like hands.

Kinda hard to believe that this guy and the cute otter Lutra (… ) are good buddies and on the same team, eh? I'll bet Spectre here gives wonderful hugs.

Spectre (c) CrimsonAvix
Hello all!

So, I've run into a situation lately where I find myself frequently asking "Have I submitted too many tickle pictures to this account? I know some of my watchers don't care for it..." and also thinking "It'd be really nice to have a public art page with no fetish content that I can just share with folks and potential clients/employers with minimal concerns"

With that in mind, I've decided to make a gallery here on DA specifically for my more ticklish/pawful art - :iconvioletteshub:

I figure I might as well name the page after a character who basically has tickling as her profession and passion ;) It's also easy for me to remember.

With that in mind, this is a journal to inform as many of my watchers as possible that this change is happening and to watch me there if you want to keep seeing more of that art! This is also to give folks a major heads up that I'll be putting all of my tickle/paw art in this gallery into storage, so be sure to grab your favorites NOW or ask me if you want a copy of a specific picture that you can't find.

No one person triggered this change, so don't worry about that. I think it's just a necessary step to take as I get more connected and my art gets seen by more and more people in my life :) Also, don't feel bad about making comments about characters being cute or ticklish or having nice paws or whatever. I won't be changing my interests or reactions. I'm just making things a little more visibly separated.

I'll probably be making the switch over in a week or two, but I'll leave this journal up as long as possible so that folks now. At about that time, I'll start uploading new and old art (some of it at least) to the new page.

Thank you guys for all of your support and please check out :iconvioletteshub: for more art from me in the future :)


Cham the Raccoon
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